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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Event #1, Flight D - No Hand For Hand, Play Concludes

Level: 17
Blinds: 2,000/4,000
Ante: 500
Entrants: 427
Current Players Remaining: 54
Avg. Chip Stack: 158,148
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

With 2:28 seconds left in Level 17 (2,000/4,000 blinds and a 500 ante), play concluded as two players were eliminated prior to the hand-for-hand portion of play even started. 

Due to the re-draw, the list of advancing players from this flight will be posted in the next hour, and seating assignments will be posted sometime in the next few hours.

Event #1, Flight D - Post Dinner Break Update

Level: 14
Blinds: 1,000/2,000
Ante: 300
Entrants: 427
Current Players Remaining: 106
Avg. Chip Stack: 80,566
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Players have just returned back from their 60 minute dinner break.  There are currently 106 players left, and they will play until the field has been thinned to the final 52.  Here is a look at a few of the current notable chip stacks still in the field: 

Jason Calnan - 235,000
Johanssy Joseph - 120,000
Andrew Lauer - 115,000
Sundiata Devore - 115,000
Steve Dakota Happas - 70,000
Ian Marderness - 60,000
Lenny Cortellino - 60,000
William Foxen - 60,000Mike Nye - 55,000
Johnny Rodriguez - 50,000
Je Wook Oh - 20,000

Event #1, Flight D - Now on Dinner Break

The remaining 114 players in Event #1, Flight D are now on a 60 minute dinner beak. Play will resume around 8:05 Eastern time.

Event #1, Flight D - The Geneal Sends One Home, Takes Chip Lead

Level: 12
Blinds: 600/1,200
Ante: 200
Entrants: 427
Current Players Remaining: 156
Avg. Chip Stack: 54,743
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

According to the General, he knocked a player out shortly before the last break and is now sitting with 128,000, one of the biggest stacks in the room. 

Apparently the General limped with pocket twos, and there were six people to see the Q♠82 flop.  General bet 4,000, a player in middle position called, a player in later position called, and another player shoved all in for 30,000. With action back on the General, he re-shoved over the top, and the two players in between both folded.  One of the players that folded said that he had king-queen, and the other one showed A5.

General showed his pocket twos for a set, and his opponent held 63 for a flush draw.

The 3♠ turn and 4♣ river were safe for the General, and his opponent was sent to the rail.

The General - 128,0000

Event #1, Flight D - "A Pretty Good Flop" for Andrew Lauer

Level: 10
Blinds: 400/800
Ante: 100
Entrants: 427
Current Players Remaining: 229
Avg. Chip Stack: 37,292
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

There are five players that have called 800 to see the 10♠6♣3♣ flop.

It checks around to Andrew Lauer in the cutoff who bets 2,700, and only one player in middle position calls.

The turn is the 4♠, and both players check.

The river is the 4♣. The player in middle position checks, and Lauer bets 6,200. The players pauses and looks at the board for nearly a minute, and opts to muck.

"That was a pretty good flop for me," Lauer says as he turns over J♣10♣, having flopped top pair and a flush draw.

Andrew Lauer - 35,000

Event #1, Flight D - Notable Chip Counts

Level: 9
Blinds: 300/600
Ante: 100
Entrants: 427
Current Players Remaining: 257
Avg. Chip Stack: 33,229
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

Here is a look at a few of the current notable chip stacks still in the field: 

Johnny Rodriguez - 65,000
The General - 64,000
Dakota Happas - 60,000
Je Wook Oh - 50,000
Vinny Pahuja - 45,000
Carlo Sciannameo - 39,000
Zach Donovan - 38,000
Ian Marderness - 33,000
Raj Patel - 32,000
Johanssy Joseph - 30,000
Chris Leong - 28,000
John Lyons - 28,000
Mike Nye - 27,000
David Stefanski - 26,000
Jonathan Berger   - 26,000
Andrew Lauer - 25,000
Eric Siegel - 25,000
Samuel Taylor - 24,000
Sundiata Devore - 23,000
Lenny Cortellino - 21,000
Michael Clemente - 19,000
Dominick Pellli - 18,000
Luke Vrabel - 18,000
Joe Heinzmann - 16,000
Gerry Aiello (Hello Karen!) - 15,000
James Magner - 15,000
Laurie Hilton - 10,000

Event #1, Flight D Numbers Are In ($600 NLH Re-Entry $500K Guarantee)

Level: 9
Blinds: 300/600
Ante: 100
Entrants: 427
Current Players Remaining: 267
Avg. Chip Stack: 31,985
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

There were a total of 427 entries in the final flight of the $600 No-Limit Hold'em Re-Entry Event #1.

The field will play down to the 52 players before bagging and tagging later tonight.  Those 52 players will join the 33 players that advanced in Flight A, the 33 that advanced in Flight B, and the 32 that advanced in yesterday's Flight C, and will play Day 2 on Wednesday at 12:00pm.  All players that make Day 2 will return in the money, and any player that bags in multiple flights will take home $1,200 for each additional stack they bag, with only their largest stack advancing to Day 2. So far, only one player has bagged in multiple flights, James Frangoulidis, but that number may increase as there are plenty of players in today's flight that have already bagged in previous flights.  

Here is a look at the final numbers: 

FlightEntries  Advance 
Flight A27333
Flight B26733
Flight C26532
Flight D42752

Event #1, Flight D - 334 Entries and Climbing

Blinds: 150/300
Ante: 25
Current Players Remaining: 271
Avg. Chip Stack: 24,649
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

There are currently 334 entries in the final flight of Event #1 ($600 No-Limit Hold'em Multi-Flight Re-Entry).  Registration is still open for another hour and 45 minutes, so anyone wishing to enter/re-enter has until the start of Level 9 to do so.

Here is a look at just a few of the notables in today's star-packed field: 

Billy Pappas
John Lyons
Johnny Rodriguez
David Stefanski
Michael Guzzardi
Joe Heinzmann
Raj Patel
The General
Sam Taylor
Gennadiy Kostrov
James Magner
Chris Leong
Dakota Happas
John Caputo
Sundiata Devore
Laurie Hilton
Je Wook Oh
Eric Siegel
Jonathan Berger
Nicholas McDonald
Michael Nye
Nick Palma
Bob Ferdinand
William Foxen
Dominick Pelli
Ian Marderness
Vinny Pahuja

Stephen Finney Jr. Wins Event #4 ($300 PLO High)

Stephen Finney Jr. - Winner Event #4 - $4,945

Event #4 ($300 PLO High) - James Procaccini Eliminated in 2nd Place ($4,445)

A player that did not wish to be recognized was eliminated in 3rd place, taking home $2,394. Shortly after, James Procaccini was eliminated in 2nd place for $4,445.

James Procaccini - 2nd Place - $4,445

Event #4 ($300 PLO High) - Marc Rabuse Eliminated in 5th Place ($1,380)

Marc Rabuse - 5th Place - $1,380

Event #4 ($300 PLO High) - Edward West Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,841)

Edward West - 4th Place - $1,841

Event #4 ($300 PLO High) - Mitchell Morra Eliminated in 6th Place ($1,105)

Mitchell Morra - 6th Place - $1,105

Event #4 ($300 PLO High) - Andrew Kaplan Eliminated in 7th Place ($921)

Andrew Kaplan - 7th Place - $921