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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Event #9 is now on dinner break

Approximately 47 remain from the starting field of 176 in Event #9: $580 NLH, and they are now on their one hour dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 6:20pm EST at 800/1,600 blinds with a 200 ante.  Still in the field are Mike Nye, Dena Pearlman, and Randal Sklar.

1st Place: Michael Thibeau ($20,280)

John O. Matson minraised preflop from the button and Michael Thibeau called from the big blind.  The dealer put out the [9s][3d][4s] flop and Michael checked, only to see John move all in.  It was a snap call for Michael as he held [9c][3c], and John would need runner runner to survive with his [Ah][Qs].  The [7c] turn meant John was drawing dead, and the meaningless [Qh] hit the river to give Michael the win.

Micheal will collect $20,280 for his first place finish along with the World Series of Poker Circuit Ring.  Congratulations, Michael!

2nd Place: John O. Matson ($12,539)

Event #8 is now heads up

John O. Matson (800,000) vs Michael Thibeau (1,950,000)

3rd Place: Kevin Gibbs ($9,092)

Kevin Gibbs was all in preflop with K-Q and was up against the [Ac][Tc] of Michael Thibeau.  The board ran out [8h][4s][Td][4c][9d] and Kevin will exit the tournament in 3rd place.  He will collect $9,092 for his efforts.

Event #9 Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #9: $580 NLH had 176 entries, creating a $91,520 prize pool.  The top 18 players will be in the money with a mincash worth $1,189.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $23,969
2nd Place: $14,816
3rd Place: $10,662
4th Place: $7,812
5th Place: $5,832
6th Place: $4,421
7th Place: $3,418
8th Place: $2,681
9th Place: $2,142
10th-12th Place: $1,731
13th-15th Place: $1,420
16th-18th Place: $1,189

4th Place: Vincent Farrell ($6,709)

Vincent Farrell has been eliminated when his [Qd][Qc] ran into the [Ks][Kd] of John O. Matson.  The board ran out a pure [Js][4h][4d][Ts][5s] and Vincent headed to the payout desk to collect $6,709 for his 4th place finish.

5th Place: James Watt ($5,036)

James Watt moved all in with [Qc][6c] and was called with [Ah][9c].  The [8c][8d][4d] flop was no help for James, but he was still live to make a pair.  The [5s] turn added a gutshot draw, but the [3c] was a brick.  James will exit this tournament in 5th place for $5,036, adding to his win of Event #1.

6th Place: Michael Huguenot ($3,836)

From the small blind, James Watt bet enough to put Michael Huguenot all in.  Michael elected to call with J-6, and was dominated by James's J-T.  The board ran out blanks until the river, when James paired his ten.  That was enough to send Michael to the rail in 6th place, good for $3,836.

7th Place: Aaron Frei ($2,966)

Pocket threes continue to hold up at this final table, this time to the misfortune of Aaron Frei.  Aaron was all in with pocket fours against pocket threes, and a three on the flop spelled doom for Aaron.  He could not find a four on the turn or the river, and he will be eliminated in 7th place.  Aaron will collect $2,966 for his finish.

8th Place: Pete Huzar ($2,332)

Pete Huzar has been eliminated when his [Ad][8c] failed to improve against his opponent's [3s][3d].  The [4s][4c][7h][Ks][Jd] board offered no help to Pete, who will exit this tournament in 8th place.  He will collect $2,332 for his efforts.

9th Place: Mark Awalt ($1,868)

It didn't take long for Mark Awalt to get all of his chips in the middle after losing a race to Vincent Farrell.  Unfortunately for Mark, his [Ah][3h] was behind his opponent's [Ad][Kd], but the [4d][2c][Js] flop gave him some hope with a gutshot.  The [7h] turn and [6d] river failed to improve Mark's hand, and he will exit this tournament in 9th place, good for $1,868.

Vincent Farrell doubles up & gets a penalty

Vincent Farrell moved all in and showed [3h][3c].  Unfortunately Mark Awalt had not made his decision yet.  It was an easy call for him with [8h][7h], but the [Js][5s][4h] kept the treys in front.  The [Kh] on the turn gave him a word of outs: a flush draw to go along with his gut shot straight draw and two overs.  Somehow, the [2c] hit the river.

Vincent doubled up, and was immediately put on a one round penalty for exposing his cards with action pending.  His 200,000 stack will be around 40,000 chips lighter when he takes his seat again.

10th Place: Glenn Stone ($1,504)

After a few chops (AK vs AK and AQ vs AQ), we finally lost our first player at this unofficial final table.  Glen Stone took 10th place when his [Ac][Jd] failed to improve against his opponent's [As][Qs].  He will collect $1,504, and we are now at the official WSOP Circuit Official Final Table.

Event #9: $580 NLH is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Event #9: $580 NLH.  This event has six levels of registration and features 12,000 in starting chips.  Full structure is available here.

At 1pm, the final table for Event #8: $365 NLH will resume on our live stream at

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #8 - $365 NLH - Final Table Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1 Mark Awalt 191,000
2 John O. Matson 849,000
3 Michael Thibeau 296,000
4 Glenn Stone 118,000
5 Vincent Farrell 170,000
6 Aaron Frei 321,000
7 Kevin Gibbs 324,000
8 James Watt 271,000
9 Michael Huguenot 203,000
10 Pete Huzar 94,000