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Monday, October 20, 2014

Event 18 $2700 NLH 2014 FWPF

Place Name Prize
1 Jonathan Jaffe, W Springfield MA 137,651
2 Aaron Smith, Plymouth MA 84,841
3 Spiro Mitrokostas, W Yarmouth MA 54,829
4 James Campbell, Marlborough MA 45,018
5 Tom Dobrilovic, W Nyack NY 34,052
6 Mark Lieberman, Northborough MA 27,126
7 Steven Malpere, Talkeetna AK 21,931
8 Emanuel Failla, Commack NY 17,603
9 Eracles Pannayiotou, Toms River NJ 13,861
10 Muhammad Abdel-Rahim, Portsmouth NH 9,811
11 Robert Allain, Gardner MA 9,811
12 Jose Pena Lawrence MA 9,811
13 Giacomo Conforto, E Hartford CT 8,657
14 Ariel Albilia, Syosset NY 8,657
15 Nathan Huvelle, New Haven CT 8,657
16 Pasquale Caruso, Georgetown MA 8,080
17 She Lok Wong, Forest Hills NY 8,080
18 Michael Quibble, Ledyard CT 8,080
19 Floyd Overton, Preston CT 7,502
20 Jerry Atkins, New York NY 7,502
21 Adam Bitker, New Haven CT 7,502
22 Steven Tabb, Newton Center MA 6,925
23 Ernie Hou, Fall River MA 6,925
24 Kevin Mckenzie, Franklin MA 6,925
25 David Datashvili, Forest Hills NY 5,771
26 Roe Bridges 5,771
27 Brian Mckenna, Providence RI 5,771

Event 20 $300 NLH 2014 FWPF

Place Name Prize
1 Jeffrey Nelson, S Windsor CT 13,851
2 Neil Smith, Alpharetta GA 8,749
3 Troy Balisciano, Middletown CT 5,643
4 Carl Gueli, Great Neck NY 4,559
5 Russell Mayer, Waban MA 3,420
6 Mackenzie Kraemer, New Britain CT 2,736
7 Michael Woods, Madison CT 2,223
8 Jack Dagostino, N Providence RI 1,824
9 Carlo Marotta, Berlin CT 1,431
10 Todd Mitchell, Wilton CT 997
11 David Paolissi, Exeter RI 997
12 Thomas Walsh, Lowell MA 997
13 Anthony Colangelo, Riverside CT 883
14 Albert Albay, Bronx NY 883
15 Brenton Reihl, Cheshire CT 883
16 Joseph Cote, Wethersfield CT 826
17 Chris Chou, Georgetown MA 826
18 John Marshall, Yarmouth Port MA 826
19 Jeffery Perzan, Plainville CT 769
20 Louis Wierzbicki, Rutland VT 769
21 Yue Zhu, Flushing NY 769
22 Harold Cusson, Douglas MA 712
23 Welther Marmol, Providence RI 712
24 Charles Bunker, Putnam CT 712

Event 19 $300 NLH 2014 FWPF

Place Name Prize
1 Craig Flood, Spring TX 10,004
2 Dave Shiranian, N Providence RI 8,866
3 Rawley Hanson, Brockton MA 8,466
4 Robert Courtney, Millbury MA 6,600
5 Soukha Kachittavong, Woonsocket RI 6,400
6 Thomas Schiavo, Randolph MA 3,070
7 David Grandieri, Cheshire CT 2,482
8 Stephen Hollingshead, Palmer MA 1,992
9 Corey Macdonald, Newmarket NH 1,576
10 Welther Marmol, Providence RI 1,110
11 Stephen Friedrich, Tolland CT 1,110
12 Sherwin Agard, Randolph MA 1,110
13 Randy Greenstein, Lynnsfield MA 979
14 Kevin Kernan, Warwick RI 979
15 Nicholas Castellano, Harrison NY 979
16 Richard Rossi, Essex CT 914
17 Sean Pak, Flushing NY 914
18 Fabio Dagata, Needham Heights MA 914
19 Christopher Bangs, Ashley Falls MA 849
20 Howard Silver, New York NY 849
21 Peter Halperin, Northhampton MA 849
22 Cameron Trudell, Worcester MA 783
23 Alan Fidellow, Yorktown Heights NY 783
24 Nicole Defrancesco, Wallingford CT 783
25 Duncan Leaf, Brooklyn NY 653
26 Charles Karas, Beverly MA 653
27 Darren Gunn, Brookfield CT 653

Event 18: 1st Place - Jonathan Jaffe ($137,651)

Jonathan Jaffe and his dad

Jonathan Jaffe picked up the chip lead half way through day 3 and never looked back. Jaffe maintained his aggression throughout the final table and with the help of a few hands, he coasted into the first place prize of $137,651.

Congratulations to all of our winners at the 2014 Foxwoods World Poker Finals! 

Event 18: 2nd Place - Aaron Smith ($84,841)

2nd Place - Aaron Smith

On a board of [Jd][4s][5c] a raising war broke out between Jaffe and Smith until all the chips ended up in the middle.
Smith: [Kh][Jh]
Jaffe: [4c][5d]
Jaffe was ahead with a flopped two pair and Smith would need to come from behind to win. The board ran out clean and Smith would be Eliminated in 2nd place, but would take home $84,841 for his second place finish.

Event 18: 3rd Place - Spiro Mitrokostas ($54,829)

3rd Place - Spiro Mitrokostas
Action folded to Jonathan Jaffe in the small blind who announced he was all in. Spiro Mitrokostas called all in from the big blind for his last 385,000 and we were off to the river.
Jaffe: [Qs][Jc]
Mitrokostas: [Kh][5h]

The board ran out [Qd][4s][3c][7s][Qc] and we lose Spiro Mitrokostas in third place.

Event 18: 4th Place - James Campbell ($45,018)

 Level 25
Blinds 12000/24000/3000
Players Remaining: 4
4th Place - James Campbell

Jonathan Jaffe opened the action with a raise to 53,000 on the button and Spiro Mitrokostas announced all in from the small blind. James Campbell re-shoved from the big blind and Jaffe folded.

Mitrokostas: [Ac][Ah]
Campbell: [7h][7c]

The board ran out [5c][4s][6h][10h][5s] and we say goodbye to James Campbell in 4th place. 

Event 18: 5th Place - Tom Dobrilovic ($34,052)

 Level 25
Blinds 12000/24000/3000
Players Remaining: 4
5th Place - Tom Dobrilovic

James Campbell opens the action with a raise to 50,000 from under the gun and is immediately three-bet by Aaron Smith. Tom Dobrilovic announced all in on the button and Campbell folds. Smith snap calls and we are off to the river.
Smith: [Kc][Kd]
Dobrilovic: [Ad][Kh]
The board runs out [5s][9d][5d][2h][3c] and we lose Tom Dobrilovic in 5th.

Event 18: Campbell Doubles Through Dobrilovic

James Campbell was all in and at risk holding the [Ah][Jc] against the [Ad][Kc] of Tom Dobrilovic. The board ran out [5s][6s][Ac][10h][Js] and Campbell would spike the jack to double.
Campbell is now back over 800,000 while Dobrilovic drops to 350,000.

Event 18: Smith Doubles Through Campbell

Level 25
Blinds 12000/24000/3000
Players Remaining: 5

Aaron Smith was all in and at risk holding [8c][8h] against the [Kh][Ks] of James Campbell.
The board ran out [8s][2c][6h][Ah][5d] and Smith would spike one of his two outs to double up through Campbell.

Smith now sits with over 450,000 as Campbell drops back to around the 600,000 chip mark.

Event 18: 6th Place - Mark Liberman ($27,126)

6th Place - Mark Liberman

Spiro Mitrokostas opened the action with a raise to 52,000 from under the gun and action folded to Mark Liberman on the button. He announced all in for his remaining 216,000 and action was on Jonathan Jaffe in the big blind. After a few moments he elected to call as did Mitrokostas.
The dealer spread the [4d][Js][5d] flop and Jaffe led for a bet of 128,000. Mitrokostas folded [8h][8s] face up and it was indeed the right fold when Jaffe tabled [Qs][Qh].
Liberman was in bad shape with his [Kh][10d] and with the [5h] turn and [Ah] river he would be sent home in 6th place.

Event 18: First Break of the Day

Players are now on their first 15 minute break of the day.

Event 18: 7th Place - Steven Malpere ($21,931)

7th Place - Steven Malpere
The very next hand after Tom Dobrilovic doubled through Steven Malpere, Malpere was eliminated in 7th place.
Spiro Mitrokostas announced he was all in from under the gun for just over 200,000 and James Campbell quickly called on his immediate left. The other players got out of the way and Steven Malpere called all in for his last 150,000.

Mitrokostas: [Ad][Kc]
Campbell: [Jh][Jc]
Malpere: [Ac][7c]

 The board ran out [As][4d][10c][2s][2c] and Malpere would be eliminated as Mitrokostas doubled up through Campbell.

Event 18: 8th Place - Will Failla ($17,603)

8th Place - Will Failla

There will be no back to back victories for Will Failla in this event. He was all in and at risk holding the [As][3s] against the [7d][7h] of Jonathan Jaffe.
The board ran out clean and we lose Will "The Thrill" Failla in 8th place.

Event 18: Mitrokostas Doubles Through Jaffe

Level 24
Players Remaining: 8

Action folded to Jonathan Jaffe in the small blind who announced all in.
"Let's gamble" he said with a smile as he pushed forward a stack of green chips.
"I have a decision now" said Mitrokostas who was immediately heckled by Will Failla.
After a minute or so he announced call.
Jaffe: [10s][3c]
Mitrokostas: [8d][8h]
The board ran out clean and Mitrokostas would double to over 300,000.

Event 18: 9th Place - Eracles Panayiotou ($13,861)

9th Place - Eracles Panayiotou
Steven Malpere opened the action with a raise to 40,000 but was quickly three-bet by Jonathan Jaffe in the cut-off to 92,000.
Eracles Panayiotou sternly said "Raise" as he pushed forward 235,000 and Malpere quickly got out of the way. After a few moments Jaffe announced he was all in and Eracles immediately squirmed in his seat. After about 2 minutes he announced call.
Jaffe: [Ah][6c]
Eracles: [Ad][Kd]

Eracles had Jaffe dominated preflop but the tides would turn when the dealer spread the [6h][7h][9c] flop and Jaffe would now have Eracles reverse dominated. The meaningless [9s][Js] would fill the turn and river and Eracles would be sent to the rail in 9th as Jaffe increases his chip lead. He now sits with 4,300,000

Event 18: Jaffe Puts Mitrokostas to the Test

Level 24
Players Remaining: 9

Jonathan Jaffe led out with a bet of 80,000 into Spiro Mitrokostas on a [Ah][7h][4d][10h] board and after about 3 solid minutes Mitrokostas put in a call.
The [As] hit the river and Jaffe quickly announced he was all in.
Mitrokostas would again go into the tank, this time for well over 6 minutes. He continued to talk himself through the hand over and over again, apologizing for the table for taking so long. Eventually he would fold and Jaffe would show him the [Jh][2h] for a jack high flush.
Mitrokostas thanked him for showing him the hand and turned over [Ac][Ks].

Jaffe now sits on 3,560,000 while Mitrokostas drops down to 141,000.

Event 18: Jaffe Leads Final 9; Play Underway

Level 23
Blinds 10000/20000/3000
Players Remaining: 9

Play has started at the 2014 WPF Main Event final table. There are 20 minutes remaining in level 23 and they will be playing through until the end of level 24 which is followed by a 15 minute break.

Here is the way the players currently stack up:
Table-Seat Name Chip Count
1-1 Malpere, Steven 660,000
1-2 Failla, Will 165,000
1-3 Dobrilovic, Tom 312,000
1-4 Jaffe, Jonathan 3,157,000
1-5 Panayiotou, Eracles 590,000
1-6 Mitrokostas, Spiro 414,000
1-7 Campbell, James 830,000
1-8 Smith, Aaron 381,000
1-9 Liberman, Mark 644,000