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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Tweets from the end of Day 1B

Photos from the last level

Mike Vitorino shows two queens after his opponents folded
Omar Saeed
Mark Dube

Mike Nye sweats the basketball game inbetween hands
David Stefanski chops a pot
Mike Dentale makes a river bet
David Grandieri

Mike Vitorino is happy to win a pot

We've been trying to find a way all day to feature Cardplayer Poker Tour $250 4th place finisher Mike Vitorino on the blog. He had been having a tough day, so his table celebrated when Mike finally won a pot. We arrive to the table to see him stacking a nice pile of chips as we near the end of the day.

Mark Dickstein is eliminated right before re-entry ends

We saw Event #11 2nd place finisher Mark Dickstein headed to the registration desk to re-enter this tournament as he had been eliminated.

As Level 10 begins, the re-entry period has closed. The board reads 209 entries for Day 1B, but we will post official numbers when we have them.

Fred Paradis doubles up on the featured table

Andy Frankenberger opened to 1,700 before Fred Paradis reraised to 5,500 from the small blind. David Grandieri in the big blind cold 4-bet to 13,500, and Fred called after Andy folded. The two checked a [Ac][8h][Th] flop, but Fred led out for 15,000 when the [Kc] hit the turn. David called, and the dealer placed the [4h] on the river. Fred moved all in for just over 22,000 and David went into the tank for two minutes. He eventually made the call, and slammed his fist down on the felt when Fred tabled [Ts][Tc]. Fred will double up to over 100,000 with just one hour left in Day 1B.

Chip counts in Level 9

Omar Saeed is the current chip leader
Here are updated chip counts as Level 9 begins. The field will play this level and one more before bagging up chips for the night.

Omar Saeed - 214,100
Tarun G. - 91,500
Fred Paradis - 70,500
Mark Dickstein - 66,100
Mike Nye - 64,000
Mark Dube - 57,000
Mike Vitorino - 51,300
Mike Dentale - 46,700
Dave Stefanski - 44,200
Aaron Smith - 42,100
Gerald Aiello - 41,800
Ralph Macri - 40,200
Andy Frankenberger - 30,700
Steve Happas - 30,000
Chris Tryba - 23,500
Eric Siegel - 22,200
James Woods - 9,500

Steve Happas has been eliminated

Steve Happas was all in wiht [Ah][Qd] against his opponent's [Td][Tc]. The board ran out [2h][3c][2d][5c][Jd] to eliminate Steve at the end of Level 8.

After this hand was tweeted, Steve responded that it was his first bullet and that he would be re-entering.

James Woods still alive

We recently stopped by James Woods table to see if we  could catch him winning a pot. While we didn't see him in any big pots, he is still alive in this Championship Event and seems to be enjoying the table talk. James sits on just under 25,000.

Just a Royal Flush

We went back to Daniel Chan's table to count his stack only to see a board reading [8h][As][Ts][Js][4d]. Mike W. had bet 5,500 and the other player was thinking it over. Eventually he made the call, and Mike flipped over [Ks][Qs] for a Royal Flush. His opponent obviously mucked, and the tournament staff came over to get Mike's player card to award him his Royal Flush bonus.

Daniel Chan wins a pot

On a board reading [Qd][3h][Kh][As][5c], Daniel Chan bet 2,450 and his opponent went into the tank. He eventually made the call, and mucked when he saw Daniel's [Ah][8h]. Daniel now sits on 60,000.

Mike Nye wins a pot

At 250/500 blinds, the UTG player raised to 1,300 and the cutoff and hijack made the call. Mike Nye on the button bumped it up to 4,500, which UTG and the cutoff called. The dealer spread the [9s][2s][6d] flop, and both players checked to Mike, who continued for 8,000. After the two opponents folded, Mike collected the pot.

Chris Tryba's ladies go down in flames

On a [2h][6h][8c] flop, Chris Tryba called his opponent's all in. Chris held [Qh][Qc] but his opponent had flopped a set with his [2s][2c]. The [Kd] turn was close to the card Chris wanted, and the [9h] river meant Chis would have to ship over about 40,000 chips. Chris now sits on 32,000.

Ryan Eriquezzo has been eliminated

We didn't see the hand, but we noticed Ryan Eriquezzo's seat was empty. It looks as if he has been eliminated from Day 1B.

Tweets from the dinner break

$2,700 Championship Event: The numbers so far

The chip leader at dinner break
Players in the $2,700 Championship Event Day 1B are now on their one hour dinner break. Blinds will be 250/500 with a 50 ante when they return at approximately 6:30pm EST. The average stack is just over 41,000.

There were a total of 72 entrants from Day 1A, and 23 survived. Registration is still open for Day 1B, but so far there have been 181 entrants, with 132 remaining.

With 253 entries, that would make a prize pool of $613,525, surpassing the $500,000 Guarantee. The 2014 Foxwoods Poker Classic Championship Event had 226 entrants for a $548,050 prize pool. First place prize was $133,177, so the first place prize this year should surpass that number.

Photos from the last two levels

Andy Frankenberger
Chris Tryba
Dave Stefanski
Eric Siegel
Fred Paradis
Ralph Macri
Ryan Eriquezzo

Mark Dickstein
Mark Dube
Mike Dentale
Mike Nye
Gerald Aiello and Raj Patel
Steve Happas

Today's schedule: Last Chance $300 Turbo Super Mega Satellite at 9am, Day 1B of $2,700 Championship Event at 11am

On today's schedule at the Foxwoods Poker Classic:

Turbo Super Mega Satellite to the $2,700 Championship
($260 Buy-in / $60 Entry fee)
2 Seats Guaranteed
“With Re-Entries”
Players start with 10,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Registration & Re-entries are available through the end of level 5.
At the end of level 5, players may purchase a Single or a Double add-on. Single $50 will receive 5,000 in chips. Double $100 will receive 10,000 in chips.
10 Minute Blinds.
Full structure is available here.

($2500 Buy-in / $200 Entry fee)
$500,000 Guaranteed
Three Day Event
“With Re-Entries”
Players start with 30,000 in non-value tournament chips.
Re-Entries are available through the end of level 9.
This tournament is NOT a best stack forward. If you bag chips at the end of any day/flight and them play in subsequent day/flight, your previous day/flight chips will automatically be forfeited.
Each level will be played for 60 minutes.
Full structure is available here.

2015 Foxwoods Poker Classic- Event #19 - $2700 NLH - Flight A Returning Players

Name Chip Count
Badecker, Andrew 240,800
McCaffrey, Paul 181,000
Sciannameo, Carlo 172,700
Duong, Jack 171,500
Kohlberg, Curt 129,400
Rebello, Todd 125,200
Palma, Nicholas 101,200
Hou, Ernie 100,300
Campbell, James 93,500
Berg, Eli 91,100
Dobrilovic, Tom 86,000
Kostrov, Gennadiy 84,000
Cohen, Jeff 81,700
Demetri, Greg 77,800
Schwarz, Jeffrey 73,100
Renaudette, Christopher 66,000
Giulino, Joseph 55,000
Chalifour, Dan 51,000
Failla, Will "The Thrill" 44,300
Frederick, William 40,600
Lewis, Jonathan 37,300
Bieber, Kevin 33,000
Schwartz, Justin 28,600