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Monday, December 8, 2014

Final 3 tables reached

The field has been trimmed to 27 players, which means that we are down to the final 3 tables. The field will play 1 more level after this one before bagging up for the night.

Ralph Macri is currently the chip leader with 656,000. At the same table, Ryan Eriquezzo sits on 547,000.

December 2014 - Mega Stack Challenge - Event #3 - $230 Omaha Hi Lo - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 George Marden, North Hampton, NH $3,173
2 Peter Terry, East Hartland, CT $2,653
3 Alfred Poon, Brighton, MA $2,024
4 Michio Fujita, Albany, NY $1,864
5 Daniel Smith, West Simsbury, CT $1,644
6 Joseph Laborio IV, Greenville, RI $1,543
7 B. Mark Rosen, Newton Center, MA $738
8 Michael Phillips, New York, NY $589
9 Anthony Costa, West Warwick, RI $516

December 2014 - Mega Stack Challenge - Event #2 - $230 NLH Bounty - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Sherwin���The Fox���Agard, Randolph, MA $6,308
2 James Rubin, Jericho, VT $5,230
3 Robert Pardo, Mount Vernon, NY $5,230
4 Leonard Rinas, Bristol, CT $2,707
5 Daniel McCoy, Attleboro, MA $2,031
6 James Carter, Fairhaven, MA $1,624
7 Roger Leger, Salem, MA $1,320
8 Timothy Hyldburg, Essex Junction, VT $1,083
9 Tadesse Futassa, Hamden, CT $852
10 Hee-Joong Im, Flushing, NY $592
11 Edgardo Alicea, Worcester, MA $592
12 Michael Swanson, Grafton, MA $592
13 Chris Heller, Old Lyme, CT $524
14 Michael Zagorites, Chelmsford, MA $524
15 Joseph Salvador, Wilbraham, MA $524
16 Adam Seigle, Providence, RI $490
17 Matthew Pierce, Albany, NY $490
18 John Quagan, Mystic, CT $490
19 Brian Lebel, Warren, MA $456
20 Eric Pion, Attleboro, MA $456
21 Eric Hall, Columbia, CT $456
22 David Labriola, Oxford, CT $423
23 Richard Sanchez, Dorchester Cntr, MA $423
24 Lawrence Brunaccini, Stoneham, MA $423

December 2014 - Mega Stack Challenge - Event #1 - $600 NLH - Final Results

Place Name Prize
1 Jason Calnan, Revere, MA $31,067
2 Ralph Macri, Redding, CT $30,000
3 Haralambos Saridis, Roslindale, MA $25,000
4 Marsel Backa, Waterbury, CT $20,474
5 Alexander Cukar, Poughkeepsie, NY $10,931
6 Matthew DiPaoli, Leominster, MA $8,849
7 Tarun Gulati, Glastonbury, CT $7,080
8 Anastasios Mallous, Salem, NH $5,517
9 Michael Lowe, Lakewood, CO $4,279
10 Colby Lawler, Glastonbury, CT $3,227
11 J Michael Jarvela, New Ipswich, NH $3,227
12 Stanley Shaw, Wilbraham, MA $3,227
13 Andrew Lauer, Granby, CT $2,706
14 Linh VU, Boston, MA $2,706
15 Aaron Smith, Plymouth, MA $2,706
16 Daniel Kadlec, Salisbury, CT $2,394
17 Jeffrey Butts, South Weymouth, MA $2,394
18 Robert Goldbaum, Marina Del Rey, CA $2,394
19 Mark Perry, Cheshire, CT $2,082
20 Zachary Deneen, Ojai, CA $2,082
21 Samuel Miller, New Vernon, NJ $2,082
22 Jeffrey Miller, New Vernon, NJ $1,769
23 John Alexander, Montville, NJ $1,769
24 Dilipkumar Patel, Milwaukee, WI $1,769
25 Nicholas McDonald, Dudley, MA $1,561
26 Michael Savino, Valhalla, NY $1,561
27 Robert Campion, Stony Brook, NY $1,561
28 John Biagi, Norton, MA $1,395
29 Steven Brackesy, Waltham, MA $1,395
30 Adrian DeAndrade, Canton, MA $1,395
31 Robert Allain, Gardner, MA $1,395
32 Michael White, Ellington, CT $1,395
33 Michael Nye, East Bridgewater, MA $1,395
34 Rajendra Patel, Meriden, CT $1,395
35 Roger Brestak, Norton, MA $1,395
36 Philippe Casciola, New York, NY $1,395
37 Sorin Ciobanu, Seabrook, NH $1,249
38 Thiru Sadagopan, Andover, MA $1,249
39 Janusz Zajaczkowski, E. Norwich, NY $1,249
40 Robert Pardo, Mount Vernon, NY $1,249
41 Derrick Perry, Taunton, MA $1,249
42 Brian Hortonk, Cranston, RI $1,249
43 Michael Sheehan, Methuen, MA $1,249
44 Bradley Merrill, Pittsburg, NH $1,249
45 Keiko Lim, Bronx, NY $1,249

Event #4 is in the money

We saw a very unusual hand get us into the money in Event #4 $300 NLH.  The player above in the red was getting low on chips and was forced all in in the big blind.  The player under the gun (foreground, bottom left) opened to 12,000 at 2,500/5,000, and action folded around to the button, who reraised to 25,000.  The opener called, and it was off to the [2d][2c][Kh] flop.  The original raiser checked dark and folded pocket jacks face up when faced with another 25,000 bet.

That large side pot would be pushed to that player, who tabled [8d][4c] to the disbelief of his tablemates and the crowd that gathered around.  The all in player tabled [8c][5d], which meant there was a 74% chance of a tie.  The [2s] turn changed nothing, but the [4d] river meant the bubble would be burst as the winning hand was deuces full of fours.

A player busted on the same hand at the next table, so the two players will split 63rd place money for $270 each.

Play is now hand for hand

The clock has been paused with almost 21 minutes remaining in Level 18, and play is now hand for hand.

Ralph Macri is trying to go back to back

While Ralph Macri officially took 2nd in Event #1 $600 NLH, he chopped heads up and flipped for the official 1st place. Ralph is still alive and doing well in Event #4 $300 NLH.

We arrived at his table to count his chips before break only to see him move all in on top of another player's all in. Everyone else got out of the way and Ralph's [Qd][Jd] was up against his opponent's [Ac][4c].  The flop came queen high, and Ralph's pair held up to award him the knockout.

After the hand, Ralph explained he was trying to keep up with Ryan Eriquezzo, who is possibly the tournament chip leader with 270,000 chips.  Ralph isn't too far behind him with 220,000.

Cards back in the air

The 135 remaining players in Event #4 $300 NLH are back from their dinner break and are now playing 1,000/2,000 blinds with a 300 ante.

Last level before dinner break

The blinds have just gone up to 800/1,600 with a 200 ante, and this will be the last level before the players take their one hour dinner break.  The original starting field of 523 entrants has been trimmed to only 150 remaining players.

Chip counts at the break

Players are now on their 3rd break of the day as the tournament staff colors up and races off the 25 chips.  Here are select chip counts from around the room:

Ryan Eriquezzo - 69,500
Raj Patel - 27,000
Ralph Macri - 25,900
Eric Siegel - 21,600
Je Wook Oh - 20,400
Mike Nye - 17,700
Tarun G. - 15,000
Fred Paradis - 10,500

Frank Mooney fades five high

It was a five way limp pot at 200/400 blinds when the flop fell [7s][8d][4d].  Action checked to Frank Mooney who bet 2,000 before his opponent in the 4 seat raised to 10,000.  All folded back to Frank who moved all in for over 38,000.  His opponent called and the hands were tabled:

Frank: [8c][7c]
Seat 4: 5-3

Frank had flopped top two pair and had to dodge his opponent's gutshot or runner-runner.  The [Qc] turn and [3s] river meant Frank will double up to approximately 78,000.

Event #4 Prize Pool & Payouts

There were a total of 523 entries in Event #4 $300 NLH, creating a prize pool of $135,980.  The top 63 players will make the money, with a mincash worth $540.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $26,381
2nd Place: $16,487
3rd Place: $11,344
4th Place: $8,507
5th Place: $6,398
6th Place: $5,144
7th Place: $4,221
8th Place: $3,297
9th Place: $2,590
10th-12th Place: $1,872
13th-15th Place: $1,622
16th-18th Place: $1,371
19th-21st Place: $1,200
22nd-24th Place: $1,042
25th-27th Place: $910
28th-36th Place: $791
37th-45th Place: $685
46th-54th Place: $593
55th-63rd Place: $540

Event #4 is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Event #4 $300 NLH.  This tournament features a $100,000 Guarantee and has 15,000 in starting chips and 30 minute levels.  A full structure is available here.

You can watch the feature table live at

1st Place: Jason Calnan, 2nd Place: Ralph Macri

Jason Calnan and Ralph Macri agreed to a deal while heads up.  They would each get $30,000, and they would run out a board to determine a winner.  The winner would get 1st place and the remaining $1,067, and the loser would get 2nd place and the trophy.

Jason was dealt the worst hand in poker, [7c][2s], while Ralph was dealt [Th][3h].  The final board read [9c][8c][2d][Kc][6s] to give Jason the winning hand.  He will take 1st place and collect $31,067.  Ralph will have to settle for $30,000 and the trophy.

Congratulations to both players!