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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Final break of the night

The final 39 players are now on their last break of the night.  The average stack is 143,000, and the blinds will be 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante when the players return.  Tournament staff are now racing off and coloring up the 500 chips.

Event #1 is now in the money

A player was all in before the deal from the small blind and after the button had raised, he found [Qd][9c] against the button's [Js][Jh].  He briefly celebrated after the [8s][Ac][Qh] flop, but the [Jd] hit the turn to leave him drawing dead.  The meaningless [2d] fell on the river, and the remaining 63 players are now in the money.

Rob Brown, Dena Pearlman, and Michael Nye are still among the final 63 in their hunt for a WSOP Circuit Ring.

Event #1 is now hand for hand

We are now down to the final 65 players, and with 2 more eliminations until the money bubble is burst, the tournament is now playing hand for hand.

Players are back from dinner break

Players have returned from their one hour dinner break and are now playing 800/1,600 blinds with a 200 ante.  The 136 remaining players will now be playing 40 minute levels for the remainder of the day.  There will be 9 more levels before bagging up their chips for the night.

Players are now on dinner break

With the conclusion of 600/1,200 blinds, the remaining 169 players are now on their 1 hour dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 6:20pm EST.

The remaining levels for Day 1 will be 40 minutes in duration, and blinds are 800/1,600 with a 200 ante when the players return.

Big stacks going into dinner break

Dena Pearlman wins one

On a [2c][Ks][Ah] flop, Dena Pearlman's opponent check called a bet.  The turn fell the [Js] and Dena's opponent checked once again, prompting Dena to move all in.  Her all in earned a snap fold, and Dena smiled as she dragged the pot, saying "I don't know, you could have hit the turn!"  She now sits on approximately 70,000.

Photos from around the room

Ryan Eriquezzo drags a pot
Je Wook Oh stands up to watch the action

Rob Brown is all smiles

David Stefanski
Randall Sklarr
Aaron Lefkowitz

Event #1: $365 NLH Prize Pool & Payouts

There were a total of 558 entries for Event #1: $365 No Limit Hold'em creating a prize pool of $172,980.  The top 63 places will be paid with a first place prize of $35,235.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $35,235
2nd Place: $21,729
3rd Place: $15,940
4th Place: $11,813
5th Place: $8,893
6th Place: $6,778
7th Place: $5,202
8th Place: $4,111
9th Place: $3,296
10th-12th Place: $2,617
13th-15th Place: $2,147
16th-18th Place: $1,778
19th-21st Place: $1,493
22nd-24th Place: $1,258
25th-27th Place: $1,073
28th-30th Place: $939
31st-33rd Place: $805
34th-36th Place: $721
37th-45th Place: $654
46th-54th Place: $604
55th-63rd Place: $553

WSOP Circuit Is Under Way!

Cards are in the air for Event #1: $365 NLH with a $75,000 Guarantee.  Players start with 10,000 in chips and will play 30 minute levels until the end of level 12.  This event has no re-entries, but registration will be open until the end of the 6th level.

We will be live streaming later in this event, but currently the live stream table is not in play.