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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jeff Miller Takes 2nd Place ($12,075) - Event #5

Jeff Miller - 2nd Place - $12,075
Jeff Miller raised to 160,000 on the button.  Jason Calnan shoved all in in the big blind, and Miller called.  Calnan had Miller covered by quite a lot.

Calnan turned over [qc][qd].  When Miller saw Calnan's hand he said, "I am drawing dead here," as he turned over [qs][9d].

The board ran out [jd][6s][4h][5h][8h], and Miller was eliminated in second place.

Calvin Ma Eliminated in 3rd Place ($7,979) - Event #5

Calvin Ma - 3rd Place - $7,979
On a board reading [5c][5d][qd][6h][jh] Calvin Ma bet 150,000 and Jason Calnan shoved all in .

Ma called and turned over [qc][7h].  But unfortunately for Ma, Calnan had flopped trip fives holding [9h][5s].

Ma was eliminated in 3rd place with a $7,979 payday.

Final Table in Event #6 ($300 NLH Bounty)

The final ten players in Event #6 are currently playing Level 21 (5,000/10,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante).

"The General" Eliminated in 4th Place ($6,339) - Event #5

Calvin Ma raised to 110,000 on the button.  Jason Calnan reraised to 525,000.  "The General" shoved all in for less (480,000).  Ma tank folded, and Calnan called.

Calnan:  [ah][jh]
General: [10h][10c]

The board ran out [js][5s][3s][qd][9c] eliminating "The General" in 4th Place.

Brendan Wiley Eliminated in 5th Place ($4,658) - Event #5

Brendan Wiley - 5th Place -$4,658
Brendan Wiley shoved all in on the button and was called by Jeff Miller in the big blind.

"I call, I have aces," Miller said as he tabled [ad][ah].

"Ah man, how do I run jacks into aces here," Wiley asked as he tabled [jc][jd].

The board ran out [3c][4h][8s][2c][7h] sending Wiley home in 5th place.

Miller is now sitting with 2,475,000.

Melisa Singh Eliminated in 6th Place ($3,795) - Event #5

Melisa Singh - 6th Place - $3,795
Melisa Singh shoved all in from under the gun for just shy of 200,000 and Brendan Wiley called in the big blind.

Singh:  [jh][10s]
Wiley: [ac][9c]

The board ran out [9h][6c][5h][7c][kc] giving Wiley the nut flush and sending Singh home in 6th place.

George Kalaitzis Eliminated in 7th Place ($3,105) - Event #5

George Kalaitzis - 7th Place - $3,105
Melisa Singh raised to 100,000 (at 25,000/50,000/5,000) on the button and George Kalaitzis having only 50,000 behind, put his remaining chips into the middle without looking at his cards.  

Singh turned over [qc][10c] and Kalaitzis turned over seven-four off-suit.

The board ran out [10s][7c][ac][9c][jc] giving Singh the flush and sending Kalaitzis home in 7th place.

Jeff Miller Doubles Through Melisa Singh (Event #5)

Jeff Miller was all in and called by Melisa Singh.

Miller:  [ad][kd]
Singh: [qs][qh]

The flop came [as][9d][7c] giving Miller the lead with his pair of aces.

The [9h] turn and [3h] river did not bring Singh the queen she needed, and Miller doubled up to just over 1,000,000 in chips.

Brendan Wiley Doubles Through Calvin Ma

Jeff Miller raised to 85,000 in the hijack.  Calvin Ma called in the cutoff, and Brendan Wiley shoved all in from the big blind for 234,000.  Miller folded and after Ma asked himself, "Why am I always the one left with the tough decision?" he opted to call.

Ma: [ac][4c]
Wiley: [ad][10d]

The board ran out [3s][kc][8d][9c][9d] to give Wiley a full double up to just over 500,000.

John O'Connor Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,458) - Event #5

John O'Connor - 8th Place - $2,458

Calvin Ma raised to 60,000 on the button and John O'Connor shoved all in for 259,000 in the small blind.

Ma thought out loud for a bit, "This would be sick.  But you are the tightest player at the table."  After a few more moments Ma threw in a chip and called.

Ma:  [ac][9s]
O'Connor:  [kh][jd]

The flop came ace high, and O'Connor failed to improve on the turn or river so he was sent home in 8th place with a payday of $2,458.

Brendan Doyle Wins Event #7 - $300 PLO High Only ($2,878)

Brendan Doyle - Winner of Event #7 - $2,878

Brendan Doyle bested a field of 35 today to take home the top prize of $2,878 as well as the coveted trophy.

The following are the top five, including cashes:

1 - Brendan Doyle ($2,878)
2 - Rajendra Patel ($2,507)
3 - Michael Dobbs ($1,412)
4 - Christopher Korres ($1,148)
5 - Zachary McClelland ($882)

Ronnie Browne Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,909) - Event #5

Ronnie Brown - 9th Place - $1,909

Ronnie Brown shoved all in for 269,000 from the cutoff and Jason Calnan called in the small blind.

Browne:  [ad][4c]
Calnan:  [6s][6h]

The board ran out [kc][7d][2d][4s][qh] eliminating Browne in 9th place.

Event #5 Payouts/Cashes (18th - 10th Place)

Rank:   Prize:      Player:
18         $1,035      Gennadiy Peselev
17         $1,035      Venkatara Ganne
16         $1,035      Thomas Little
15         $1,164      Stephen Ranieri
14         $1,164      Ralph Macri
13         $1,164      Michael Riordan
12         $1,380      Eric Flores
11         $1,380      Bhavin Patel
10         $1,380      She Wok Long

Event #5 Final Table (w/ Chip Counts)

Seat:     Player:                    Chips:
1            Yasin Ahmady        991,000
2            George Kalaitzis     538,000
3            Jeff Miller               693,000
4            EMPTY  
5            Ronnie Browne       325,000
6            Calvin Ma               888,000
7            Jason Calnan          1,376,000
8            John O'Connor       444,000
9            Brendan Wiley       364,000
10          Melisa Singh          1,236,000

George Kalaitzis Doubles Up on Final Table Bubble (Event #5)

George Kalaitzis
George Kalaitzis shoved all in from under the gun for 182,000.  A player in middle position immediately called.  Ronnie Browne reshoved over the top from the small blind, and the player in middle position went into the tank. He thought for over 3 minutes, eventually swishing his chip stack around, closing his eyes, and pointing to a chip.  

"If this is an orange chip, I fold.  If it's black, I call."  He ultimately ended up touching an orange chip and announced that he folded.  

Kalaitzis:  [js][jd]
Browne:  [ah][qd]

The flop and turn came [10d][9h][8c][8s].  Before the river card was dealt, Kalaitzis said, "two."

The river came the [2c] awarding Kalaitzis the full double up.  He now has 542,000 in chips.  

The player that folded preflop told the table that he had folded Ace-King.  

Eric Flores Eliminated By Melisa Singh (Event #5)

Melisa Singh
Melisa Singh raised to 50,000 from under the gun.  A player in middle position called, and Eric Flores shoved all in for 500,000.  Singh called the all in and the player in middle position folded pocket tens.

Singh:  [kc][qs]
Flores: [ac][9s]

The board ran out [qh][jc][2d][js][4s] sending Flores to the rail with a $1,380 payday, and chipping Singh up to 1,200,000 in chips.

Of the remaining 11 players Singh is now second in chips, just behind Jason Calnan who has 1,400,000.

Tony James' Four Flush (Event #6 $300 NLH Bounty)

Tony James
A player under the gun shoved for 23,100 (at 1000/2000 blinds w/ 300 ante).  The player in the hijack called, as did Tony James on the button.

Both the hijack and James checked the [5c][4h][3h] flop and [jh] turn.

When the [9h] river hit, the player that was all in accidentally exposed his cards before the other player's had acted.  He showed [jc][jd] for a turned set.

After a few moments the hijack and James both decided to check and James quickly said, "I check, I have a flush," and turned over [ad][qh].

"Unbelievable," the all-in player said as he packed up his belongings and headed to the rail.

The hijack mucked his cards without showing.

Tony James is now sitting with 135,000 in chips.

Aces (Again) for Jason Calnan (Event #5)

Jason Calnan - Current Chip Leader Event #5 
Jason Calnan raised to 45,000 on the button, and a player in the big blind shoved all in for approximately 275,000.  Calnan quickly called.

Calnan:  [ah][ad]
Big Blind: [as][8c]

The board ran out [kh][qd][5s][8d][10s].

As the chips were being passed to Calnan the player that was just eliminated asked Calnan, "How many $&*#@ times can you get aces?"

Calnan is now sitting with 1,200,000 in chips.

Final Table of Event #7 ($300 PLO High Only)

Thomas Little Eliminated By "The General" (Event #5)

Thomas Little shoved all in and was called by "The General."

Little:  [qs][jd]
The General:  [ad][kc]

The flop came [ah][10h][7h] giving Little the straight draw, but putting "The General" into the lead with his pair of aces.

The [as] turn give "The General" trips.

The [kh] river gave Little the straight, but also gave "The General" a full house to eliminate Little in 16th place with a payday of $1,035.

Event #5 Final 2 Tables - Jeff Miller Chip Leader

Jeff Miller - Current Chip Leader in Event #5
Players just redrew for their new seats as we are now down to the final 18 players in Event #5.  

The current blind level is 23 (8,000/16,000 blinds with a 2,000 ante).  

The current chip leader is Jeff Miller with 1,033,000 in chips.  Average is currently 380,000.  

Event #5 Payouts/Cashes (25th - 19th Place)

Rank:   Prize:      Player:
25         $733         Graeson Burnette-Peake
24         $819         Jeremy Meacham
23         $819         Johanssy Joseph
22         $819         Louis Scianna
21         $905         Chad Whitney
20         $905         Michael Larkin
19         $905         Donald Tenney

Event #6 ($300 NLH Bounty) Prize Pool Information

There were 132 entries in today's $300 NLH Bounty event, generating a prize pool total of $26,690.

The top fifteen places will be paid out as follows:

Rank:    Prize:
1            $7,153
2            $4,671
3            $3,123
4            $2,322
5            $1,761
6            $1,442
7            $1,174
8            $934
9            $750
10-12    $587
13-15    $533

At the time of this post, there are 56 players remaining and they are currently playing Level 11 (500/1,000 blinds with a 100 ante).

Event #7 ($300 PLO High Only) Prize Pool Information

There were 35 entries in today's $300 PLO High Only event, generating a prize pool total of $8,827.

The top five places will be paid out as follows:

1 - $3,178
2 - $2,207
3 - $1,412
4 - $1,148
5 - $882

At the time of this post, there are 18 players remaining and they are currently playing Level 9 (300/600 blinds).

Peter Tripp's Flush (Event #6 - $300 Bounty)

Peter Tripp
On a board reading [kc][7d][3d] a player in the small blind bet 4,000 and Peter Tripp called in the cutoff.

When the [ad] came on the turn, the small blind led for 6,000, Tripp raised to 16,000, and the small blind called.

The small blind asked out loud for a three on the river and without waiting, the [3c] came on the river.  He then bet out 11,000.  After a moment's pause, Tripp called.

Tripp turned over [jd][9d] for the flush.  The player in the blind checked his cards twice, and then mucked his cards face down.

Tripp is now sitting with 145,000 in chips at Level 10 (400/800 blinds with a 100 ante.)

Final Three Tables in Event #5 (Photos)

Event #5 Payouts/Cashes (36th - 26th Place)

Rank:   Prize:     Player:
36         $672        Andrea Heyda
35         $672        Michael Huguenot
34         $672        William Sotiropoulos
33         $672        James Alden
32         $672        Samuel Baskin
31         $672        Joseph Starratt
30         $672        Alessandro Montecalvo
29         $672        David Chaves
28         $672        Harry Rubin
27         $733        George Goodale
26         $733        Pietro Galluzzo

Event #7 ($300 PLO High) Update From Zack McClelland

Jeremy Meacham Triples Up (Event #5)

Jeremy Meacham
A player in early position shoved all in for 30,000.  Jeremy Meacham re-shoved over the top for 49,000.  Jeff Miller called in the big blind.

Early Position:  [qh][qc]
Meacham:  [7s][7c]
Miller:  [9c][10c]

The flop came [ac][7h][2d] giving Meacham the lead with his set of sevens.  The [2c] on the turn gave Miller a flush draw, but Meacham a full house.

The [3h] on the river did not improve the big blind's hand, and Meacham would triple up to just over 150,000 at Level 20 (4,000/8,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante.)

Ralph Macri Knocks One Out (Event #5)

A player in the big blind shoved all in and Ralph Macri called.

Macri:  [7d][7s]
Big Blind:  [ad][10c]

The board ran out [qh][4s][3h][4d][5s].

Macri chipped up to just shy of 300,000 and his opponent was sent to the rail.

We are now down to 32 players in this event, and the average chip stack is 213,750.

Event #5 Officially In the Money

After a recent elimination and a second count of remaining players, the Floor has just announced that all players are now in the money.

Event #5 On the Bubble

We are now hand for hand in Event #5.  After the bubble bursts, all players are guaranteed a min cash of $672.00

James Kapsidis' Two Pair (Event #7 $300 PLO HIGH ONLY)

James Kapsidis
A player under the gun limped in.  The player in the hijack raised to 400.  The cutoff, both blinds, as well as the player under the gun called so there were five to see the flop.

All players checked the [ah][jc][6s] flop.

When the [9s] came on the turn, James Kapsidis bet 1,400 from the small blind.  The big blind called as did the player under the gun.  The hijack and cutoff both folded.

All players checked the [3c] river.

"Two pair," Kapsidis announced as he turned over [jh][9d][10c][8c].

The player in the big blind showed [ks][10h][9h][8s], and the player under the gun mucked his hand without showing.

Kapsidis' two pair would take it down and chip him up to just under 10,000 in chips.

Five Away From the Money in Event #5

We are five players away from the money bubble in Event #5.  They are currently playing Level 18 (2,500/5,000 blinds with a 500 ante).

The prize pool information for this event can be found by clicking this link.

Gerald Aiello Cracks Aces (Event #6)

Gerald Aiello Cracks Opponent's Aces
A player under the gun limped in and Gerald Aiello made it 600.  A player in middle position reraised to1,900.  The player under the gun folded, and Aiello called.

Aiello checked the [9h][7s][6s] flop and his opponent bet 2,550. Aiello called.

Aiello again check-called the [10d] turn when his opponent bet 5,500.

When the river came the [5d] Aiello checked, his opponent shoved all in and Aiello quickly called.

Aiello turned over [10c][10s] for a turned set of tens, and his opponent showed [ah][ad].

Aillo chipped up to 45,000 and his opponent was left with around 5,000.

Steve Dugas Takes it on the River (Event #6)

Steve Dugas Eliminates Two Players in One Hand
A player under the gun shoved all in for 5,600. Steve Dugas called the all in from middle position.  The player next to act shoved all in for 16,000.  Action folded back to Dugas who thought for a few moments before he eventually called the 16,000.

Under the gun:  [8s][8c]
Dugas: [ad][jc]
Opponent:  [ah][kd]

The flop came [10h][js][jd] giving Dugas trip jacks.  But the [qd] on the turn gave his opponent Broadway.  Fortunately for Dugas, the river was the [ac] to give him the full house.  Dugas eliminated both players and collected $100 in bounties.  

Dugas is now sitting with around 58,000 in chips. 

Event #5 Now Under Way

Cards are in the air for Day 2 of Event #5 $300 NLH. 60 players remain, with the top 36 players making the money.

Watch our feature table at to follow all of the action.

Schedule for Thurs. Oct. 8th Foxwoods World Poker Classic

Event #6 $300 No Limit Hold 'Em Bounty
($210 Buy-in / $40 Entry Fee)
$50 Bounty
"With Re-Entries"
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels:  30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 9
Full Structure is available here.

DAY 2 of Event #5 $300 NO LIMIT HOLD'EM Multi Flight Event

Event #7 $300 PLO HIGH ONLY with Re-Entries
($260 Buy-in / $40 Entry Fee)
"With Re-Entries"
Players start with 10,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels:  30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 7
Full Structure is available here.

A full schedule for the World Poker Finals series is available here.

Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #5 - $300 NLH - Returning Players for Day 2

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
4-6 Patel, Bhavin 324,500
3-3 Whitney, Chad 255,000
1-1 Miller, Jeff 248,500
4-4 Galluzzo, Pietro 242,000
5-6 The General 227,000
6-6 Calnan, Jason 226,000
4-9 Tenney, Don 221,000
7-1 Flores, Eric 220,000
1-7 Browne, Ronnie 208,000
5-4 Kwon, Richard 193,000
3-2 Yi, Solomon 176,500
7-6 Riordan, Mike 169,500
1-2 Chaves, David 163,000
7-9 Cowart, Kareem 154,500
6-7 Ganne, Venkatara 145,500
5-9 Goodale, George 144,500
6-2 Singh, Melisa 142,500
7-8 Peselev, Gennadiy 131,000
2-3 Wiley, Brendan 131,000
2-8 Burnette-Peake, G. 123,000
1-4 Meacham, Jeremy 123,000
7-3 Sotiropoulos, William 122,500
4-8 Ho, Sam 118,000
2-2 Zambrano, Fernando 115,500
3-5 Wong, She Lok 114,500
1-9 Starratt, Joe 104,000
4-7 Joseph, Johanssy 101,500
2-5 Huguenot, Mike 100,500
5-1 Ma, Calvin 99,000
6-8 Dobbs, Michael 97,500
6-4 Baskin, Sam 95,500
3-4 Mills, Bruce 94,500
2-9 Sciannameo, Carlo 92,500
7-2 Leone, Gerald 90,000
5-8 Ranieri, Steve 85,000
3-6 Balla, Thomas 80,500
5-5 Wright, Tim 79,500
2-4 Chung, John 74,500
6-1 Scianna, Louis 74,000
2-6 Larkin, Michael 73,000
1-6 Herman, Robert 69,200
6-3 Marmo, Lou 69,000
1-8 Little, Thomas 67,500
6-9 Alden, James 65,000
1-3 Macri, Ralph 65,000
3-8 O'Connor, John 64,500
3-1 Wing, Jeremy 59,500
5-3 Cutroni, Daniel 58,500
2-7 Gulati, Tarun 56,000
5-2 Bae, Julie 55,000
7-7 Lazelle, Glenn 55,000
4-5 Lau, Kwok 54,000
1-5 Schumacher, Mark 50,500
4-2 Montecalvo, Alessandro 48,000
5-7 Heyda, Andrea 47,000
4-1 Zelman, Julie 44,000
3-9 Kalaitzis, George 38,500
4-3 Rubin, Harry 33,000
7-4 Graff, Jim 31,000
2-1 Decker, Matt 26,000