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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Conclusion of Event 1 Flight A

331 players joined this morning, but only 42 remain in Flight 1A.  Those 42 have just bagged and tagged for the night.  Flight B will commence tomorrow (Sunday Oct 4th) at 11am EST, and Flight C will be on Monday Oct. 5th at 11am EST.  All players making it through will return on Tuesday at noon to play out Day 2.

An Interesting Run Out for Clint Hubble

Clint Hubble shoved all in and the player directly to his left re-shoved all in for more.  All other players folded.

Hubble:  [ac][qc]
Opponent:  [10c][10h]

The flop came [as][qs][kc] giving Hubble the lead with his two pair.  That quickly changed when the [jd] fell on the turn, giving his opponent the straight.  But when the [ah] came on the river, it gave Hubble a full house and he was awarded a full double up.

A player at the table said, "That was sick."

Hubble replied, "I almost stood up when I saw that turn."

Hubble is now sitting with just around 65,000 in chips.

Clint Hubble

Event 2 ($300 Omaha HI LO 8+) Photos

Joseph Heinzmann

Paul Zarcone

David Pacheco

Dino Moustakis

Maggie Rowan

Post Break Chip Counts

There are currently 84 players remaining in Event 1A ($600 NLH MULTI DAY EVENT (With Re-Entries) $500,000 Guaranteed).  Here are a few notable chip counts from that event:

Dave Stefanski: 95,000
Johanssy Joseph: 22,000

There are currently 28 players remaining in Event 2 ($300 Omaha HI LO 8+).  A few notables remaining in the field include:  

Joseph Heinzmann:  36,500
Paul Zarcone (Recent Omaha 8+ Foxwoods WSOP Circuit Ring Winner ):  60,000
Dino Moustakis:  40,000
Brad Manter: 24,000
David Pacheco:  30,000
Maggie Rowan: 70,000

Players Now on Dinner Break

Players are now on a 60 minute dinner break.  The total entries of today came to 331 runners.  There are currently 100 players remaining.

Play will resume at 8:10 Eastern Time.

Matthew Wantman Eliminates Two

On a board reading [6h][4d][5d], a player in early position checked, Matthew Wantman checked, and a player in later position shoved all in.  With action back on the player in early position, he opted to move all in.  Matthew Wantman had them both covered and called.

Early Postion:  [Ad][2d]
Wantman: [9d][7d]
Late Position: [As][Kd]

Wantman sighed when he saw his opponent's ace high flush draw.  But when the [7s] turn and [9h] river hit the board, it was Wantman that ended up eliminating both players and scooping the pot to bring him close to nearly 90,000 in chips.
Matthew Wantman

Photo of Event #2 $300 Omaha HI LO 8+ Field

Level 4 has just begun in the $300 Omaha Hi/Lo 8+ Event #2. 75/150 blinds, 150/300 limit. There are currently 75 runners in the field, and registration will remain open until the beginning of level 5.

Players Now on First Break

Players in flight 1A are now on their first fifteen minute break of the day. 226 people have entered the field so far, and registration is still open for four more levels. After the break, players will return to 100/200 blinds with a 25 ante.

David Stefanski's Bluff

On a board reading [Ts][9c][7d][4d] a player in middle position checked and David Stefanski bet 2,700. The player called. The player first to act bet 3,000 when the [5s] came on the river. Stefanski quickly shoved all in, and his opponent folded. Stefanski showed [qd][jd] for a busted flush draw.

Three Levels Down

Level 4 is just beginning, with 100 small blind, and 200 big blind (no antes).  We are already at 206 entries for today's flight, and re-entry is open until the start of level 9.

A few notables in today's field include:  David Stefanski, Je Wook Oh, Eric Kitain, and James Magner.

Event #2 $300 Omaha Hi/Lo 8+ To Kick Off at 12pm Today

Event #2, The Omaha Hi/Lo 8+ Event will kick off at noon today.  Players will start with 10,000 in tournament chips and play 30 minute levels.  There will be a 15 minute break every 4 levels, and a 45 minute dinner break after level 12 concludes.

This will be a one day event, and play out to conclusion.

The structure sheet can be found by clicking this link.

World Poker Finals Kicks Off with $500,000 Guarantee

Cards are officially in the air for event number one of the World Poker Finals here at Foxwoods Resort and Casino.  This multi-day $600 No-limit hold em event boasts a whopping $500,000 guarantee.  

This morning the first of three flights (flight 1A) has officially kicked off.  Flight 1B will kick off on Sunday Oct. 4th at 11am, and Flight 1C will kick off Monday Oct. 5th at 11am.  All players are allowed unlimited re-entries up until the beginning of level 9 in all three flights. All three of the flights will play down to approximately 12% of the field and all players making Day 2 will return on Tues at 12pm officially in the money.

For all Day 1 flights, levels 1-8 will last 30 minutes and Levels 9+ will last 40 minutes.  Day 2 will resume at the time the earliest Day 1 was completed, and all levels on Day 2 will be 60 minutes in length.   

In addition to Flight 1A of the $600, $500,000 guarantee, there will also be a $300 Omaha HI/LO 8+ tournament kicking off at noon today.  All players in the Omaha tournament will start with 10,000 in chips, and will play 30 min blind levels.  

Please stay tuned here at the live blog to follow all of the action as it unfolds.