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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Final Table Chip Counts & Seating Assignments

The final table in the $1,650 Championship Event has been set. The final 10 players will return tomorrow at 12pm EST to play down a winner. Blinds will resume at 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante with 57:36 left on the clock. Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Samantha Cohen - 832,000
Seat 2: Long Tran - 1,076,000
Seat 3: Ralph Macri - 429,000
Seat 4: Jeffrey Yanchek - 888,000
Seat 5: Suad Kantarevic - 88,000
Seat 6: Marsel Backa - 1,350,000
Seat 7: Tim Reilly - 456,000
Seat 8: Carlo Sciannameo - 501,000
Seat 9: Tou Kue - 708,000
Seat 10: Tim O'Keefe - 451,000

Here are the prizes left to play for:

1st Place: $79,906
2nd Place: $50,476
3rd Place: $32,554
4th Place: $26,306
5th Place: $19,730
6th Place: $15,784
7th Place: $12,824
8th Place: $10,523
9th Place: $8,226
10th Place: $5,754

11th Place: Bryan Leskowitz ($5,754)

From the button, Bryan Leskowitz was allin for 178,000. Long Tran folded the small blind, but Tim Reilly made the call from the big blind with pocket jacks. Bryan would need to get lucky with his ace four, but he did not improve. Bryan will take 11th place, collecting $5,754 for his efforts.

Last level of the night

The blinds have just gone up to 6,000/12,000 with a 2,000 ante. Day 2 will conclude at the end of this level, or when the final table of 10 is reached, whichever comes first. Only 11 players remain, so only one more player needs to fall for the final table to be set.

12th Place: James Campbell ($5,754)

At 5,000/10,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante, Marsel Backa raised to 24,000 before James Campbell moved all in for 220,000 on the button. Samantha Cohen flat called from the small blind, and Marsel made the call as well. With many eyebrows raised, the flop fell [Kh][8c][Jd]. Samantha checked and Marsel bet 100,000, putting Samantha in the tank. She eventually folded and Marsel said, "Good fold" as he showed [Js][Jh]. James was disappointed as he revealed his [Ah][Kd] for top pair, but he did have runner-runner outs. The [5s] turn was not one of them, and the [8h] river made Marsel the winning full house. James will exit this tournament in 12th place, good for $5,754. After the hand, Marsel was up to just under 1,300,000.

December Mega Stack Challenge - Event #8 - $230 NLH Ladies Only - Final Results

Name Prize
1 Alice Sewall, Tolland, CT $2,569
2 Maria Teixeira, Waterbury, CT $2,900
3 MaryAnn Levenduski, Wolcott, CT $2,012
4 Melanie Kaye, Guilford, CT $2,569
5 Silvana Derosa, East Haven, CT $1,018
6 Barbara Carralero, Old Lyme, CT $815
7 Lona Rubenstein, Amagansett, NY $679
8 Jeanine Giacalone, Riverhead, NY $543
9 Cheryl Sloane, Braintree, MA $475

13th Place: Jason Scudamore ($5,096)

Jason Scudamore has been eliminated when his [Kh][Jd] failed to improve against Tim Reilly's pocket aces. Jason will collect $5,096 for his 13th place finish.

14th Place: Mark Schumacher ($5,096)

On a [Jc][9s][8s] flop, Mark Schumacher was all in. Carlo Sciannameo and Marsel Backa folded but Samantha Cohen called with [Qh][Qd]. Mark had a flush draw and a two pair draw with his [As][Js]. The [7d] turn changed nothing, and the [2c] river meant Mark would exit this tournament in 14th place. He will collect $5,096 for his efforts.

15th Place: Dan Chalifour ($5,096)

Long Tran opened the pot before Dan Chalifour moved all in. Long made the call and showed the best hand preflop, pocket aces. Dan sarcastically informed his opponent, "You're ahead," as he exposed his ace six. An ace hit the board to give Long top set, and Dan will have to settle for 15th place. He will collect $5,096 for his efforts.

Updated chip counts at break

The final 15 players are now on their last break of the night. Here are updated chip counts for the remaining players:

Seat 1: Samantha Cohen - 660,000
Seat 2: -empty-
Seat 3: Mark Schumacher - 629,000
Seat 4: -empty-
Seat 5: Carlo Sciannameo - 467,000
Seat 6: Jeffrey Yanchek - 637,000
Seat 7: Marsel Backa - 680,000
Seat 8: Suad Kantarevic - 150,000
Seat 9: James Campbell - 435,000

Seat 1: Tim Reilly - 189,000
Seat 2: Ralph Macri - 421,000
Seat 3: Dan Chalifour - 99,000
Seat 4: Tim O'Keefe - 507,000
Seat 5: Jason Scudamore - 82,000
Seat 6: -empty-
Seat 7: Tou Kue - 760,000
Seat 8: Bryan Leskowitz - 338,000
Seat 9: Long Tran - 728,000

16th Place: Jeffrey Miller ($4,439)

Jeffrey Miller was all in under the gun for 59,000 at 4,000/8,000 blinds and action folded around to James Campbell in the small blind. James made the call, and Samantha Cohen folded her big blind. It was a race as James held [5s][5d] to Jeffrey's [As][9d]. The the [2s][3c][Kd][8d][Qs] board meant James's fives would hold up, and Jeffrey will be our 16th place finisher. He will earn $4,439 for his efforts.

17th Place: Giuseppe Ruvolo ($4,439)

Giuseppe Ruvolo was all in from early position and action folded to Samantha Cohen in the big blind, who made the call. It was bad timing for Giuseppe, who revealed [Kc][Tc] and would need to get lucky against Samantha's [Ks][Kh]. The [6c][Ad][9c] flop gave Giuseppe a live flush draw, and the [8s] turn added a gutshot to his outs. The [As] hit the river to give Samantha the winning to pair, sending Giuseppe to the rail in 17th place. He will collect $4,439 for his efforts.

18th Place: Randy Spain ($4,768)

Randy Spain has been eliminated when he ran his pocket eights into Tim O'Keefe's pocket aces. Randy will exit the tournament in 18th place, good for $4,768.

Final 2 Tables Reached

With the elimination of Raphael Richter in 19th place, the final two tables have been reached in the Championship Event. The third table has been broken, so here are the seating assignments for the final two tables:

Seat 1: Samantha Cohen
Seat 2: Jeffrey Miller
Seat 3: Mark Schumacher
Seat 4: Giuseppe Ruvolo
Seat 5: Carlo Sciannameo
Seat 6: Jeffrey Yanchek
Seat 7: Marsel Backa
Seat 8: Suad Kantarevic
Seat 9: James Campbell

Seat 1: Tim Reilly
Seat 2: Ralph Macri
Seat 3: Dan Chalifour
Seat 4: Tim O'Keefe
Seat 5: Jason Scudamore
Seat 6: Randy Spain
Seat 7: Tou Kue
Seat 8: Bryan Leskowitz
Seat 9: Long Tran

19th Place: Raphael Richter ($4,439)

20th Place: Julian Sacks ($4,439)

21st Place: Joseph Berardi ($4,439)

Joseph Berardi has been eliminated when his pocket eights fell to Ralph Macri's king jack. Joseph will earn $4,439 for his 21st place finish in this Championship Event.

22nd Place: Aaron Smith ($4,110)

At 3,000/6,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante, Ralph Macri raised to 15,000 before Aaron Smith moved all in for 67,000. Action folded back to Ralph who thought for a bit before calling with [As][8s]. Aaron was live with [Kd][Td], and he flopped a flush draw when the flop fell [3d][7d][5h]. The [Ah] hit the turn, taking away six of Aaron's outs, and the [2s] river failed to complete his flush. Aaron will exit this tournament in 22nd place, good for $4,110.

23rd Place: Julie Bae ($4,110)

A short stacked Julie Bae got the last of her chips in the middle with ace five and was called by a player holding ace king. The [9c][Jh][Js] flop gave Julie some hope for a chop, and the [8h] turn gave her some more outs. But the [Ts] river kept ace king in front, and Julie will exit this tournament in 22nd place. She will collect $4,110 for her efforts.

24th Place: David Anderson ($4,110)

David Anderson has been eliminated when his ace nine was outrun by Marsel Backa's queen ten. The board ran out [Td][4d][5c][Jc][9s] to produce the first in-the-money casualty. David will earn $4,110 for his efforts.

Kevin Calenzo is eliminated on the bubble

At 3,000/6,000 blinds with a 1,000 ante, Kevin Calenzo opened the pot and Ralph Macri reraised him. Action folded back to Kevin who moved all in, and Ralph snap called. Kevin had run his pocket nines into Ralph's pocket kings, and was at risk of being the bubble boy. The Q-Q-A flop was no help for Kevin, but the ace on the turn gave Kevin two extra outs to chop. The river bricked, and Kevin will be the bubble boy. The remaining 24 players are now in they money and guaranteed $4,110.

Suad Kantarevic doubles up again!

In almost the exact same history as earlier, action folded to Marsel Backa on the button who moved all in. Suad Kantarevic called all in, and David Anderson folded the big blind. This time, Suad woke up with [As][Ac], much to the chagrin of Marsel who held [Ad][Ts]. The [5s][8s][5c] flop only gave Marsel backdoor outs, and the [Kd] left him drawing dead. The [6s] river saw Marsel ship over 166,000 Suad's way, and once again hand-for-hand play will continue.

Champion Event is on dinner break

The final 27 players are now on their one hour dinner break. When they return, blinds will be 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante. Here are full chip counts and seating assignments for the remaining players:

Seat 1: -empty-
Seat 2: Julian Sacks - 195,000
Seat 3: Julie Bae - 56,000
Seat 4: Giuseppe Ruvolo - 155,000
Seat 5: Carlo Sciannameo - 660,000
Seat 6: Jeffrey Yancey - 330,000
Seat 7: Marsel Back - 756,000
Seat 8: Suad Kantarevic - 95,000
Seat 9: David Anderson - 73,000

Seat 1: Kevin Calenzo - 193,000
Seat 2: Ralph Macri - 489,000
Seat 3: Aaron Smith - 124,000
Seat 4: Tim O'Keefe - 56,000
Seat 5: Joseph Berardi - 116,000
Seat 6: Randy Spain - 236,000
Seat 7: Tou Kue - 324,000
Seat 8: Bryan Lefkowitz - 302,000
Seat 9: James Campbell - 293,000

Seat 1: Dan Chalifour - 252,000
Seat 2: Samantha Cohen - 321,000
Seat 3: Raphael Richter - 86,000
Seat 4: -empty-
Seat 5: Tim Reilly - 278,000
Seat 6: Long Tran - 758,000
Seat 7: Jason Scudamore - 278,000
Seat 8: Mark Schumacher - 223,000
Seat 9: Jeffrey Miller - 137,000

Suad Kantarevic doubles up on the stone bubble

From the button, Marsel Backa moved all in, having the blinds covered. Suad Kantarevic called all in for around 80,000 and David Anderson folded the big blind. Suad had the best of it with [Jd][Jc] against Marsel's [Kc][6s], and the [Tc][5h][3h][7h][Ad] board kept the jacks in front. Suad will double up to around 170,000, and the tournament will continue hand-for-hand play.

Play continues in Championship Event

The final 25 players in the $1,650 Championship Event have returned from their one hour dinner break. Hand-for-hand play will continue, and the blinds are now 3,000/6,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Championship Event is hand for hand

Chris Tryba was eliminated in 27th place and Michael Borchetta was eliminated in 26th place. With 25 players remaining, the tournament is now hand for hand. The next player to be eliminated will be the bubble boy. The remaining 24 players will make the money, guaranteeing them a minimum cash of $4,110.

Final 3 table seating assignments

Here are full seating assignments for the final 27 players. We will get chip counts in 15 minutes when the players go on dinner break.

Seat 1: Chris Tryba
Seat 2: Julian Sacks
Seat 3: Julie Bae
Seat 4: Giuseppe Ruvolo
Seat 5: Carlo Sciannameo
Seat 6: Jeffrey Yanchek
Seat 7: Marsel Backa
Seat 8: Suad Kantarevic
Seat 9: David Anderson

Seat 1: Kevin Calenzo
Seat 2: Ralph Macri
Seat 3: Aaron Smith
Seat 4: Tim O'Keefe
Seat 5: Joseph Berardi
Seat 6: Randy Spain
Seat 7: Tou Kue
Seat 8: Bryan Leskowitz
Seat 9: James Campbell

Seat 1: Dan Chalifour
Seat 2: Samantha Cohen
Seat 3: Raphael Richter
Seat 4: Michael Borchetta
Seat 5: Tim Reilly
Seat 6: Long Tran
Seat 7: Jason Scudamore
Seat 8: Mark Schumacher
Seat 9: Jeffrey Miller

Final 27 are now redrawing

A player has been eliminated in 28th place, bringing the field down to the final 3 tables. The remaining 27 players are now redrawing for seats, and play will resume shortly at 2,500/5,000 blinds with a 500 ante.

Ralph Macri knocks three out in one orbit

In one single orbit, Ralph Macri has knocked out three players at the feature table.

First, Mike Clemente was all in holding king queen on a king high board against Ralph's ace king. Ralph's kicker held up, and Mike was sent to the rail.

A few hands later, Ralph called a raise from Chris Tryba before Alex Rocha moved all in. Chris folded, but Ralph made the call with ace jack. Alex had him beat with ace king, but joked that Ralph had three jacks to hit. Ralph proceeded to his one of the jacks and send Alex packing.

Dominik Pelli was next to feel Ralph's wrath, running his pocket tens into Ralph's pocket jacks.

With 30 players remaining, Ralph now sits on around 490,000.

Andy Frankenberger has been eliminated

Giuseppe Ruvolo moved all in from the small blind and Andy Frankenberger called from the big blind. It was a flip as Giuseppe held [as][kd] to Andy's [th][tc]. The board ran out [Kh][ac][3s][3d][9s] to give Giuseppe a double up to 120,000, leaving Andy with just 13,000.

Andy looked for a spot to get the rest of his chips in, but folded for an entire order. Finally, he was in the big blind for 5,000 and had 1,000 behind. Under the gun limped and Kevin Calenzo made it 16,000. Everyone folded to Andy who joked about folding before throwing his last 1,000 chip. UTG got out of the way, and Andy had one live card with his [Th][9h] against Kevin's [9s][9c]. After the [8s][3h][Qs] flop fell, Kevin jokingly told the dealer to ship the pot to Andy, implying he'd hit his six outer for sure. The [Qc] turn and [2h] river missed Andy's draw, however, and he was eliminated one table away from making the money.

Carlo Sciannameo is the first player over half a million

Long Tran opened the pot preflop and Carlo Sciannameo made the call. The flop fell [4d][8d][5s] and Long c-bet, only to be raised from Carlo. Long made the call and the turn fell [Th]. Long checked, and Carlo bet 70,000, only to be met by an all in by Long. Carlo snap called, turning over [7d][6c], and had Long's [Qh][Qd] drawing dead. The meaningless [Jc] hit the river to earn Carlo a full double up and make him the first player over a half a million in chips. After taking a few hands to stack up his winnings, he now sits on 623,000.

Fred Paradis has been eliminated

At 2,000/4,000 blinds with a 500 ante, Ralph Macri opened to 10,000 from the button and Fred Paradis moved all in for just under 50,000 from the big blind. Ralph made the call, and it would be a coin flip with Ralph's [Ks][Jc] against Fred's [9h][9c]. Ralph hit the [5h][Kh][Td] flop, and Fred could not find a nine on the [7d] turn or [8c] river. He will be eliminated short of the money.

Updated chip counts at the break

The 43 players remaining in Day 2 of the Championship Event are now on their second break of the day. Here is a chip count for as much of the field as we could count on break:

Long Tran - 450,000
Marsel Backa - 380,000
Tim Reilly - 333,000
Carlo Sciannameo - 320,000
Jason Scudamore - 280,000
Grant Lang - 250,000
Kevin Calenzo - 226,000
Bryan Leskowitz - 221,000
Chris Tryba - 200,000
James Campbell - 192,000
Tom Dobrilovic - 192,000
Dave Stefanski - 175,000
Julian Sacks - 175,000
Raphael Richter - 172,500
Aaron Smith - 154,000
Alex Rocha - 152,000
Samantha Cohen - 140,000
Ralph Macri - 137,000
Tim O'Keefe - 134,000
Michael Borchetta - 130,500
Joseph Berardi - 121,000
Edward O'Brien - 117,500
Sean Dillon - 88,500
Giuseppe Ruvolo - 72,000
David Labriola - 70,000
Fred Paradis - 50,000

Marsel Backa is having a good day

When Day 2 started, Marsel Backa had only 55,400, good for 55th place out of the remaining 84 players. But in the first two levels, Marsel has managed to work his stack up to 270,000 and now sits in the top 5 in chips.

Alex Rocha wins a pot going into break

Samantha Cohen opened preflop and Alex Rocha made the call as did Luis Alves in the big blind. All three checked the [5h][As][6d] flop, and Alex bet 8,000 after being checked to on the [Ks] turn. Luis folded, but Samantha made the call. The [7d] brought a third check from Samantha, this time prompting a 13,000 bet from Alex. Samantha took her time, but eventually made the call, only to see Alex show down [Ah][7h] for two pair. Samantha mucked, claiming ace queen to Alex's disbelief. After the hand, Alex was up to 142,300.

First break of the day

There are currently 61 players remaining in Day 2 of the Championship Event, and those players are now on their first 15 minute break of the day. When players return, blinds will be 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante.

Checking in with our chip leaders

As Level 14 comes to a close, 63 players remain from the 84 that returned to Day 2. Let's check in with the chip leaders from the top of the day.

Suad Kantarevic started the day as the tournament chip leader with 243,000, but has dropped to 171,000. Meanwhile, Carlo Sciannameo started the day with 220,200 and has increased his stack to 335,000.

Robert Campion and Dave Stefanski started the day in 4th and 6th place, respectively, but have both dropped to well under 100,000. Robert has 51,000 while Dave has 75,000, still plenty of room to maneuver as the blinds are 1,000/2,000 with a 300 ante for 8 more minutes.

Giuseppe Ruvolo and Tou Kue started the day in 3rd and 5th place and haven't made much movement.

$1,650 Championship Event Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #9 $1,650 Championship Event received 226 entries, creating a $328,830 prize pool. The top 24 players will be in the money, with a mincash worth $4,110. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $79,906
2nd Place: $50,476
3rd Place: $32,554
4th Place: $26,306
5th Place: $19,730
6th Place: $15,784
7th Place: $12,824
8th Place: $10,523
9th Place: $8,226
10th-12th Place: $5,754
13th-15th Place: $5,096
16th-18th Place: $4,768
19th-21st Place: $4,439
22nd-24th Place: $4,110

Day 2 is Under way

Cards are in the air for Day 2 of the Championship Event. Currently 84 players remain, and the top 24 players will make the money.

You can watch a live stream of our feature table at

Today's Schedule

Today is Day 10 of the Foxwoods Mega Stack Challenge. This series features over $1,000,000 in Guaranteed Prizes. Here's what's on today's schedule:

Event #10 $300 NLH Big Stack
$25,000 Guaranteed
($260 Buy-in / $40 Entry fee)
Players start with 30,000 in non-value tournament chips
Registration will remain open until the start of Level 11 (approximately 2:50pm)
Levels will last 20 minutes.
There will be a 45 minute dinner break after Level 20 (approximately 6:25pm).
Full structure is available here.

Day 2 of Event #9 $1,650 NLH Championship Event
$300,000 Guaranteed
Levels be played for 60 minutes.
Dinner break will be after Level 18 (approximately 6:20pm)
Day 2 will conclude after Level 22 (approximately 11:30pm) or Final Table, whichever comes first.
Full structure is available here.

Other Tournaments:
9am: $60 NLH
2pm: $100 NLH Bounty
6pm: $120 NLH
8:30pm: $100 NLH Bounty

A full series schedule is available here.

December Mega Stack Challenge - Event #9 - $1,650 NLH Main Event - Returning Players for Day 2

Table-Seat Name Chip Count
6-5 Kantarevic, Suad 243,000
7-5 Sciannameo, Carlo 220,200
8-7 Ruvolo, Giuseppe 214,800
2-8 Campion, Robert 208,000
6-8 Kue, Tou 178,200
6-9 Stefanski, David 171,400
3-7 Dillon, Sean 169,600
10-5 O'Keefe, Tim 164,700
8-5 Anderson, David 141,100
4-9 Helfman, Andrew 140,500
6-4 Labriola, David 134,400
5-5 Cohen, Samantha 133,300
10-2 Darling, Michael 132,800
8-1 Reilly, Tim 125,300
6-6 Huette, Mariko 117,900
7-2 Smith, Aaron 110,800
2-6 Fera, Arthur 109,900
7-6 Rocha, Alex 104,700
9-2 Sacks, Julian 104,600
3-2 Dobrilovic, Tom 102,700
7-4 Meacham, Jeremy 97,300
5-7 Kluchman, David 96,600
8-3 Frankenberger, Andrew 96,300
10-7 Spain, Randy 96,000
10-3 Clemente, Michael 95,000
9-7 Pelli, Dominick 93,900
7-8 Dang, William 93,600
5-4 Calenzo, Kevin 92,400
5-2 Chalifour, Dan 89,400
2-4 Oh, JeWook 84,600
3-3 Donovan, Zach 79,600
2-7 Hammouda, Bassioni 78,400
5-8 Russell, Don 76,600
3-1 Tieri, Joseph 74,700
5-9 Macri, Ralph 74,300
9-5 Lang, Grant 72,400
6-2 Mitchell, Todd 72,300
9-1 O'Brien, Edward 70,400
8-2 Schumacher, Mark 69,600
6-3 French, James 69,200
6-7 Vaillancourt, David 67,000
5-6 Lahey, Tim 66,700
10-4 Berkowitz, Steven 66,500
3-9 Borchetta, Michael 66,100
10-9 Butler, Tom 65,200
3-4 Saunders, Jeffrey 64,600
3-6 Tryba, Chris 64,400
7-7 Sullivan, Stacey 63,800
6-1 Merrow, George 63,700
4-5 Silver, Dan 63,100
7-1 Adams, Justin 61,300
4-1 Borkowski, Bob 60,400
8-9 Lex, James 57,600
1-5 Mann, Michael 57,400
2-5 Backa, Marsel 55,400
10-6 Miller, Jeffrey 54,800
7-3 Andrews, John 53,900
1-9 Karajic, Irfan 53,400
2-9 O'Connor, John 51,800
2-1 Theodosiadis, Pascal 51,000
3-5 Kuey, Natale 50,900
4-7 Jordan, Rick 49,100
1-4 Sgambato, Frank 48,800
1-7 Yanchek, Jeffrey 47,300
8-6 Richter, Raphael 47,000
3-8 Casciola, Philippe 46,100
10-1 Hecker, Gabe 45,000
4-8 Leskowitz, Bryan 42,100
1-6 Paradis, Fred 39,300
1-3 Maxtone-Graham, Guy 38,900
9-4 Bae, Julie 38,100
1-8 Alves, Luis 38,000
1-1 Campbell, James 37,600
4-4 Tong, Jiqiang 37,300
9-8 Grimes, Terry 37,000
9-9 Scudamore, Jason 37,000
4-3 Siegel, Eric 34,200
7-9 Snead, Paul 31,700
2-2 Roy, John 31,400
9-6 Sennon, Peter 29,600
5-3 Ghods, Ehsan 29,200
8-4 Berardi, Joseph 28,100
4-6 Tran, Long 22,200
2-3 Wang, Zhaoxing 20,000

Three more hands

The clock was paused with 10 minutes remaining, and a card was drawn. Three more hands will be played before the survivors from Flight B will bag up for the night. They will combine with the remaining players from Flight A at 12pm to play Day 2. The board currently reads 26 players remaining.

Steven Tabb has been eliminated

Suad Kantarevic limped in early position and Steven Tabb also limped. The next player raised and there were two calls before Steven moved all in. After a long time in the tank, the original raiser folded and Suad called. Steven was in bad shape with pocket sevens against Suad's pocket tens, and he couldn't hit a seven to survive. He will bust out as the last level of the night begins.

36 players remaining

Level 12 has begun, which is the last level of the night. The blinds are now 600/1,200 with a 200 ante. 36 players remain, and here are select chip counts:

Suad Kantarevic - 177,000
Je Wook Oh - 120,000
Alex Rocha - 96,000
Dominik Pelli - 86,000
James Campbell - 55,000
Linsford Gettes - 39,000
Eric Siegel - 28,000