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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Unofficial final table reached

There are only 7 players left in Event #7, and they have combined to the unofficial final table.  As soon as one more player busts, play will be done for the night.  The final 6 will return tomorrow at 1pm to play down to a World Series of Poker Circuit winner, which you will be able to watch on the live stream at  We will have chip counts and seating assignments at the end of the day.

Event #7 Update: Final 3 tables reached

The final 18 players have redrawn for seats at the final 3 tables. The top 15 are in the money, so the bubble is quickly approaching. Play will continue at 1,200/2,400 blinds with a 400 ante.

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #6 - $365 NLH - Results

Place Name Prize
1 Mathew Smith, Enfield CT $18,787
2 Robert Lauria, Las Vegas NV $11,601
3 Jose Mendez, Stamford CT $8,389
4 Eric Siegel, Bellmore NY $6,173
5 Paul Vacchio, Inwood NY $4,623
6 Scott Inman, Wallingford CT $3,528
7 David Chaves, Taunton MA $2,737
8 Anthony Campagna, Manorville NY $2,147
9 Brian Campbell, Winchester MA $1,723
10 Soukha Kachittavong, Woonsocket RI $1,395
11 Carmelo Schepis, Harrison NY $1,395
12 Derrick Connors, Springvale ME $1,395
13 Douglas Mackinnon, E Amhearst NY $1,150
14 Justin Cimalore, Westerley RI $1,150
15 Robert Boyer, Randolph MA $1,150
16 Bradley Manter, Quincy MA $966
17 Jeremy Costa, Lithonia GA $966
18 John Maston, Hope valley RI $966
19 Michael Pezzi, Waterford CT $820
20 Lee Nutting, W Rutland VT $820
21 Steven Fiorentini, Millis MA $820
22 Gennadiy Kostrov, Providence RI $705
23 She Lok Wong, Forest Hills NY $705
24 William Frederick, Methuen MA $705
25 Nicholas Vollaro, Bay Shore NY $621
26 Kevin Roster, Woodhaven NY $621
27 Michael Arsenault, Greenfield MA $621

1st Place: Matt Smith ($18,787)

Matt Smith and Bob Lauria were almost even in chips when they got it all in as a coin flip.  Matt had the [9d][9c] and Bob had [Ah][Qh].  Bob said, "This is fun," as they essentially flipped for the World Series of Poker Circuit ring.

The flop fell [7h][4d][2d] and Bob said, "That's good for you."
The turn fell [Qd] and Bob said, "That's good for me."
The river fell [Ad] and Bob said, "That's good for you."

It was suck-resuck as Matt had rivered a flush.  Once the stacks were counted down, it was determined that Matt had Bob slightly outchipped.  He will win $18,787 for his efforts along with the World Series of Poker Circuit ring.  Congratulations, Matt!

2nd Place: Bob Lauria ($11,601)

Bob Lauria awaits the river after hitting a queen on the turn

Bob Lauria doubles up again!

The final board read [5h][8c][6h][Ac][8d] when Bob Lauria moved all in.  Matt Smith mulled over his options and elected to make the call, seeing that his [As][9h] had been rivered by Bob's [8h][3h].  Bob will double up again, now taking the lead for the first time in this heads up match.

Bob Lauria doubles through Matt Smith

On a [6s][3c][Jc], Bob Lauria found himself all in holding [Jh][9h] against Matt Smith's [Kc][4c].  Bob would need to avoid a king or a club to survive.  The [9d] turn took away a few of Matt's outs, and the [8h] was a brick, giving Bob the winning two pair.

Bob now sits on approximately 1.2 million to Matt's 1,350,000.

Heads up play has begun

After a brief break, heads up play has begun in Event #6: $580 NLH.  Matt Smith has 1.7 million to Bob Lauria's 630,000.  Blinds continue at 12,000/24,000 with a 4,000 ante.

3rd Place: Jose Mendez ($8,389)

Jose Mendez was all in with [Ad][4h] against Bob Lauria's [As][Jd].  Jose would need a four to survive, and he found one on the [4s][5h][8s].  Unfortunately for him, Bob found a jack when the turn came [Jc].  Jose again would need a four to survive, but the [9h] hit the river, sending Jose to the rail.  He will collect $8,389 for his 3rd place finish here today.

4th Place: Eric Siegel ($6,173)

At 10,000/20,000 blinds with a 3,000 ante, Eric Seigel moved all in under the gun for 176,000.  Matt Smith was next to act and reraised to 400,000.  The blinds got out of the way, and Eric saw the bad news:

Eric [Ah][Td]
Matt [Qh][Qc]

Eric would need an ace to survive, but he failed to find it on the [2h][7d][6d][2s][Ts] board.  His pair of tens were not enough to win the hand, and Eric will exit the tournament 4th place, good for $6,173.

Event #6 is now on break

The final 4 players in Event #6: $365 NLH are now on break.  Tournament staff are coloring up some chips on this break, and here are the updated chip counts:

Seat 1: Matt Smith - 1,400,000
Seat 5: Bob Lauria - 420,000
Seat 6: Jose Mendez - 330,000
Seat 8: Eric Siegel - 265,000

Jose Mendez gets lucky against Bob Lauria

Usually when you pick up ace king against your opponent's ace king, you expect to chop.  That's just what Bob Lauria was thinking when he had Jose Mendez all in with [As][Kc].  When the flop fell [2s][Ks][Th], Jose picked up a backdoor flush draw, still an improbability.  The [Js] turn opened the door, and amazingly the [5s] hit the river to complete Jose's flush.  After making a face, Bob paid off the all in, and Jose now sits on over 500,000.

5th Place: Paul Vacchio ($4,623)

Paul Vacchio and Matt Smith were heads up on a [Th][2h][Tc][Qh] board when Paul moved all in.  Matt went deep into the tank and eventually made the call.  Paul had flopped trip tens with his [Ks][Ts] but was behind Matt's [7h][6h] which turned a flush.  Paul had 10 outs for a full house, but the [Jc] failed to deliver.  Paul will be our 5th place finisher, good for $4,623.

Photos from Event #7

There are approximately 75 players remaining in Event #7, and they are now on their second break of the day.  Here are some photos of notables from around the room:

Je Wook Oh, Randal Sklar, and Bernard Lee all seated at the same table
Tom Dobrilovic and Dena Pearlman are happy neighbors
David Stefanski sweats Kevin Calenzo shortly after busting

Event #7: $580 Six Max Prize Pool and Payouts

A total of 148 players entered today's Event #7: $580 Six Max NLH, creating a prize pool of $76,960.  The top 15 players will make the money, with a mincash worth $1,060.  Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $21,276
2nd Place: $13,154
3rd Place: $9,480
4th Place: $6,861
5th Place: $4,986
6th Place: $3,638
7th-8th Place: $2,657
9th-10th Place: $1,948
11th-12th Place: $1,433
13th-15th Place: $1,060

6th Place: Scott Inman ($3,528)

Scott Inman was all in with pocket sixes against his opponent's ace king.  Scott's sixes were good thought the turn, but as Barry Greenstein says, "Ace on the river."  Scott will exit this tournament in 6th place, good for $3,528.

Event #6: Updated chip counts at the break

The final 6 players in Event #6: $365 NLH are now on their first break of the day.  When the return, blinds will be 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante.  Here are updated chip counts:

Seat 1: Matt Smith - 540,000
Seat 2: Scott Inman - 250,000
Seat 4: Paul Vacchio - 690,000
Seat 5: Bob Lauria - 440,000
Seat 6: Jose Mendez - 200,000
Seat 8: Eric Siegel - 420,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be awarded:

1st Place: $18,787
2nd Place: $11,601
3rd Place: $8,389
4th Place: $6,173
5th Place: $4,623
6th Place: $3,528

7th Place: David Chaves ($2,737)

8th Place: Anthony Campagnia ($2,147)

9th Place: Brian Campbell ($1,723)

Brian Campbell was all in preflop holding [Ks][Kc] and was in good shape to double up against his opponent's [Ad][Qs].  The [Qc][Qh][5s] flop changed all that, and Brian would need a king to survive.  The [2d] turn and [8h] river failed to bring the needed two outer, and Brian will exit this tournament in 9th place, good for $1,723.

Event #6 Final Table is Under Way

The final table for Event #6: $365 NLH is now under way.  You can watch the live stream at  Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Matt Smith - 321,000
Seat 2: Scott Inman - 335,000
Seat 3: Anthony Campagnia - 124,000
Seat 4: Paul Vacchio - 557,000
Seat 5: Bob Lauria - 391,000
Seat 6: Jose Mendez - 431,000
Seat 7: Brian Campbell - 113,000
Seat 8: Eric Siegel - 125,000
Seat 9: David Chaves - 169,000

Here are the remaining prizes to be awarded:

1st Place: $18,787
2nd Place: $11,601
3rd Place: $8,389
4th Place: $6,173
5th Place: $4,623
6th Place: $3,528
7th Place: $2,737
8th Place: $2,147
9th Place: $1,723

Event #7: $580 Six Max is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Event #7: $580 NLH Six Max.  This tournament has a $40,000 Guarantee and features 12,000 starting stack.  Full structure is available here.

At 1pm, the final table for Event #6: $365 NLH will begin.  You can watch the live stream at, and view chip counts & seating assignments here.

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #5 - $580 NLH - Results

Place Name Prize
1 William Kopp, Brecksville OH $40,837
2 Mark Schumacher, Hopkinton MA $25,247
3 John Weiss, Fairfield CT $18,430
4 Paul Duchemin, Hopkinton MA $13,671
5 Glen Minxolli, Peabody MA $10,298
6 Michael Nye, E Bridgewater MA $7,865
7 Jeffery Miller, New Vernon NJ $6,108
8 Bruce Beane, Salem NH $4,812
9 Randal Sklar, Peabody MA $3,850
10 John Pura, Hartford CT $3,107
11 Brian Phelon, Hadley MA $3,107
12 David Stefanski, East Lyme CT $3,107
13 Louis Scianna, Oxford CT $2,538
14 Gary Chambers, Albany NY $2,538
15 C J Muciaccio, Middle Village NY $2,538
16 Hee-Joong IM, Flushing NY $2,112
17 Richard Marcy, Brewster MA $2,112
18 James Frangoulidis, Westo MA $2,112
19 Kevin Kernan, Warwick MA $1,775
20 Olesya Watchorn, Cornelius NC $1,775
21 Baruch Thaler, Brooklyn NY $1,775
22 Christopher Leong, New York NY $1,526
23 James Mckeon, Locust Valley NY $1,526
24 Yasin Ahmady, Portland ME $1,526
25 Chris Schonbach, Braintree MA $1,313
26 David Luty, Preston CT $1,313
27 Daniel Marcus, Merrick NY $1,313
28 Panja Lymsuan Randolph MA $1,154
29 John Kelleher, Melrose MA $1,154
30 Matthew Wantman, Stoneham MA $1,154
31 Matthew Grant, Boonton NJ $1,029
32 Laszlo Balogh New Canaan CT $1,029
33 Carl Fenske, Waterbury CT $1,029
34 Christopher Alves, Brockton MA $923
35 Jeffrey Perzan, Plainville CT $923
36 Maria Kalantzi, Long Island City NY $923

1st Place: William Kopp ($40,836)

Before the first hand of heads up play began, William Kopp asked his opponent Mark Schumacher if he wanted to take a break.  Mark agreed after the one minute left in the level ended.  They never made it to a break.

On the first hand of heads up play, Mark found himself all in with [Jh][Jd] against the [Ad][9d] of William.  William hit trips on the flop, and Mark could not find one of the two remaining jacks to make a full house.

Mark has won Event #5: $580 NLH for a total of $40,836, along with a World Series of Poker Circuit ring.  Congratulations, Mark!

August 2014 - WSOP - Event #6 - $365 NLH - Returning Players

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
4 Paul Vacchio 557,000
6 Jose Mendez 431,000
5 Bob Lauria 391,000
1 Matt Smith 321,000
9 David Chaves 169,000
8 Eric Siegel 125,000
3 Anthony Campagnia 124,000
7 Brian Campbell 113,000
2 Scott Inman 33,500

2nd Place: Mark Schumacher ($25,247)

Mark Schumacher stands to await the river, hoping to hit his 2 outer

3rd Place: John Weiss ($18,430)

John Weiss could not avoid a third place finish even after coming from behind minutes ago.  This time, John Weiss was all in preflop holding [Ad][Ts] against Mark Schumacher's [6s][6d].  Mark's pair of sixes held through the [Js][5d][4d][4h][8c] board, and John will win $18,430 for his 3rd place finish.

John Weiss puts a bad beat on William Kopp to survive

John Weiss was all in preflop holding [Qd][Ts] and was dominated by William's Kopp's [Kc][Qs].  Things got worse for John as William flopped top pair on the [4h][Ks][6h] flop, leaving John drawing to runner-runner to win.  With just a 4% chance to win, the turn [As] opened up four outs for John to make a gutshot straight.  The [Js] on the river amazingly filled that draw and gave John Weiss the double up.  To his credit, William Kopp took the beat reasonably well, and the three will continue to play on,.