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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Updated Counts After "Boring" Level

Event 5
Level 22 (10,000/20,000/3,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 360,000

In terms of big hands and eliminations, this Final Table has come to a screeching halt, but in terms of position changes and swings, we've seen plenty over the last half hour or so.

We've seen a few players get super, super short, but they've stayed alive through double and triple ups.

Steven Murphy was all-in pre-flop for just over 70,000 and managed to triple up throught Nick Palma and Teddy Geddes when he rivered a set of fives and then a few hands later Spencer Champlin was doubling through Sherwin "The Fox" Agard, leaving Agard more or less crippled as the Final Table short stack.

The updated Final Table counts are listed below:
  1. Spencer Champlin - 260,000
  2. Nick Palma - 800,000
  3. Steven Murphy - 200,000
  4. James Freebody - 200,000
  5. Andrew Lauer - 900,000
  6. Sherwin "The Fox" Agard - 150,000
  7. Teddy Geddes - 350,000
  8. Michael Lavoie - 200,000
With the blinds and antes set to go up again shortly, these short stacked players are all going to be playing near 10 big blinds, meaning this "slow" and "boring" pace can not continue for much longer. 

CPPT Event 6: 1st Place - Peter Dunn ($2,000)

Peter Dunn - Card Player Poker Tour Event 6 Champion
We've hit a bit of a lull at the Event 5 Final Table, so while we were walking over to check on the Event 6 Final Table, we walked up just in time to watch Peter Dunn (Chelmsford, MA) claim the title, after the final seven players agreed to a chop and decided to play it out for the trophy.

This would be Peter's biggest tournament score to date and his first major title, as he would be the one winning the Card Player Poker Tour trophy after a very "lively" post-chop Final Table.

A list of complete Event 6 results are listed below:
  1. Peter Dunn - $2,000
  2. Timothy Blasko - $2,000
  3. Glenn Stone - $1,747
  4. Danny Chang - $1,747
  5. Edward Chiaramonte - $1,746
  6. Keith Linzer - $1,746
  7. Jon Andrescu - $1,746
  8. Thomas Hedlund - $551
  9. Jeff Wells - $481

It's Been An Up And Down Last Few Levels For Lavoie

Event 5
Level 21 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 360,000

Just after saying Michael Lavoie had recovered from his earlier loss to Teddy Geddes, he looked poised to take the chip lead from Geddess as he and Andrew Lauer got into a pre-flop leveling war that resulted in close to 1,000,000 chips ending up in the middle of the pot with Lauer looking for two outs to save his tournament life.

The action was picked up with Lauer making a pre-flop raise to 30,000 and Teddy calling in the small blind.

Lavoie would then raise to 100,000 even from the big blind and Lauer, after taking a count of his stack, would announce "all-in".

Geddes would quickly fold and Lavoie would snap call, getting a muffled curse from Lauer before he tabled [10c][10h].

Lavoie would again have a massive pocket pair, this time better than the last, as he tabled [Ad][Ah], but he'd only be able to beat pocket tens once, as the board would run out [2d][5c][10s][Qc][8c].

Lavoie couldn't believe it and either could Lauer, giving a Tiger Woods-esq fist pump as he stepped away from the table.

When the dust settled and the chips were counted, Lauer would be doubling up close to the 950,000 chip mark. and Lavoie would be left with just under 50,000.

But, while we might have started this post thinking he was going to be the next player eliminated, he's now doubled up twice through Lauer and he's now sitting with over 200,000 and he might just be on his way to making another comeback here in Event 5.

CCPT Event 5: 9th Place - Rosen ($1,144)

Event 5
Level 20 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 360,000
Bill Rosen (Northampton, MA)
Michael Lavoie has done extremely well to come back from his misstep against Teddy Geddes in the last level and after entering as the Final Table with a slightly below average stack, he's back up over that number by a large amount after eliminating Bill Rosen in 9th place.

The action was picked up with Rosen opening to 25,000 and Lavoie would three-bet to just under 80,000 from late position.

Rosen would then move all-in for his remaining 225,000 and Lavoie would snap call, tabling [Kh][Kc].

Rosen would wince at the sight of the two cowboys, tabling [10c][10d] and needing a lot of help to stay alive as Lavoie had him slightly covered.

There would be no "suck out" as the board ran out clean and Lavoie would be scoring the knockout and moving himself up and close to the 500,000 chip mark, more or less back to where he was before losing that massive pot to Geddes.

Players are now on a 15 minute break and will return to Level 21.

Card Player Poker Tour $25K GTD Event 5 Final Table

Event 5
Level 20 (6,000/12,000/2,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 9
Chip Average: 360,000

We had two players, William Fredrick and Nicholas Bonsignore, get eliminated simultaneously in 10th and 11th place, so we enter the $25,000 GTD Event 5 Final Table nine handed, with Teddy Geddes still holding a sizable advantage over the rest of the field.

This is a pretty "stacked" Final Table with plenty of Foxwoods "regulars" and after the redraw, here are the seating assignments and chip counts of the Event 5 Final Table:
  1. Spencer Champlin - 300,000
  2. Nick Palma - 260,000
  3. Steven Murphy - 200,000
  4. James Freebody - 350,000
  5. Andrew Lauer - 420,000
  6. Bill Rosen - 260,000
  7. Sherwin "The Fox" Agard - 300,000
  8. Teddy Geddes - 925,000
  9. Michael Lavoie - 300,000
There is just over 10 minutes remaining in Level 20, after which the Final Table will be given a quick 15 minute break. 

"A Jamaican With Chips, This Isn't Good For You"

Event 5
Level 19 (5,000/10,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 11
Chip Average: 300,000
Teddy Geddes (Mattapan, NY)
Linsford "Teddy" Geddes was hovering around the average chips stack for much of the last few levels and now after back to back flopped flushes, he's currently playing just over 1,000,000 chips and controls close to a third of the total chips in play.

The first hand was picked up pre-flop with Andrew Lauer raising to 25,000 and getting Teddy and Michael Lavoie call in the small and big blind.

Both the blinds would check the [3s][2s][6s] flop and Lauer would fire out a continuation bet of 35,000.

Teddy would call and then Lavoie would move all-in having both players well covered.

Lauer would fold and Teddy would snap call, turning over [As][9s], with Lavoie drawing dead holding [Ks][10s].

Lavoie would hit his flush on the [4s] turn, but it wouldn't matter as Teddy already held the nuts. He'd be doubling up moving close to the 500,000 chip mark, but would be no where close to done as he was taking out Daniel Lobel in the very next hand.

That hand was picked up on a flop of [8s][Qs][10s] with Lobel leading out for 25,000.

Teddy would then raise to 60,000 from the button and after a few moments of thought, Lobel would call.

The turn would bring the [2c], effectively changing nothing due to the board texture and Lobel would check to Teddy, who would bet out 105,000.

Lobel thought for nearly a minute and a half before announcing himself "all-in" with Teddy again snap calling and tabling [Ks][2s] for a flopped second nut flush.

Teddy's opponent would again be drawing dead, as Lobel said, "Just didn't think you could have it again." before tabling [Qh][9h].

The meaningless river would get dealt and Teddy would be taking in another massive pot, which would put him up and over the 1,000,000 chip mark.

Teddy will likely coast to the Final Table and most likely one of the top spots in Event 5 unless he gets brutally unlucky as he controls close to 30% of the total chips in play and has a sizable advantage on his closest competitor.

Updating The Outstanding Cashes From Event 5, Event 6 Down To The Final Table

Event 5
Level 18 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 13
Chip Average: 250,000
We are a few spots away from the Event 5 Final Table and since we will be covering every major hand and elimination at the Final Table, this is the only period of "downtime" that we'll have to update the players that have cashed so far in Event 5 and to update you on Event 6.

We'll start with the Event 6 PLO tournament, which is down to it's Final Table meaning we are on the immediate money bubble in that event, as only 9 players will cash. 

That event's payout structure has already been posted, but a reminder of that structure can be found HERE

As far as Event 5 is concerned, we are three players from the Final Table, and the players that have previously cashed in this event are listed below, with their cash amount listed as well. 

16. James Dyson - $659
17. Kristina DePaula - $659
18. Mark Roberts - $659
19. Robert Krantz - $613
20. Norman Gamber - $613
21. Gabriel Todoran - $613
22. Chris Amaral - $568
23. John Lyons - $568
24. Richard Souza - $568

Lobel And Lavoie Leading, Each Over 400K

Event 5
Level 18 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 15
Chip Average: 230,000
Daniel Lobel (Katonah, NY)
After the final two table redraw, many of the bigger stacks in the room were moved to Table 2, our non-"featured" table and in a matter of a few hands, two of those big stacks clashed in a massive pot that now sees Daniel Lobel sitting with over 400,000 chips.

The action was picked up with James Dyson raising from under the gun to 21,000.

Lobel, next to act, would then three-bet to 45,000 and the action would fold to Nelson Martines, who would go into the tank on the button.

He'd eventually fold, as would the blinds and Dyson would complete his bet to see a flop.

Dyson would then open rip on a flop of [Jc][6s][4c] and after a quick re-check of his cards, Lobel would call and table [As][Ac].

Dyson would flick his [7c][7d] across the felt and would need help to avoid being crippled as he had Lobel covered by close to 50,000 chips.

He'd get some help with the [8s] turn as he added a gut shot straight draw, but it wouldn't matter as the [10d] came on the river, locking up the massive pot for Lobel, who has already made his second Card Player Poker Tour score of the series and now looks poised for a Final Table run after "going card dead in the money" during Event 1.

Lobel certainly isn't experiencing that problem, but he is seated at the same table as the only player that has him covered with 15 players remaining, as Michael Lavoie is also at Table 2 and sitting with close to 450,000.

We will update the followers on the players who have already cashed in Event 5 in our next post, as well as check in on the Event 6 Omaha tournament that is nearing the money bubble and Final Table.

Rosen Just Keeps Having "It", Down To Two Tables

Event 5
Level 17 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 17
Chip Average: 190,000
Bill Rosen (Northampton, MA)
We don't know what it is about Bill Rosen (Northampton, MA) but over the last two hands on either side of break, players have just bombed massive all-in bets on the flop, with Rosen have "it" on both occasions.

The first was before the break when Rosen made a pre-flop raise from middle position and got called by an opponent in the blinds. The two players would see a flop of [Ad][Ac][5s] and Rosen's opponent would almost instantly move all-in.

Rosen would shrug and then announce "call" tabling [As][10s], leaving his opponent cursing himself after he tabled [10c][10d], claim he just "didn't think he could have it" while making his way to the payout podium.

In one of the very first hands back from break, Rosen was again flopping the nuts, this time on a board of [3c][9h][6d] with an opponent moving all-in for another big bet, Rosen again snap calling with the best of it, as he held [9c][9d].

His opponent would again act like they were shocked at Rosen's strength, tabling [Ac][6c] saying, "Guess I need two Aces to win the pot."

The Aces wouldn't come and Rosen's set would be good enough to win the pot and after two more or less "punts" from two decently stacked opponents, Rosen is now playing close to 350,000 with just two tables remaining in Event 5.

The players have redrawn for the final two table seating assignments and a few notable players have made their way to the "feature" table including James Freebody (Seat 1), Steven Murphy (Seat 4), William Fredrick (Seat 6), Rosen (Seat 7) and Spencer Champlin (Seat 9).

They can be watched live at

Lauer Among Leaders Into Break

Event 5
Level 17 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 23
Chip Average: 140,000
Andrew Lauer (Granby, CT)
We've hit our first break since Event 5 entered the money and while the majority of the players at the top of the leaderboard will be familiar names to blog followers, Andrew Lauer will be a new addition to the top of the leaderboard after a strong last two levels has seen him improve his stack close to the 300,000 mark.

The biggest hand of the last hour, minus the one involving Chris Leong and Michael Lavoie involved Lauer and an uknown player getting in close to 180,000 chips pre-flop with Lauer holding [Kd][Kh] against his opponent's [Qd][Qc].

The board would run out clean for Lauer's cowboys and he'd be scoring a massive pot heading into break, joining the likes of Lavoie (440,000), Sherwin Agard (250,000), James Freebody (240,000), Daniel Lobel (240,000), Nelson Martines (190,000) and Nick Palma (180,000) as the top stacks in Event 5.

Lobel and Palma are the only players who can make the claim that they've made two cashes in the Card Player Poker Tour series so far, as both made the money in the opening $100,000 GTD Event 1 and are both sitting well above the chip average with just over two tables remaining.

When the players get down to the final 18 players, they will be a redraw, so we should see some new faces at our live streaming "feature" table very shortly, which can be watched live at

Lavoie Makes Quick Work Of Bubble

Event 5
Level 16 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 23
Chip Average: 140,000
Michael Lavoie made quick work of the bubble after a full house over full house situation sent Chris Leong to the rail and made Lavoie the overwhelming chip leader of Event 5. 
There was no hand for hand on the $25,000 GTD Event 5 money bubble, because immediately after we lost our 26th player, we were losing Chris Leong in 25th place.

The action was picked up on a river of [7h][6c][10d][6s][3h] and Leong would check to Michael Lavoie who would be out 18,000.

Leong would then check-raise to 48,000, to which Lavoie responded with a quick announcement of "all-in".

That announcement would put Leong at risk of elimination as Lavoie had him slightly covered and Leong would openly say, "I mean, I have a full house." before taking a count of his remaining stack.

The majority, maybe even the entirety of the tournament field would probably have snap called but Leong sensed something that wasn't right, thinking for close to a minute before ultimately calling, only to see Lavoie table [7d][7c].

It wasn't the "actual" nuts, but it was good enough to beat Leong, who tabled [3c][3s] for an inferior full house.

Leong would shake his head as it was another brutal river card that would send him out of a Card Player Poker Tour event, as no other card other than a three on the river would have made him commit any more chips to the pot.

Leong would shrug off being the "bubble boy" saying, "I'm playing to win, I guess I can get away from that but if I'm right I'm winning."

He's probably right about that, as he would have had close to 300,000 chips and would have been in complete control heading into the money, instead he's heading to the rail and it's Lavoie sitting with close to that number.

Lavoie, who now controls a massive chip lead on the rest of the Event 5 field, is a regular Foxwoods tournament player with over $200,000 in earnings to his name, including some massive Championship cashes to his name, including a 3rd and 4th place finishes in Foxwoods Poker Classic events in the past few years.

Nelson Flops It, Gets Paid Off In Two Spots

Event 5
Level 15 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 27
Chip Average: 120,000
Nelson Martines
It's not very often that you'll flop a flush and get paid off in two spots, but that's exactly what just occurred on our "feature" table to Nelson Martines, who is now looking like one of the bigger stacks in the room, playing just under 180,000.

The action was picked up with Martines limping in late position and Mark Perry completing his small blind. The big blind would check and three players would see a flop of [8h][5h][6h].

We're unsure of how the betting went exactly on the flop, but all we know is that all three players got it in, with Perry holding two pair, the unknown player in the big blind holding a nine high flush and Martines holding the best of it with [Kh][Jh].

The unknown player in the big blind was drawing to one out for a straight flush and Perry had four outs to make a full house, as he held [8s][5s].

Neither of the unlikely draws would come as the board would run out [10d] [As], giving Martines a massive triple up, as he was the shortest all-in player.

Perry and the unknown player would be crippled and both eliminated a few hands later, with Martines continuing to chip up as he took a sizable pot off another big stack at the table when he turned two pair and got two streets of value, ending with a 30,000 chip bet on the river.

The swings of tournament poker can be brutal sometimes, but for every player that experiences a massive downswing, there is one that reaps the benefits and that's exactly what Martines has done over the last level, increasing his stack by close to 150,000 and is now looking like one of the leaders of Event 5 as we are just a few spots from the money.

Martines and the rest of the "feature" table can be watched through the Foxwoods live stream on

Back From Dinner Strong, Palma Now Leading

Event 5
Level 14 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 33
Chip Average: 95,000
Nick Palma (New Rochelle, NY)
We entered the dinner break with James Freebody leading the field with just under 200,000 chips and we now return from the dinner break and find one player over that mark, but it's not Freebody, it's Foxwoods regular and professional Nick Palma.

Palma returned from dinner with just over the chip average and is now playing close to 225,000 after scoring a quick double up and taking in a few pots to take control of this chip lead with just under 10 minutes remaining in Level 14.

Freebody on the other hand has been cut down and is now playing 150,000, but as this Event 5 field approaches the money, the focus will turn to some of the smaller stacks in the field and on our last trip around the tournament area, there were plenty of players nursing 10-15 big blind stacks, meaning that those players will need to find a double up soon or risk missing out on the money.

Palma doesn't look like he's concerned about that bubble, as he looks like he's poised for another deep run like the one he made in Event 1.

That run saw him work an average stack to a top 15 finish and we wouldn't be surprised to see him best that result here today, as Nick Palma is one of the more dangerous players left in this field when he has chips, especially when he's sitting with over double the chip average.

Event 5 Returns From Dinner, Omaha Takes Dinner

The Event 5 field has returned from their dinner break and are still 15 eliminations away from the money.

While the main focus of the Foxwoods Poker blog will remain on Event 5, we will be brining you periodic updates of the Event 6 Omaha tournament that is currently on their dinner break, also under 10 players from the money.

A complete update with all pertinent numbers relating to Event 6 are listed below:

Level 13 (800/1,600)
Total Entries: 66
Players Remaining: 20
Places Paid: 9
  1. $4,130
  2. $2,890
  3. $1,789
  4. $1,377
  5. $1,032
  6. $826
  7. $688
  8. $551
  9. $481
As mentioned, the main focus of the Foxwoods Poker blog will remain on the $25,000 GTD Event 5 tournament, but updates will be coming from both events as we will be awarded two Card Player Poker Tour trophies here today. 

Freebody Leading Event 5 Into Dinner

Event 5
Level 14 (1,500/3,000/500)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 41
Chip Average: 80,000
James Freebody is just under the 200,000 chip mark, leading the Event 5 field into the dinner break. 
Players are now on a 45 minute dinner break and will return to play around 6:45 PM.

The returning players will be just over 15 elimination away from the money, so we could and most likely should pop the money bubble within the first hour of play after the dinner break, somewhere around Level 15.

While there will be plenty of short stacks coming back and sweating the money bubble, these big stacks will most likely not, including James Freebody (Westbury, NY), who is leading the Event 5 field into dinner and started his dinner break close to 5 minutes early.

Freebody is currently playing just under 200,000 chips and will is seated at the same table as the other big stack in the room, Chris Leong.

The two couldn't more more opposite, as Leong has an extensive tournament resume while Freebody is more of an "unknown" quantity, but regardless, it should be interesting to see them battle when we return from dinner.

A complete list of big stacks heading into the dinner break is listed below:

James Freebody - 185,000
Chris Leong - 165,000
Spencer Champlin - 155,000
Sherwin Agard - 140,000
William Fredrick - 135,000
Michael Lavoy - 115,000
Nick Palma - 90,000

Live updates will return at 6:45 PM when we resume Event 5 play.

Leong Moving Up Leaderboard Before Dinner

Event 5
Level 13 (1,200/2,400/400)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 41
Chip Average: 80,000
Chris Leong (New York, NY)
To win tournaments you need to win your flips, not just the massive ones, but the smaller ones as well, as sometimes a few "little" losses can add up and cut a big stack down.

Chris Leong isn't letting that happen to him today though, recently winning a "smaller" flip in a blind versus blind encounter that has moved him up the Event 5 leaderboard as he looks like one of the bigger stacks heading into the dinner break.

The action was picked up with two players limping in middle position and action would then fold to an unknown player in the small blind who would then move all-in for 30,000.

Leong would be in the big blind and would just call, potentially hoping to the players who had limped.

They'd fold and the flip would be on, as the unknown player held [3d][3s] and Leong held [Ad][Kd].

It didn't look good for Leong, as the board ran out [10c][6d][7h][9h] and the Foxwoods Champion would be looking for a chop on the river to save himself from a decent loss of chips.

He'd be doing more than chopping the pot though, as the [Ah] spiked on the river to award him the pot in it's entirety, moving up and over the 150,000 chip mark.

Leong would apologize for his river bink, but after the river card that eliminated him from Event 1 earlier this series, Leong is owed a few rivers that fall in his favor.

Leong was among the list of players mentioned earlier who are looking to make their second Card Player Poker Tour score here in Event 5, but that list is now down to just he and Nick Palma and with both playing above average stacks and playing well, we wouldn't be surprised to see both of them make another score here today.

Players are ten minutes from the end of Level 13 and a 45 minute dinner break during which we will post our first list of chip counts.

Card Player Poker Tour $25K GTD Event 5 Official Payouts

Event 5
Level 13 (1,200/2,400/400)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 51
Chip Average: 65,000

Players are about to enter Level 13, which will be the last level before the players are given an hour long dinner break.

With the remaining Event 5 field nearing the mid-way point of the tournament as more or less half of this field will end in the money and the rest will be eliminated with nothing to show for their efforts, we thought this would be a good time to introduce the official payouts, which are listed below:

Card Player Poker Tour $25,000 GTD Event 5 - $250 NLH
Total Entries: 216
Total Prize Pool: $45,463
Places Paid: 24
  1. $11,048
  2. $6,979
  3. $4,500
  4. $3,637
  5. $2,738
  6. $2,102
  7. $1,774
  8. $1,454
  9. $1,144
10-12. $795
13-15. $704
16-18. $659
19-21. $613
22-24. $568

"The Fox" On "Winners Tilt"

Event 5
Level 12 (1,000/2,000/300)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 51
Chip Average: 65,000
Sherwin "The Fox" Agard (Randolp, MA)
When players usually go on "tilt" at the poker table, it's usually after they take a tough beat to lose a hand, but Sherwin "The Fox" Agard (Randolph, MA) is experiencing the opposite effect, as he has won a few decently sized pots in the row and now might be going on "winners tilt" playing nearly any two cards he's dealt looking to continue his heater.

He ended it one hand short though, after a player raised in middle position and a short stack shoved from the button, Sherwin was contemplating a call from the blinds and eventually decided to fold.

He shouldn't have, as he claimed he would have won the hand after getting "all of" the flop.

We're not sure if he's telling the truth or not about the hand, but in terms of Foxwoods Poker history, Sherwin might just be the "truth", as he is one of the most successful Foxwoods tournament grinders of all time, hence his nickname.

In fact, he's in a tie for 5th place on the all-time Foxwoods cashes list, as 43 of his 53 rated cashes have come at Foxwoods, including nearly all of his top scores and his two major tournament titles.

The last of those two outright wins came at the end of last year, when Sherwin won a Mega Stack Challenge bounty event for just over $6,000.

But, the tournament grinder has close to a half dozen five figure scores to his name, with his biggest cash coming in a 2009 World Poker Finals event, where he made $23,000.

To have $230,000 in live tournament winnings with his biggest individual score being for just under 10% of that means one thing, Sherwin knows how to make the money and how to put himself in a position to make deep runs, something he's consistently done at Foxwoods over the last few years.

He'll look to break his tie for 5th on the Foxwoods all-time cashes list and record his first Card Player Poker Tour result here in Event 5 as the tournament field is just under 45 minutes from the dinner break.

Perry Sends Two Short Stacks Packing

Event 5
Level 11 (800/1,600/200)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 65
Chip Average: 55,000
Mark Perry (Chesire, CT)
A level after we talked about Matthew Wantman doubling up and playing an above average stack, he's now out of Event 5 after losing a big flip and then running into the big slick of Mark Perry, who's [Ah][Kh] just took out two shorter stacked players.

The action was picked up with Wantman moving all-in for just over 15,000 chips and Perry, to his immediate left, re-shoving having Wantman well covered.

The action folded to an unknown player on the button who then went all-in for less than Wantman's bet.

Wantman was technically flipping against both players, but it was just Perry that he had to worry about as his tournament life was only at risk against the big stack.

Wantman held [5h][5s] and the unknown player held [9h][7d].

Wantman would fall behind both as the flop fell [Ad][7s][3d] and he'd be unable to find a five on the turn and river and he and the unknown player would both be collecting their things and leaving the tournament area.

Perry would move close to the 60,000 chip mark after that hand and would then flop a set and get three streets of value on the very next hand, moving himself close to the 80,000 chip mark when the action finally slowed down at his outer table.

Perry's another Foxwoods "reg" with an impressive tournament resume, as he has close to 45 live rated cashes in his career and over $110,000 in career tournament earnings and will look to make his first Card Player Poker Tour score of the series here in Event 5.

Murphy First Over The Century Mark

Event 5
Level 10 (600/1,200/200)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 83
Chip Average: 40,000
Steven Murphy returns from break as the only player above the 100,000 chip mark here in Event 5.
Players are now back from their post-Level 9 break, which will also be the last break before the dinner break, set to begin after Level 13 near 6 PM.

While there are a few "bigger" stacks developing throughout the field, one player has set himself apart as Steven Murphy (Norwood, MA) looks to be the only player up and over the 100,000 chip mark.

Murphy, with close to $5,000 in tournament earnings to date, may not have the tournament resumes of some players we've been featuring through the first half of the Card Player Poker Tour, but after seeing Doug Lyford and Ching Poon make their biggest tournament scores in the opening two events of the series, we wouldn't be surprised to see another "unknown" player make a big score here in Event 5.

While we haven't seen Murphy play many big pots today, he's obviously been able to chip up well over the first few hours of play and will return with close to 80 big blinds, putting himself in a very good situation to make a push towards the money.

Speaking of the money, the official payouts will most likely not be produced until the dinner break, but "unofficially" between 18-27 players should be finishing "in the money" here in Event 5, with that official structure being posted as soon as it's finalized.

Palma and Wantman Doubling Up Early

Event 5
Level 9 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 85
Chip Average: 38,000
Matthew Wantman (Stoneham, MA)
We mentioned that a few Foxwoods "regulars" were in the field, but all sitting with somewhat short stacks but that seems to have all changed over the last half hour or so, as Nick Palma and Matthew Wantman have each doubled up and are now playing over the chip average.

Palma's was the most recent, as he opened the action pre-flop and was moved all-in on by a player with nearly the same sized stack.

Palma would count out his chips and then make the call, tabling [5d][5s] which would be flipping against [Ac][Qh] of his opponent.

The flip wouldn't last long, as the flop came down [5h][Qs][8d] and Palma was a lock for a vital double up, now playing over 50,000 chips.

Wantman's was a little bit more "unconventional" as he got his final 10,000 chips all-in pre-flop and way behind, holding [Qc][8c] against an unknown players [Kd][Qh].

Wantman would flop well and turn better as the board ran out [4d][8s][Js][8h][5s], giving him a double up and starting him on a trend upwards, as he's now playing close to 35,000 chips.

Both of these players have gotten off to fast starts in 2015, with Palma's early PokerStars Caribbean Adventure scores being featured during the Event 1 coverage at the start of the series.

Wantman's early success has come stateside though, notching four scores at the Borgata Winter Poker Open, where he cashed in the opening $2,000,000 event and then won his first major tournament title, taking home a Deep Stack trophy and just over $50,000 for the victory.

He then followed that up with a cash in the Heads Up Championship and the $3,000,000 GTD WPT WPO Championship, his first WPT score to date.

In total, Wantman churned out close to $60,000 in the first month of 2015 and while Palma was able to lock up a score in Event 1, Wantman is still looking for his first Card Player Poker Tour result of the series, something we wouldn't be surprised to see here in Event 5.

Starratt Leading Foxwoods Regulars

Event 5
Level 8 (400/800/100)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 98
Joe Starratt (Brockton, MA)
With the field closing in on 100 players, it's no surprise to see plenty of "notable" Foxwoods regulars scattered around the remaining tournament tables, as Nick Palma, Ryan Eriquezzo, Mark Perry and Matthew Wantman have all been spotted after the late registration period.

While those "notable" players are all sitting with close to the starting stack size, Joe Starratt (Brockton, MA) is playing close to double that number and is looking for his first score of this Card Player Poker Tour series.

Starratt was unable to finish in the money in Event 1, but he's turned a profit on more than two dozen major tournaments over the last few years, earning close to $115,000 in live tournament cashes, with the majority of those scores coming at Foxwoods.

But, despite having close to 30 career rated cashes, with more than three-quarters of them being of the four figure variety, a dozen Foxwoods Final Tables to his name, as well as a few podium finishes, Starratt has yet to close a "major" tournament series event out and will look to do that through the rest of the CPPT series as a Foxwoods trophy will truly put Starratt in rare air as far as Foxwoods tournament "legends" go.

Players are now mid-way through Level 8.

Event 5 Field Frozen At 216

Event 5
Level 7 (300/600/75)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 123

Event 5 players are now back from break and will return to resume play with Level 7 and with the $25,000 GTD field frozen at 216 players.

The original guarantee was nearly doubled as there is close to $50,000 in the prize pool, adding even more value to this one-day "small" buy-in event.

There are many familiar faces in the field that have "survived" the late registration period and the Foxwoods Poker blog will continue to bring you updates from the field as we will crown another Card Player Poker Tour champion here today.

The "feature" table can also be watched live at

"Been There, Done That" For Patriots And Cyr

Event 6
Level 4 (75/150)
Total Entries: 43
Elaine Cyr (Seabrook, NH)
During Super Bowl Sunday, there were three Card Player Poker Tour events running simultaneously and unfortunately, we can't bring you all the action from every event, but as we walked through the early Event 6 PLO H/L 8B field, we noticed a familiar face and hat from the Sunday's Event 3.

That face and hat in question, is Elaine Cyr (Seabrook, NH) who Final Tabled the last Omaha event of the series, finishing in 3rd place, making just over $1,500.

Like many players at Foxwoods, Cyr is a diehard Patriots fan and on Sunday, even though she was making one of the bigger tournament runs of her life, she was always keeping an eye on the closest television, watching her Patriots win another Super Bowl title.

We're unsure whether her hat is lucky or whether she's still relishing in the glory of Sunday's win, but after we introduced ourselves, we said, "Oh and Go Pats!" to which Elaine replied, "Oh we went, been there, done that."

Perhaps we'll see Elaine make another Final Table run here in Event 6, since she's "been there and done that" already this series.

Omaha players are now just a few minutes from their first break of the day, with just over an hour left in the late registration/re-entry period.

DePaula Scores An Early Double Knockout

Event 5
Level 5 (150/300/50)
Total Entries: 134
Kristina DePaula is already playing two times the starting stack after a double elimination on the "feature" table.
During the early stages of a tournament, with the blind and antes low and everyone sitting near the starting stack, there aren't many "big" hands that occur, but the ones that do and build pots usually involve sets, massive draws and overpairs, which is exactly what happened in a recent hand at our "feature table".

The action was picked up late on the "feature" table, but three players were all-in with Kristina DePaula (Webster, MA) having two shorter stacked players covered.

Kristina also held the best of it, as she had [Jh][Jc] tabled in front of her on a board of [Qd][Js][5h].

All three at players were up out of their seats and Kristina would have to sweat two draws to claim the pot and score a double knockout, as her opponents each held [As][Kc] and [Ad][10d].

Kristina's opponents held each other's outs, but the [8d] on the turn made things a bit more interesting, as now one of them was drawing to a flush.

She'd have to fade 15 outs on the river to win the pot outright and would as the river would brick out and she'd give herself a celebratory high five and scoop in a pot that would move her up and over the 30,000 chip mark, more than double the starting stack.

You can watch Kristina on the Foxwoods live streaming "feature" table as she looks to continue her fast start to Event 5, currently playing one of the bigger stacks in the room in Seat 10 at

Plenty Of Players Looking For Back-To-Back Card Player Poker Tour Scores

Event 5
Level 4 (100/200/25)
Total Entries: 133
Seunghwan Lee (Albertson, NY)
With close to three full levels remaining in the late registration/re-entry period here in Event 5, we expect to see plenty of more "notables" join us before the field is "frozen", but there are still plenty of players that we recognize in the early Event 5 field, including plenty of players looking to earn their second score of the Card Player Poker Tour series.

Chris Leong, who managed a top 15 finish as he attempted to defend his Event 1 title from last year, is in the field as well as Ching Poon, who won his first major title taking down the CPPT Event 2 title on Sunday.

Those two players have been featured on the blog a few times over the last few days, but another player that hasn't gotten much blog play that is looking for repeat scores is Seunghwan Lee (Albertson, NY).

Lee made the final two tables of this weekends opening event and earned himself his second big Foxwoods score of 2015, after winning the Foxwoods New Year's Day Special NLH event for just over $21,000.

That New Year's Day result would move Lee above the $200,000 mark in terms of career live earnings and be his first outright tournament victory, after coming close a few times before, including two podium finishes at the Borgata in 2011, when he finished 3rd in a Winter Poker Open event for $60,000 and then 2nd in a spring event for $70,000.

Seunghwan Lee, much like the aforementioned Stanley Lee, will look to continue a good start to 2015 and will be a player to watch throughout this event and the rest of the CPPT series.

Not A Bad First Month Of 'Live' Poker

Event 5
Level 4 (100/200/25)
Total Entries: 133
Stanley Lee (West Hartford, CT)
One month into 2015 and you'd be hard pressed to find anyone that had a better start to the new year than Stanley Lee (West Hartford, CT) as the former online professional came into 2015 looking to turn his internet success into live tournament success and so far, so good as he bust onto the scene at last month's Borgata Winter Poker Open, already recording close to $80,000 in live earnings and winning his first major live tournament title.

Stan opened that Borgata series making a deep run and just missing out on the $2,000,000 GTD events Final Table, going out in 13th for just over $11,000. But, he wouldn't let that disappointment hold him down for very long, as he won the next event he entered, claiming his first live title and just under $67,000.

While those two scores dwarf in comparison to the over $2,000,000 in online tournament earnings 'StanMan420' has to his name, they do confirm that Stanley can make deep runs and win no matter what the setting, online or live and he'll look to continue his hot start to 2015 here at the Card Player Poker Tour, where he will certainly be a player to watch throughout the rest of the series.

Players have just returned from break and will resume with Level 4, leaving just over an hour and a half in the late registration/re-entry period.

Omaha Starting Up, Live Stream Going From "Feature" To Final

While the $25,000 GTD Event 5 moves into Level 3 we are now officially streaming live, as the players on Table 1 are now on our "feature" table.

That "feature" table can be accessed at this link or by clicking the link on the top of the Foxwoods Poker blog.

The live streaming feature will follow the action all day, culminating with a live streamed Final Table going live later tonight.

While Event 5 is almost an hour into play, the $10,000 GTD Event 6 PLO H/L 8B tournament is starting up at the other end of the room and there are already close to five full tables for the final "mix game" event of the series.

The Foxwoods Poker blog will be bringing you updates from around both fields from throughout the day as we will be playing down to two Card Player Poker Tour champions today.

Restarting The Card Player Poker Tour Action With Two Guarantees

After a day off due to another colossal snow storm in the New England area, the Card Player Poker Tour resumes it's series with two guaranteed events, with the first starting in just a few minutes.

The $25,000 GTD Event 5 NLH tournament will begin at 11 AM and should see a bigger than expected field as players have already been overheard saying that they're itching to play after being forced to take yesterday off.

That event will see players start with 15,000 in tournament chips and play 30 minute levels, with late registration and unlimited re-entry open until the end of Level 6.

Next up on the CPPT schedule is the $10,000 GTD Event 6 PLO H/L 8B tournament that will being at 12 PM.

We've already seen one "mix" event run this series and Event 6 will be the last non-NLH event of the series, starting players with 10,000 chips and 30 minute levels.

There will be re-entries into that event, with the late registration period remanning open through the end of Level 6.

It should be an exciting day in the Foxwoods Poker Room as we award two more CPPT trophies.

The Foxwoods Poker blog will pick up all the action at 12 PM and that is also when the live stream of our Event 5 "feature" table will go live.