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Friday, August 17, 2012

Foxwoods August 2012 Mega Stack Challenge Event #12 - $180 NLH Final Results

Foxwoods August 2012 Mega Stack Challenge Event #11 - $400 NLH Final Results

Dennis Wilber Wins the $400 Mega Stack Challenge ($23,141)

$400 Mega Stack Challenge Champion Dennis Wilber

Congratulations to Dennis Wilber, winner of the $400 Mega Stack Challenge event.

He takes home $23,141 and the Mega Stack Challenge Trophy for his victory.

Be sure to join us tomorrow at 11am for the start of the $1,200 Mega Stack Challenge Main Event with a $200,000 guaranteed prize pool!

Paul Avilla Eliminated in 2nd Place ($13,595)

Paul Avilla

On a board reading [9h][8d][3h][Qh], Paul Avilla fires 125,000 and Dennis Wilber moves all-in.  Avilla calls and they turn up:

Wilber - [Jc][Tc]
Avilla - [Qd][Jd]

Avilla has top pair but Wilber turns the straight.  The [8s] falls on the river and Avilla is eliminated in 2nd place for $13,595.

Daniel Serafin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($8,774)

Daniel Serafin

Chip leader Dennis Wilber raises to 90,000 from the button and Daniel Serafin three-bets to 245,000.  Wilber then moves all-in and Serafin calls.  They turn over:

Wilber - [Jc][Jd]
Serafin - [Kh][Qs]

The board runs out [Js][2d][2s][5d][As] and Wilber improves to a full house to eliminate Serafin in 3rd place for $8,774.

William Boling Eliminated in 5th Place ($5,400)

William Boling

William Boling moves all-in for his last 305,000 from under the gun.  Paul Avilla three-bets all-in from the small blind and Dennis Wilber mucks his big blind.  They turn up:

Avilla - [Ad][Kc]
Boling - [Qh][Qd]

The board runs out [Td][3c][2h][4c][Ks] and Avilla spikes his king on the river to eliminate Boling in 5th place for $5,400.

Bradley Yazici Eliminated in 6th Place ($4,387)

Bradley Yazici

Bradley Yazici gets his last few chips in before the flop with [Jc][Jd] but runs in the [Ad][As] of Dennis Wilber.

The board comes [Tc][9h][4h][4s][3c] and Yazici is eliminated in 6th place for $4,387.

Michael Nye Eliminated in 7th Place ($3,664)

Michael Nye

Daniel Serafin raises to 55,000 before the flop and is called by Tu Tran as well as Michael Nye in the big blind.

The flop comes [7c][7s][6h] and Nye moves all-in for 157,000.  Serafin announces call and Tran mucks his hand.  They turn up:

Nye - [8d][8h]
Serafin - [6d][6s]

Serafin flops the full house and Nye needs an eight or seven to win the pot.  The turn is the [Jd] and the river comes the [Th].

Serafin wins the pot, eliminating Nye in 7th place for $3,664.

Jon Reinhardt Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,989)

Jon Reinhardt

Jon Reinhardt moves all-in for his last 200,000 and is called by Dennis Wilber on the button.  They turn over:

Reinhardt - [As][Kh]
Wilber - [Ac][Ah]

The board runs out [Kd][Js][9c][5c][7c] and Reinhardt is eliminated in 8th place for $2,989.

Tu Tran Triples Up in a Three-Way All-in Pot

Tu Tran moves all-in for his last 196,000 before the flop and is called by Bradly Yazici on the button.  Daniel Serafin thinks for a moment before announcing that he is all-in.  Yazici immediately makes the call and the players turn up:

Yazici - [Kc][Kd]
Serafin - [As][Qh]
Tran - [Ah][Jd]

The flop comes [Jc][8d][3c], pairing Tran but leaving Yazici in the lead with his kings.  However, the turn is the [Ac] and suddenly Yazici is in third place.  The [6d] falls on the river.

Tran triples up to over 600,000 by winning the main pot with his two pair.

Serafin wins the massive side pot with his pair of aces to put him over 1,300,000.

Yazici is left with just under 150,000.

Andrew Bimonte Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,520)

Andrew Bimonte

Shortly after being crippled when his A-K failed to hold up against A-Q, Andrew Bimonte gets all-in before the flop with [7d][6h] against the [8c][8h] of William Boling.

The board runs out [Kc][Qh][9c][Jd][4d] and Boling's pocket eights hold up to eliminate Bimonte in 9th place for $2,520.

Greg Lamoureux Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,831)

Greg Lamoureux

Jon Reinhardt raises before the flop to 100,000 and Daniel Serafin moves all-in for 375,000.  Greg Lamoureux then moves all-in for less and Reinhardt calls the additional 275,000.  They turn up:

Serafin - [Qd][Qh]
Lamoureux - [Jc][Jh]
Reinhardt - [Tc][Ts]

The board runs out [8d][5c][2s][Ah][9c] and Serafin wins both the main and side pot with his pair of queens.

Lamoureux is eliminated in 10th place for $1,831.

$400 Mega Stack Final Table Now Streaming Live

We have reached the final table of ten in the $400 Mega Stack Challenge.

The blinds are currently 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante for another 34:30.

You can watch the live stream of the final table by clicking on

Chip counts by seat assignments are as follows:

1. Daniel Serafin  266,000
2. Tu Tran  228,000
3. Gregory Lamoureux  265,000
4. Andrew Bimonte  368,000
5. Paul Avilla  888,000
6. Dennis Wilber  443,000
7. William Boling  676,000
8. Michael Nye  375,000
9. Bradley Yazici  925,000
10. Jon Reinhardt  1,239,000

Final payouts are as follows:

1st - $23,141
2nd - $13,595
3rd - $8,774
4th - $7,038
5th - $5,400
6th - $4,387
7th - $3,664
8th - $2,989
9th - $2,520
10th - $1,831

August Mega Stack 2012, Event #11 - $400 No Limit Hold'em Returning Players

Place   Name Chips Table/Seat
1 Reinhardt, Jon 1,230,000 1-7
2 Yazici, Bradley 1,060,000 2-2
3 Avilla, Paul 851,000 1-3
4 Boling, William 562,000 2-5
5 Nye, Mike 407,000 2-3
6 Bimonte, Andrew 338,000 1-5
7 Serafin, Daniel 331,000 1-1
8 Lamoureux, Gregory 287,000 1-2
9 Tran, Tu 258,000 1-8
10 Oxx, Harry 191,000 2-6
11 Wilber, Dennis 127,000 2-10
12 Freebody, Jim 68,000 2-9