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Thursday, May 14, 2015

4th Place: John Matson ($3,423)

John Matson was all in preflop holding [Qd][Qc] and was in a "classic race" with Bart Fooden's [Ad][Ks]. The [7d][Td][Jd] flop gave Bart a flush draw and a gutshot to go with his two overs. The [3c] on the turn changed nothing, but the [8d] river completed Bart's flush, eliminating John in 4th place. He will collect $3,423 for his efforts.

5th Place: Andy Spears ($2,558)

Andy Spears picked up a cooler to be eliminated in 5th place. His [Ac][Qc] ran into his opponent's [Ks][Kc]. The flop came king high, and Andy was unable to catch runner runner to survive. He will exit this tournament in 5th place, good for $2,588.

6th Place: Alex Feiner ($1,947) & 7th Place: Kurt Magalski ($1,502)

6th Place: Alex Feiner ($1,947)
On a T-8-x flop with two diamonds, Kurt Magalski moved all in for 92,000 and was called by Alex Feiner. Hassan Barbajane moved all in over the top and Alex called all in.

Kurt was in the worst shape with ace-ten, good for top pair. Hassan had flopped a set of eights, and he would knock both opponents out if he could dodge Alex's flush draw.

The turn and the river blanked out, and Kurt will exit in 7th for $1,502 while Alex will take 6th for $1,947.

Chip counts at the break

The seven remaining players are now on their last break of the day. Here are updated chip counts for the remaining players, in seat order:

Bart Fooden - 220,000
Andy Spears - 230,000
Hassan Barbajane - 75,000
Mike O'Connell - 390,000
John Matson - 95,000
Kurt Magalski - 120,000
Alex Feiner - 130,000

Andy Spears doubles through Bart Fooden

Andy Spears was all in with [Td][Tc] and was flipping for his tournament life against Bart Fooden's [Ad][Ks]. The [2d][Th][7d] flop was just what Andy was hoping for, leaving Bart to need running straight or flush cards to win. The [8c] turn left him drawing dead, and Andy will double up to 210,000.

8th Place: James Jordan Jr. ($1,182)

James lost most of his chips when his pocket tens fell to Kurt Magalski's ace-nine, and he got the last of his chips in against Andy Spears and Mike O'Connell. The two players checked all the way to the river, and Kurt's king high could not beat the other two players' ace high. James will exit this tournament in 8th place, good for $1,182.

9th Place: Brian Pincus ($941)

10th Place: Tarun G. ($764)

Event #2 Unofficial final table reached

We have lost a player in 11th place, and that means we have reached the unofficial final table in Event #2 $365 NLH. Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Bart Fooden - 161,000
Seat 2: Andy Spears - 178,000
Seat 3: Tarun G. - 52,500
Seat 4: Hassan Barbajane - 90,000
Seat 5: Mike O'Connell - 374,500
Seat 6: John Matson - 135,500
Seat 7: Kurt Magalski - 112,000
Seat 8: Alex Feiner - 40,000
Seat 9: Brian Pincus - 59,000
Seat 10: James Jordan Jr. - 39,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be played for:

1st Place: $10,441
2nd Place: $6,454
3rd Place: $4,657
4th Place: $3,423  
5th Place: $2,558  
6th Place: $1,947  
7th Place: $1,502  
8th Place: $1,182  
9th Place: $941  
10th Place: $764  

Here are the recent in the money finishes:

11th Place: Taylor Black ($764)
12th Place: Edward Testa ($764)
13th Place: Chad Brown ($630)
14th Place: William Perry ($630)
15th Place: James Ferrando ($630)

1st Place: Ryan Eriquezzo ($22,684)

On a [Qs][6h][Js] flop, Steven Weeks was all in holding [Jh][Ts]. It was the best hand as Ryan Eriquezzo held [Ks][8s] for a flush draw and an overcard. Ryan had knocked out many opponents at this final table, and the [3s] hit the turn to make it one more. Ryan completed his flush to eliminate Steven in 2nd place, good for $14,025.

Ryan will take 1st place for $22,684 along with the World Series of Poker Circuit ring and the title. This is Ryan's 3rd ring, and a full recap of his win can be found at Congratulations, Ryan!

2nd Place: Steven Weeks ($14,025)

3rd Place: Chris Milano ($10,183)

Chris Milano got the last of his chips in with [Ac][Ts] but was up against Ryan Eriquezzo's superior [Ah][Kh]. Chris was looking to pair his ten, but the [6h][Jc][7c] flop was no help. The [Qc] turn gave Chris a flush draw and a gutshot straight draw, but the [3s] was a blank to eliminate him in 3rd place. Chris will collect $10,183.

Three handed chip counts

Event #1 $365 NLH is down to the final 3 players, and they are now on a 15 minute break. Here are updated chip counts in seat order:

Chris Milano - 207,000
Ryan Eriquezzo - 2,228,000
Steven Weeks - 407,000

4th Place: Zach Daly ($7,529)

Ryan Eriquezzo opened from the button before Zach Daly moved all in from the small blind. Steven Weeks folded his big blind, and Ryan snap called, tabling [Th][Tc]. Zach would need to catch up with his [As][8c], but the [9s][2h][7h] flop was no help. The [2d] turn and [7c] kept the pocket tens in front, and Zach will exit this tournament in 4th place, good for $7,529.

5th Place: Joe Frizzi ($5,647)

On a [Jh][8h][8d][9s] board, Joe Frizzi bet after Ryan Eriquezzo checked, but was then met with a check-raise. Joe made the call, and the two saw the [4s] river. With about 350,000 in the pot already, Ryan eyed Joe's stack and saw that he had less than a pot sized bet. Ryan moved all in and put Joe deep into the tank. After some thought, he called all in, only to be shown ten-seven for a straight. Joe mucked, flashing a jack as he did so. Joe will collect $5,647 for his 5th place finish here today.

6th Place: Anthony Hoskie ($4,305)

Anthony Hoskie celebrates one of his many doubleups
It seemed as if Anthony Hoskie had nine lives, being all in and at risk with the worst hand no less than three times at this final table. One of his suckouts included cracking Ryan Eriquezzo's pocket kings with eight-six off suit. Another had his [9h][5c] making trip nines to beat Joe Frizzi's [Ac][4c].

On his final hand, Anthony took his [Kc][6d] up against Chris Milano's [Ac][Jd]. It looked as if Anthony would have one more life as the flop fell [Kd][Th][7h], but the [As] turn left Anthony looking for a five outer. The [3c] was not what he needed, and Anthony will exit the tournament in 6th place, good for $4,305.

Event #2 $365 NLH Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #2 $365 NLH received 124 entrants, creating a $37,287 prize pool. The top 15 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $630. First place will take home $10,441 as well as the World Series of Poker Circuit ring and the title. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $10,441
2nd Place: $6,454
3rd Place: $4,657
4th Place: $3,423
5th Place: $2,558
6th Place: $1,947
7th Place: $1,502
8th Place: $1,182
9th Place: $941
10th-12th Place: $764
13th-15th Place: $630

7th Place: Eric Miller ($3,340)

Eric Miller got the last of his chips in with ace-eight against Ryan Eriquezzo's pocket threes. It was another coin flip at this final table, and Ryan proved to be unstoppable as the board ran out [Tc][Ks][6h][7s][Jc]. Eric will exit this tournament in 7th place, good for $3,340.

8th Place: Josh Krasnecky ($2,625)

Updated chip counts at the break

As Level 21 concludes, the remaining eight players are now on their first break of the day. Here are updated chip counts in seat order:

Josh Krasnecky -  142,000
Anthony Hoskie - 189,000
Chris Milano - 236,000
Ryan Eriquezzo - 890,000
Eric Miller - 100,000
Joe Frizzi - 681,000
Zach Daly - 300,000
Steven Weeks - 740,000

Double ups all over the place

We've seen two eliminations in the last 45 minutes, but we've also seen two players dodge eliminations.

Eric Miller just doubled up when his suited ace-king flopped a flush against Chris Milano's pocket eights. Chris did flop a gutshot straight flush draw, but the one outer did not come. Eric now sits on 160,000 while Chris gets knocked down to 170,000.

A few hands back, Zach Daly found himself on the right side of a cooler when his pocket kings held up against Anthony Hoskie's pocket jacks. Zach doubled up, but Anthony was able to win a few pots and then double up with pocket fours against Josh Krasnecky's king-deuce to keep him in the game. Anthony now has 210,000.

9th Place: Matthew Venditto ($2,109)

Matthew Venditto was all in preflop with [As][Ts] and was racing against his opponent's [8h][8d]. Matthew could not connect as the board ran out [2d][Jd][7s][Kh][5c] and he will exit this tournament in 9th place, good for $2,109.

10th Place: Brad St. Vincent ($1,698)

Brad St. Vincent has been eliminated.

Today's schedule

Today is Day 2 of the World Series of Poker Circuit. This series features $1,000,000 in Guaranteed Prizes and awards 12 Gold Rings. Here's what's on today's schedule:

Event #2 $365 NLH Ring Event
($310 Buy-in / $55 Entry fee)
(Two Day Event)
Players start with 10,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Levels 1-12 will be 30 minutes. Remaining levels on Day 1 will be 40 minutes.
Day 2 levels will be 50 & 60 minutes.
Registration will remain open through the end of the 6th level (approximately 2:10pm)
Dinner break is after level 12 (approximately 5:20pm)
Full structure is available here.

Day 2 of Event #1 $365 NLH Ring Event
The first four levels will be 50 minutes, and then 60 minutes afterwards.
Full structure is available here.

($210 buy-in / $40 Entry fee)
Players start with 12,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Registration & Re-entries will be available through the end of the 6th level (approximately 4:00pm)
Full structure is available here.

A full series schedule is available here.