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Saturday, October 10, 2015

The General Knocks One Out (Event #11B)

"The General" raised to 4,100 on the button.  The player in the small blind shoved all in for 20,700.  The big blind folded, and General called.

General:  [ks][kd]
Small Blind:  [as][qc]

The board ran out [qd][10d][9h][7c][8d], eliminating The General's opponent just after the rebuy period has closed.

WPF Event #10 ($250 Ladies) Final Table (w/ Photos)

Seat 1 - Linda Swears
Seat 2 - Robin MacDonald
Seat 3 - Liz Kasparian
Seat 4 - Keiko Kim
Seat 5 - Debbie Juda
Seat 6 - Christine Garofalo
Seat 7 - Naomi Mayor
Seat 8 - Nancy O'Neill
Seat 9 - Patricia Moody

Players Near Bag and Tag In Event #11A

The clock has been paused in Flight A of Event #11.  The players will play three more hands before bag and tag for the night.  At the present, there are 37 players remaining.

The players in Flight B are playing Level 4, and will play through Level 12 before bagging and tagging for the night.

Nick McDonald Doubles Through Brad St. Vincent In Event #11A

Nick McDonald shoved all in and Brad St. Vincent said, "I told you I would call you with ace-queen.  I call," He turned over [ad][qc].  McDonald showed [kh][qd].

The flop came [2h][kc][ks].  St. Vincent semi-jokingly said, "I have a straight draw."

The turn was the [8s], and the river the [5s] giving McDonald a full double.  He is now sitting with 16,000.

Chris Castronovo Takes Down a Big One (Event #10 - $250 Ladies)

Chris Castronovo
Two players in middle position limped in for 2,400, and Chris Castronovo made it 6,000 in the hijack.  The player on the button called, and did both limpers.

All players checked the [ad][7c][2h] flop.

When the turn came the [2s], the player first to act bet 6,000, the person in middle position folded, Castronovo called, and the button folded.

The river came the [5s].  The first player checked, Castronovo shoved all in, and her opponent tank folded.

Castronovo is now sitting with around 65,000 in chips just before dinner break.

WPF Event #11 Flight B Under Way

We are now in the third level of Flight B and there are 72 runners that have entered so far.  There were 142 entrants in Flight A this morning at 11am.  As a reminder, registration is open for this event until the beginning of Level 10.

There is a $300,000 guarantee for this event.  Day 2 will be at noon tomorrow (Sunday Oct. 11th) and Day 3 (Final Table) will be at noon on Monday Oct. 12th.

WPF Event #10 ($250 Ladies) Prize Pool Information

There were 97 entries in today's $250 Ladies event, generating a prize pool total of $20,229.

The top 12 places will be paid out as follows:

1 - $5,665
2 - $3,823
3 - $2,508
4 - $1,882
5 - $1,416
6 - $1,132
7 - $931
8 - $748
9 - $609
10 - $505
11 - $505
12 - $505

Liz Kasparian Knocks One Out (Event #10 - Ladies)

Liz Kasparian
A player in early position shoved all in and Liz Kasparian called.

Kasparian:  [jd][jc]
Opponent:  [10s][10d]

The board ran out [ad][ah][2s][kc][5h], sending her opponent to the rail and chipping Kasparian up to around 40,000.

Tony Sabbagh Winner of Event 6 ($300 NLH Bounty)

Tony Sabbagh - Winner Event #6 - $4,700
Congrats to Tony Sabbagh, the recent winner of Foxwoods World Poker Finals Event #6, the $300 NLH Bounty Tourney.  The final four made a chop deal and then played it out for the trophy and title.

The players to cash this event were as follows:

1 - Tonny Sabbagh ($4,700)
2 - Michael Futeran ($4,700)
3 - Peter Tripp ($4,700)
4 - Martin Rawitz ($3,169)
5 - John Quirk ($1,761)
6 - Martin Messier ($1,442)
7 - Jeremy Wing ($1,174)
8 - Andrew Allain ($934)
9 - Joseph Starratt ($750)
10 - Tesfay Begazyon ($587)
11 - Je Wook Oh ($587)
12 - Paul Tetrault ($587)
13 - Mike Santos ($533)
14 - Krishen Persaud ($533)
15 - Robert Gilbert ($533)

"The General" Eliminated by Brad St. Vincent (Event #11A)

"The General" shoved all in preflop and was called by Brad St. Vincent.

General:  [ad][ks]
St. Vincent:  [6h][6s]

The flop came [6c][as][3c], giving St. Vincent the lead with his set of sixes.

The [8c] turn and [js] river did not improve The General's hand and he was sent to the rail.

Royal Flush for Priscilla Amaral (Event #10 - Ladies)

Prescilla Amaral Picks Out a Prize for her Royal Flush
Priscilla Amaral raised to 450 in early position and the player directly to her left called.

The flop came [qs][10h][2c].  Amaral bet 800 and her opponent called.

Amaral bet 1.200 when the turn came the [kh] and again her opponent called.

When the river came the [qh], Amaral shoved all in and her opponent folded.

Amaral showed [ah][jh] for the royal flush.

WPF Event #11 Flight A - Early Notables

A few early notables in the field include:

"The General"
Chris Tryba
Je Wook Oh
Ralph Macri
James Campbell
Johanssy Joseph
Jeremy Meacham

WPF Event #10 Ladies Tournament Underway

There are currently 72 runners in the Ladies World Poker Finals Event #10.  They are playing 50/100 antes.  

Schedule for Sat. Oct. 10th Foxwoods World Poker Classic

$60 No Limit Hold Em

$200 Mega Super Satellite (win a $1,200 voucher)
2 seats guaranteed 

Event #10 $250 Ladies Event
$300,000 Guarantee
($215 Buy-in / $35 Entry Fee)
"With Re-Entries"
Players start with 15,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels:  30 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 7
Full Structure is available here.

Event #11 Flight A $1,200 NLH Multi Flight Event
$300,000 Guarantee
($1,090 Buy-in / $110 Entry Fee)
"With Re-Entries"
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels 1-12:  40 minutes
Levels 13+:  60 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 10
Full Structure is available here.

$200 Mega Super Satellite (win a $1,200 voucher)
2 seats guaranteed 

Event #11 Flight B $1,200 NLH Multi Flight Event
($1,090 Buy-in / $110 Entry Fee)
"With Re-Entries"
Players start with 20,000 in non-value tournament chips
Levels 1-12:  40 minutes
Levels 13+:  60 minutes
Registration open until the start of level 10
Full Structure is available here.

$230 No Limit Hold Em Survivor (win $2,000 in cash)

A full schedule for the World Poker Finals series is available here.

Joe Heinzmann Wins WPF Event #9 ($300 HOSE)

After a chop deal between the final three players, Joe Heinzmann would claim the title of Event #9 champion and the trophy.

Joe and His Lovely Wife

Mike Borchetta Wins Event #8 ($300 NLH Big Stack)

Mike Borchetta - 1st Place - $5,000
After a long heads up battle, Mike Borchetta became the eventual winner of Event #8.  The players did come to a chop deal when they were five handed.  But it was Borchetta who ultimately claimed the trophy and title of Event #8 champion.

David Kluchman Eliminated in 2nd Place - Event #8

David Kluchman - 2nd Place - $9,500 (5 handed chop deal)
David Kluchman shoved all in holding [6d][5c] and was called by Mike Borchetta holding [as][5h].

The board ran out [9h][8h][4h][jc][qd].  Borchetta's ace high took down the pot and Kluchman is the second place finisher.

Mike Borchetta Doubles Up - Event #8

Mike Borchetta limped in on the button.  David Kluchman shoved all in and Borchetta snap-called.

Borchetta:  [ac][ks]
Kluchman:  [ad][9c]

The board ran out [qd][ah][4s][kc][5d] to give Borchetta the chip lead and leave Kluchman with less than ten big blinds.