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Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 2014 - Foxwoods World Poker Finals - Event #18 - $2,700 NLH Returning Players Day 2

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
4-6 Abdel-Rahim, Muhammad 415,000
3-8 Alibilia, Ariel 61,500
3-2 Allain, Robert 164,500
4-1 Andrews, John 120,000
5-8 Atkins, Jerry 111,500
1-2 Bills, Michael 114,500
5-9 Biker, Adam 117,500
5-5 Bridges, Roe 96,500
3-6 Campbell, James 493,000
5-6 Caruso, Pasquale 233,000
2-1 Conforto, Giacomo 66,500
3-9 Datashvili, David 77,000
4-8 Dobrilovic, Tom 96,500
3-4 Failla, Will 274,500
4-4 Frankenberger, Andrew 184,500
5-1 Hou, Ernie 166,000
1-1 Huvelle, Nathan 284,000
2-7 Jaffe, Jonathan 407,000
1-9 Kelly, Patrick 63,000
5-4 Kuey, Natale 67,000
5-3 Lee, Seunghwan 347,000
2-2 Leveroni. Christopher 67,500
2-9 Liberman, Mark 235,000
1-5 Malpere, Steven 121,000
2-3 McKenna, Brian 34,000
5-2 McKenzie, Kevin 107,000
3-7 Meskin, Mike 60,000
2-6 Mitrokostas, Spiro 419,500
4-7 Overton, Floyd 81,000
5-7 Panayiotou, Eracles 238,000
4-2 Pena, Jose 210,000
3-3 Piccioli, Bryan 118,000
4-9 Quibble, Michael 105,000
2-5 Rosenkranz, Barry 42,500
3-5 Sardis, Haralambos 155,500
2-8 Schiffer, Adam 155,000
4-5 Searing, Ian 93,500
1-4 Smith, Aaron 66,000
4-3 Tabb, Steven 247,000
1-3 Taylor, Hans 31,000
1-8 Wilcox, Gordon 94,500
1-6 Wong, She Lok 510,000

Event 18: Play Concludes for the Night

James Campbell comes into day 3 with 493,000.
At the end of the day 42 players put chips in the bag. Players will be returning at 12:00pm tomorrow to play down to a final table. Leading the way is She Lok Wong with 510,000 but right on his tail is no other than James Campbell with 493,000.
Chip counts and table draw will be posted soon.

Event 18: Final Level of the Night

Level 16
Players Remaining: 51

We are down to the final level of day 2. Currently leading the way are Spiro Mitrokostas and Sean Lee who both are over the 400,000 chip mark. Other notables still in the field include:

Andy Frankenberger
Jonathan Jaffe
Will Failla
Terry Grimes
Adam Bitker
James Campbell
Justin Adams

We also just noticed Nick Palma picking up his things and exiting the tournament area.

Event 20: Time to Dine!

Players are now on their 45 minute dinner break. 52 players remain.

Event 18: Mitrokostas Runs Down Reilly in Massive Pot

Level 14
Blinds 1000/2000/300
Players Remaining: 62
Spiro Mitrokostas collects his new chips.

After a pre-flop raising war, Spiro Mitrokostas and Tim Reilly were both all in with over 340,000 chips in the middle.

Reilly: [Ah][Kh]
Mitrokostas: [As][Qs]

Reilly had Mitrokostas crushed and after the [4d][5h][6h] flop, Mitrokostas was drawing extremely thin.

The [7d] gave Mitrokostas a few extra outs to a chop, but he wouldn't need them as he managed to find the [Qd] on the river.

Reilly was in disbelief as was Mitrokostas and after a few moments Reilly packed his things and headed out of the tournament area.

Mitrokostas now sits with 345,000.

Players are now on their last 15 minute break of the night.

Event 18: Frankenberger Sets Off Opponent

Level 14
Blinds 1000/2000/300
Players Remaining: 66
Andy Frankenberger
Andy Frankenberger raised under the gun to 4,500. Action folded around to the button who called and both players in the blinds tagged along.
The flop was [2d][7d][4s], both blinds and Frankenberger checked the action to the button who opened the betting to 8,000. The small blind called and the big blind announced he was all in for 48,700. Frankenberger went deep into the tank and eventually said call.
The button and the small blind both got out of the way. 

Big blind: [4h][9h]
Frankenberger: [7h][7s]

The board ran out [Ad][4c] and Frankenberger would rake in a big pot. He now sits with over 200,000 with 17 minutes remaining in level 14.

Event 18: How Do You Stack Up?

Traditional 20 stacks of Andy Frankenberger

Jonathan Jaffe's Stack

James Campbell now over 300,000

Will "The Thrill" Failla's Towers

Event 18: Reilly Wakes Up With Two Ladies

Level 13
Blinds 800/1600/200
Players Remaining: 78
Tim Reilly

Action folded to Mike Jarvela in middle position who announced he was all in for his last 28,400. Spiro Mitrokostas called out of the small blind only to see Tim Reilly announce that he was all in from the big blind. Mitrokostas called.
Mitrokostas: [Ah][Jd]
Jarvela: [7d][8d]
Reilly: [Qh][Qs]

The board ran out [2c][2s][2h][10d][10s] and Reilly would more than double up to 130,000.

Event 18: Adams Doubles First Hand Back From Break

Level 13
Blinds 800/1600/200
Players Remaining: 85
Justin Adams

On the first hand back from break Justin Adams found himself all in and at risk.

Adams: [As][4s]
Opponent: [8c][8h]


Adams would have to dodge a queen, a seven, an eight, or the board running out a pair to get the double. The [2c] turn kept Adams ahead and he would secure the double with the [4c] river.

Adams is up to 135,000

Event 18: Campbell's Ladies Propel Him Into Chip Lead

Level 12
Blinds 600/1200
Players Remaining: 85

Campbell rakes in a massive pot.
James Campbell opened cut off and was immediately three-bet by Jonathan Jaffe on the button. The small blind put in a four-bet and it led to a clicking battle that ended with James Campbell all in and at risk in a huge pot.

Campbell: [Qh][Qc]
Small Blind: [Ac][Kh]

The board ran out [3c][9d][2d][6d][3h] and Campbell would double up to over 280,000 which currently has him at the top of the chip counts.

Players are currently on their second 15-minute break of the day. 

Event 18: Paredes Flushed Out of the Main

Level 12
Blinds 600/1200/200
Players Remaining: 88

A player raised from under the gun to 3,000 and the action folded around to the small blind who tagged along. Dave Paredes announced all in from the big blind, the original raiser folded and the small blind snap called.

Paredes: [Qh][Qd]
Big Blind: [9d][9c]

The flop came [Kc][Qc][9d] and Paredes was in great shape to double up. The turn was the [4c] providing the player in the big blind additional outs to a flush, and sure enough the [Ac] hit the river to send Paredes to the rail.

There is 18 minutes left in level 12 and the players will be on their second 15 minute break at the end of this level.

Event 20: Prize Pool and Payouts

Level 11
Blinds 500/1000/100
Players Remaining: 174

253 seats were sold to event 20 creating a prize pool of $65,320.
Here is a look at the payouts:
 1. $15,579
2. $9,602
3. $6,602
4. $5,095
5. $3,854
6. $3,070
7. $2,482
8. $1,992
9. $1,576
10-12. $1,110
13-15. $979
16-18. $914
19-21. $849
22-24. $783
25-27. $653

Currently 174 remain and we will be playing down to a winner tonight!

Event 18: Chip Counts From Around the Room

Level 11
Blinds 500/1000/100
Players Remaining: 108
Current Chip Leader: Jonathan Jaffe - 215,000

 Here is a look at chip counts from around the room:

Tim Reilly: 42,000
Andrew Badecker: 70,000
James Campbell: 150,000
Justin Adams: 50,000
David Paredes: 43,000
Richard Seymour: 23,500
Andy Frankenberger: 93,000
Roland Israelashvili: 135,000
Will Failla: 130,000
Jonathan Jaffe: 215,000

Event 18: Lee Dodges Diamond; Now Over 130,000

Level 10
Blinds 400/800/100
Players Remaining: 122
Sean Lee anxiously awaits the river.

We caught up to the action on table 7 as a player had moved all in on a [8d][Jc][4d][7d] board. Sean Lee put in the 22,000 for the call and the hands were tabled.

Lee: [Kd][Js]
Opponent: [Ad][Qs]

"Come on baby! No diamond!" Lee yelled as he saw his opponents hand.
 He threw his hands in the air when the [3c] hit the river. Lee's opponent shook his head as he gathered his things and headed out of the tournament area.

Lee now sits with over 130,000 as 13 minutes remain in level 10.

Players will be on their first 15 minute break of the day at the end of this level. 

Event 18: Prize Pool and Payouts

Event 18 drew a total number of 238 entries creating a prize pool of over $575,000. The top 27 players will make the money and first will take home over $137,600. Here is a look at what they are playing for:

1. $137,651
2. $84,841
3. $54,829
4. $45,018
5. $34,052
6. $27,126
7. $21,931
8. $17,603
9. $13,861
10-12. $9,811
13-15. $8,657
16-18. $8,080
19-21. $7,502
22-24. $6,926
25-27. $5,771

Event 18: Mitrokostas Busts Dube...Twice

Level 10
Blinds 400/800/100
Players Remaining: 135
Spiro Mitrokostas

After already busting Mark Dube earlier today when his [As][Qh] ran down Dube's [Jc][Jd], Spiro Mitrokostas has busted Dube for the second time. In the most recent hand Dube found himself all in and at risk for his last 19,575 with [Qd][Jd]. Mitrokostas went into the tank and eventually called with [Ac][Qs] and was in great shape to send Dube packing.
The dealer spread the [10h][Kd][Jh] flop and Mitrokostas improved to broadway. The [7c] on the turn had Dube drawing to only a chop, but he would recieve no such help with the [10s] river, and Mitrokostas would send Dube to the rail for the second time today.
Mitrokostas now sits with over 140,000.

With registration now closed, the final number of entries is 238. The prize pool and payouts will be posted soon!

Event 18: Israelashvili "Traps" Aces

Level 9
Blinds 300/600/75
Players Registered: 228
Roland Israelashvili
 Four players saw the flop in a limped pot of [4s][9h][3c]. Action checked to a player in middle position who bet 6,100 into a pot of only around 3,000. Andy Frankenberger called on the button and Roland Israelashvili quickly raised from the small blind to 19,000. The original raiser pushed in his remaining chips totaling around 30,000 and Frankenberger folded. Israelashvili quickly announced call and the hands were tabled. 

Israelashvili: [3d][4d] 
Opponent: [Ac][Ah]

The board ran out [Kc][2c] and Israelashvili would take down the pot as he now sits with well over 100,000. 
After the hand he turned to Frankenberger with a smile and said "Did you see that? Did you see me trap him preflop?" as the table burst out into laughter.

Event 18: JCamby Chipping Up Early

Level 9
Blinds 300/600/75
Players Registered: 223
James "JCamby33" Campbell

5 players saw a flop of [6s][2c][Kc] and a player from middle position put in a bet of 4,000. 3 players behind him, including James Campbell called and the small blind tagged along as well.
The turn was the [5c] and action checked through to Campbell on the button, who put in a bet of 8,100. The small blind went into the tank for a minute or two before announcing he was all in for about 15,000 more and the rest of the table got out of the way. Campbell quickly called and the hands were flipped over.
Small Blind: [5s][6d]
Campbell: [Qc][9c]
The meaningless [As] hit the river and Campbell would win the pot and chip up to over 120,000.

Event 20: $300 Deepstack NLH

Level 4
Blinds 100/200
Players Registered: 140

There are over 140 players seated for the $300 NLH event 20. Players start with 30,000 in chips and registration is open through the end of level 9. There will be a 45 minute dinner break at the end of level 20 and this tournament is scheduled for one day!

Event 18: Cards Are In The Air For Day 2!

Level 9
Blinds 300/600/75
Players Registered: 214

Day 2 is underway! So far the board reads 214 total entries and registration is still open until the end of this level. Play is scheduled for 8 full levels today so follow all the action here at and be sure to check out the live stream at !

Event 17 $300 Bounty

Place Name Prize
1 Thomas Balla $9,649
2 Joseph Detorre $7,921
3 Mark Dube $4,587
4 William Miller $3,440
5 James Tinker $2,621
6 Daniel Mcmahon $2,129
7 Garo Bezirdjian $1,720
8 Larry trimble $1,393
9 Dana Pride $1,107
10 Chris Renaudette $778
11 Brent Shepard $778
12 Linda Kenney Baden $778
13 Paul Gilberto $696
14 James Connolly $696
15 Yue Zhu $696
16 Jaqueline Comeau $655
17 Spiro Mitrokostas $655
18 Victor Koytikh $655

Event 16 $300 7 Card Stud

Place Name Prize
1 lee crowder, Greene RI 5,017
2 Derek Blenman, Arverne NY 5,016
3 Vito Masi, Troy NY 2,558
4 Michael Stracco, Hanover MA 1,967
5 Thomas Butler, Cumberland RI 1,475
6 Ken Hoey, Mystic CT 1,180
7 Michael Huguenot, Pleasantville NY 984
8 Patrick Baginski, W Babylon NY 787
9 Scott Reynolds, Warwick RI 688

Event 15 $1100 NLH FWPF

Place Name Prize
1 Jason Calnan, Revere MA 22,619
2 Michael Farris, Pelham NH 14,000
3 Tarun Gulati, Glastonbury CT 14,000
4 Nick Palma, Bronx NY 7,938
5 Timothy Oneil, Southbury CT 5,976
6 Gerald Aiello, Wichester MA 4,780
7 Michael Spanos, Danvers MA 3,926
8 Mark Perry, Cheshire CT 3,159
9 Jeffrey Perzan, Plainville CT 2,560
10 Jacob Pigeon, Warwick RI 2,134
11 Frank Melgar, Johnston RI 2,134
12 Nick Gonzalez, Newport ME 2,134

Event 14 $400 Six Max

Place Name Prize
1 Stewart kaplan, Malden MA 9,420
2 Matthew Martin, Boscawen NH 6,302
3 George Ferreira, Pawtucket RI 4,138
4 Meng Lu, Waltham MA 3,273
5 Giacomo Dagostino, N Providence RI 2,476
6 Paul Brauer, Springfield MA 1,907
7 Tom Dobrilovic, W Nyack NY 1,419
8 Mark Dube 1,419
9 Larry Trimble, Broken Arrow OK 1,419
10 Michael Sabini, Stamford CT 952
11 Harold Cusson, Douglas MA 952
12 Tim Lydon, Dorchester MA 952