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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Photos from before the bubble (part 1)

Play is still hand for hand, but the clock has run down to zero and the players are now on break.  Here are some photos from the recent bubble play:

Play is now hand for hand

66 players remain, and the top 65 will be in the money and advance to day 2.  Play is now hand for hand until the next player is eliminated.

Quad Tens hit again on the feature table!

As the table said, it was "unnecessary quads" as the player in the 3-seat had another player at risk with pocket eights against his pocket tens.  This time a ten flopped and the last ten turned to make quad tens on the feature table for a second time today.  That elimination brings us to 71 players, just 6 players from the money.

Photos from the last level

99 players remain

The board reads 99 players remaining, which puts us a few minutes behind last night's time of making the double digits.  Again, the field will play down to the final 65 players before bagging up for the night.  Players will return on Tuesday to combine with Day 1A & 1C survivors.

Sherwin "The Fox" Agard doubles up with quads!

Sherwin "The Fox" Agard was all in preflop with [Th][Td] and was called by his opponent holding [As][Qc].  The [6d][6h][3d] flop was safe for Sherwin, and the [Ts] turn gave him an unbeatable full house.  The [Tc] hit the river to give Sherwin unncessary quads, and he will double up to over 70,000.

Players are now on dinner break

The 133 players remaining in Day 1B are now on their one hour dinner break.  Play will resume at approximately 8:05pm EST.  When the field returns, blinds will be 1,000/2,000 with a 300 ante.

Photos from the last few levels

Day 1B Official # of Entrants

Registration is now closed, and 535 entrants participated in Day 1B of Event #1 $600 NLH.  The final 65 players from today's flight will be in the money, which is the same number that advanced from Day 1A.

Players are now on break

Players in Day 1B of Event #1 are now on their second break of the day. Registration will be closed shortly, and we will have an official number of entrants posted soon. Right now the board reads 354 remaining out of 520 entrants.

End of Day 1A Chip Counts

1Joeckel, Jordan486,500
2Almante, Andersan434,500
3Dalgo II, Ronald429,500
4Metta, Ryan378,000
5Murray, Doug371,000
6Kim, Juno364,000
7Bouris, Eric329,500
8Tieri, Joseph H322,000
9Sousa, David290,000
10Ruvolo, Giuseppe278,500
11Sprague, Joe265,000
12Blatt, Jeremy257,000
13Macri, Ralph254,000
14Butler, Tom252,500
15Penikas, Tom236,500
16Kovoor-Chathoth, Jay230,000
17Nye, Michael228,000
18Raine, Sheica223,500
19Gomes, Eurico205,000
20Alexander, Heidi205,000
21Lopez, Edgar204,000
22Marshall, John203,500
23Lu, Meng187,500
24Fava, Guido183,000
25Montanino, Peter176,000
26Welsh, Christopher175,000
27Zheng, Frank174,500
28Fishman, Jordan166,000
29Cretella, Michael164,000
30Ricciuti, Bob158,000
31Nowicki, Matt144,500
32Minxolli, Glen141,500
33Darling, William JR141,000
34Souza, Richard139,500
35Bonin, Eric137,000
36Braunstein, Marc136,000
37Hillard, Gerald133,000
38Orman, Erik131,500
39Savino, Michael130,500
40Buddenbrock, Patrick126,000
41Pocchia, Thomas114,500
42Currier, Jonathan99,500
43Jacobs, Scott98,500
44Tinney, James95,500
45Lee, Sang94,000
46Weeks, Steven93,500
47Bendiks, Jonas92,000
48Reid, Jay91,500
49Caouette, Nicholas90,000
50Butts, Jeffrey80,500
51Ouellette, Matthew80,000
52Stefansk, David78,500
53McElreavy, Matthew78,000
54Labriola, David73,500
55Phoumind, Jimmy67,000
56Fifield, Ashley65,500
57Dalton, Dan64,500
58Wolfenden, Michael64,000
59Carusone, Michael63,500
60Lyles, Sam56,000
61Rosow, Chad45,500
62Lundy, Anthony40,000
63Beaudoin, Ronald25,500
64DeRosa, Matt22,500
65Aeschlimann, Michael17,000

Players are now on break

The 100/200 level is complete, and players are on their first break of the day.  Antes will begin after the break, and registration is open for another 4 levels.  Currently there are 401 entrants and 357 players remain.

Ryan Eriquezzo cracks aces and kings to triple up

At 75/150, Ryan Eriquezzo made it 350 before the button reraised to 800.  The small blind smooth called, as did Ryan.  The flop fell [Td][5h][4d] and the small blind bet out 2,500.  Ryan called, and the the button raised to 5,600.  The small blind moved all in, and Ryan called all in.  The button called both all ins, having them both covered.

Ryan [4s][4h]
Small blind [K
Button [Ah][Ac]

Ryan had flopped a set of fours to take the lead in the hand, and neither the [3h] turn or the [9d] river changed that.  Ryan's stack was counted down to 16,200, and he will triple up.  The small blind's few remaining chips found its way to the button's stack, and we will lose one player.

Registration is climbing!

Just 15 minutes into today's tournament and the field has already grown to 187 entrants. There is a small line at the cage to buyin, so expect this number to grow substantially over the 8 levels of re-entry.

Day 1B is Under Way

Cards are in the air for Day 1B of Event #1 $600 NLH.  This tournament features 20,000 in starting chips and has three starting flights.  Each day, the top 12% will make the money and advance to Day 2.  Yesterday, Day 1A got 540 entries and 65 players advanced.  A full structure is available here.

Our featured table is streaming live at