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Monday, October 13, 2014

Event #11 Ladies NLH 2014 FWPF

Place Name Prize
1 Robyn Londergan, Mansfield MA 4,758
2 Amelia Cardillo, Haverhill MA 4,758
3 Chun Destramp, Tyngsboro MA 4,758
4 Mary Desmond, Winchendon MA 4,758
5 Tammy Thibodeau, Lewiston ME 1,941
6 Ivonne Hernandez, Holbrook NY 1,554
7 Jamie Scott, Torrington CT 1,276
8 Johanna Storella, Boston MA 1,027
9 Patricia Buontempo, Revere MA 833
10 Nancy Oneill, Merrimac MA 693
11 Liping Zhang, Doylestown PA 693
12 Joan Bendetti, Wynantskill NY 693

Event #12 $1650 NLH 2014 FWPF

Place Name Prize
1 Nicholas Palma, Bronx NY 41,500
2 Domenic Apostolico, Cranston RI 35,204
3 Jimmy Nunez, Winthrop MA 20,258
4 James Frangoulidis, Weston MA 15,063
5 Daniel Chalifour, Swanzey NH 11,428
6 Muhammad Abdel-Rahim, Portsmouth NH 9,350
7 Joseph Tieri, West Shokan NY 7,610
8 Robert Ricciuti, Johnston RI 6,060
9 Charles Townsend, Dagsboro DE 4,851
10 She Lok Wong, Forest Hills NY 3,809
11 Stephen Chiovaro, Bellmore NY 3,809
12 John Roy, Easton CT 3,809
13 Justin Bond, Dallas TX 3,462
14 Jeremy Perez, Bronx NY 3,462
15 Derek Chin, Wellesley Hills MA 3,462

Event # 10 $300 Pot Limit Omaha 2014 FWPF

Place Name Prize
1 She Lok Wong, Forest Hills NY 3,826
2 John Perry, Stamford CT 3,800
3 Jason Ring, Stoneham MA 3,800
4 Adam Chase, Barre VT 3,800
5 Tim Lahey, Waterbury CT 1,553
6 James Steiner West Hartford CT 1,243
7 Michael Vitorino, New Bedford MA 1,021
8 Tarun Gulati, Glastonbury CT 821
9 Justin Burke, Lowell MA 668
10 Aleksey Filatov, Dedham MA 554
11 Steve Wilson, Waterloo ON 554
12 Emmanuel Karageorgos, Taunton MA 554

Event 13: Connie Dugas Leads 1B

Connie Dugas and her husband are all smiles after they found out she will take home the $1,000 bonus.

When the smoke cleared it was Connie Dugas who put 269,000 in the bag to take home the chip lead here on day1b. She will take home $1,000 for bagging the most chips. Other notables include James Campbell, Tarun G, Tim Lahey, and Mark Dube.

 63 players survived and will be combining with the 27 from day 1a tomorrow at 11am.

Event 13: Lanteri Crosses 200,000

Level 14
Players Remaining: 76

Tony Lanteri is our first player to crack 200,000.

With the board reading [10s][10h][5s] a player from the big blind announced he was all in for his last 20,600. It folded to Tony Lanteri who made the call and the rest of the players folded.

Big blind : [Qs][Js]
Lanteri: [10d][8d]

The turn was the [Qh] and Lanteri would need to dodge a queen or a spade to take down the pot. Sure enough a meaningless [4d] hit the river and Lanteri would rake in the pot. He is now our first player to cross the 200,000 chip mark and with only 1 level left in the night could potentially be the one to take home the $1,000 chip leader bonus.

Event 13: Thurdin Sends Palma Packing

Level 14
Blinds 800/1600/200
Players Remaining: 85
Anders Thurdin cracks the aces of Nick Palma.

There will be no back to back victory for Nick Palma as Anders Thurdin just busted him.
The action started with Palma raising from under the gun to 3800. Thurdin called on Palma's immediate left and the big blind also came along.
The three saw a flop of [Kh][6h][5h] as the big blind checked to Palma who continued with a bet of 5,500. Thurdin quickly called and the big blind got out of the way.
Palma showed no signs of slowing down on the [4s] turn as he bet again, this time for 11,000 only leaving himself an additional 11,000 behind. Thurdin quickly called again and the [7d] hit the river. Palma announced all in and Thuridin snap called tabling [7h][7s] for a rivered set.
Palma looked shocked as he slowly turned over [Ah][Ad] and gathered his things quietly as he made his way out of the tournament area.

Thurdin meanwhile is over 100,000. 

Event 13: Payout Structure

Flights day 1a and 1b have combined for a massive prize pool of $134,157. The top 45 players will make at least $804, but all of them have their eyes on the $29,072 and a Foxwoods globe!

1. $29,072
2. $18,044
3. $12,074
4. $9,458
5. $7,043
6. $5,702
7. $4,561
8. $3,556
9. $2,773
10-12. $2,079
13-18. $1,542
19-21. $1,341
22-24. $1,140
25-27. $1,006
28-36. $898
37-45. $804

Event 13: Dube's Ladies Win the Race

Level 13
Blinds 800/1600/200
Players Remaining: 96

Mark Dube
We walked up to the feature table to see Mark Dube deep in the tank with an opponent all in for 81,400. After counting down his stack numerous times Dube elected to call.
Dube: [Qd][Qh]
Opponent: [Ad][Kd]

It was a classic flip and we were off the races. The dealer spread a flop of [2d][2h][3d] and Dube sank into his chair as the other player stood up realizing he picked up the flush draw. Just like that the dealer burned and turned the [2s] and Dube improved to a full house, but still needed to dodge an ace or a king on the river. He did just that with the [3d] river and Dube raked in a massive pot.
He now sits with over 180,000.

Event 13: Final Break of the Night

Level 12
Blinds 600/1200/200
Players Remaining: 100

Last table to break in the front of the tournament area.

Tables are breaking left and right and players are now on their last break of the night. We are down to 100 players from the original 279 that took their shot today. Players will be returning to play through the end of level 15 and then will be bagging for the night. Both flights combine tomorrow morning at 11am to play down to a winner.

Event 13: Costa Triples Up

Level 11
Blinds 500/1000/100
Players Remaining: 126

Jeremy Costa Triples Up
We caught up to the action on table x to see 3 players all in on a flop of [4h][9h][7d]. Jeremy Costa and Fabio Dagata were both of the players at risk.

Costa: [4c][4s]
Dagata: [Ac][As]
Opponent: [6c][8s]

Dagata would need to dodge a 5 or a 10 to remain in the tournament and Costa would have to dodge a 5,10 or an ace. The board ran out [3h][8c] providing Costa with a triple up and new found life with 35,000 chips. Dagata broke pretty close to even on the hand and still sits with around 22,000.

The players are now in level 12 with the blinds at 600/1200/200. There will be a 10 minute break at the end of this level, and then players will return to play out the remaining 3 levels on the day.

Event 13: Chavez Scores Double KO

Level 10
Blinds 400/800/100
Players Remaining: 153

David Chaves
The action was on David Chaves facing a raise and a call in front of him. A player opened from under the gun +1 to 2,000 and the player on his immediate left had called. Chaves put in a three-bet to 4,400 and action folded around the original raiser who without hesitation announced he was all in for an additional 17,800. The player on his immediate left announced call leaving himself 12,000 behind and after a slight deliberation Chaves called as well.
The dealer spread out the [Kc][10s][8c] flop and before his opponent could finish saying all in, Chaves quickly yelled "Call!" as he tabled [10h][10d] for middle set.
Both of the other players shook their heads as they both tabled their hands.
Opponent 1: [Ah][Kd]
Opponent 2: [As][Kh]
The board ran out [7h][Qs] and Chaves scooped the monster pot. He now sits with over 90,000 and may be the chip leader with a good shot of taking down the $1,000 chip leader bonus at the end of level 15.

Event 13: Dube Joins Feature Table

Blinds 400/800/100
Players Remaining: 162

Mark Dube
Mark Dube is no stranger to the Foxwoods feature table, in fact he won the $1100 Mega Stacks Main Event on this table last May for over $77,770. Dube has amassed over $669,000 in lifetime earnings and comes to the feature table with a healthy stack of over 70,000. Follow along live at !

Event 13: Decker Strikes Back

Level 8
Blinds 250/500/75
Players Registered: 274

For most people "a chip and a chair" is just an old saying they use when they get short in a poker tournament. For Matt Decker it is a literal description of his tournament thus far. Decker was down to his last 100 from his 20,000 starting stack and after paying the ante only had a single 25 chip left. In just one level he has run that single 25 chip back over 5,000.

Players are now on a 20 minute break as tournament officials are walking around and coloring up the green 25 chips. The board reads 274 entries for today thus far and registration is still open til the end of this break.

Event 13: Chip Counts From Around the Room

Level 6
Blinds 150/300/50
Players Registered: 239

As the clock winds down towards the end of level 6, here is a look at how some players are sitting:

Chris Jenkins: 42,000
Fabio Dagata: 46,000
Mark Dube: 19,000
Tarun G: 36,000
Tim Lahey: 20,000
John Caputo: 25,000
Nick Palma: 37,100
Mark Perry: 35,000
Luke Vrable: 7,500
James Campbell: 41,000

Event 13: Dagata Straightens Out Opponent

Level 4
Blinds 100/200/25
Number of Entries: 222
Fabio Dagata

With the board reading [10c][Ad][Qc][8s] a player from middle position lead out for 2,000. Action was on local tournament grinder Fabio Dagata who elected to put in a raise to 6,000. After a slight deliberation the original bettor announced he was all in and Dagata snap called.

Opponent: [As][9s]
Dagata: [Jc][9c]

Dagata was in great shape to take down the pot with his opponent drawing to only a jack for a chop. The meaningless [10d] hit the river and Dagata scooped the pot worth over 46,000 and his opponent was headed towards the cage for a re-buy.
"Guys he wasn't drawing dead, he could have hit a jack for a chop" Degata joked to his table mates.
"Seriously, he is suppose to hit a jack there."

Event 13: Break

Level 4
Blinds 100/200
Number of Entries: 202

Players are now on their first 10 minute break of the day. We are officially over 200 entries for flight 1b and still have 4 more levels of registration and re-entry. When players return the blinds will be 100/200 with a 25 ante.

Event 13: Back For More

Level 4
Blinds 100/200
Number of Entries 185

Despite bagging some chips in flight 1A, local pro Tarun G is back today in hopes of bagging a ton of chips. Registration is open through the end of level 8 and we are already close to 200 players in flight 1b. 

Event 13: No Days Off

Level 4
Blinds 100/200
Number of Entries: 177

Less than 12 hours after taking down event 12, Nicholas Palma has taken his seat in event 13. Palma already has a second place finish for over $19,000 and a 1st place yesterday for over $40,000 in this series alone. Can he make another deep run in event 13?

Event 13: Familiar Faces

Level 3
Blinds 75/150
Number of Entries: 140

As the number of entrants continues to grow, a lot of familiar faces have taken their seats. Here is a look at some of the players taking their shot today.

Poker Pro - James Campbell

Poker Pro - Mark Perry

2007 WPT Foxwoods Champion - Raj Patel

Event 13: Field Update

Level 2 
Blinds 50/100
Players Registered 140

We are almost at the end of the second level and we have already surpassed the number of entries from flight 1A yesterday. The board currently reads 140 players who are all taking their shot at the $100,000 prize pool. Registration and re-entry is open til the end of level 8!

Event 13: We Are Underway on Day 1B!

Level 1
Blinds 25/50
Cards are in the air for day 1b of the $400 NLH. Players will be playing til the end of level 15 tonight and will have until the end of level 8 to register or re-enter. The top two stacks will also collect a bonus for bagging the most chips. The top stack will take home an additional $1,000 and the second biggest stack will take home $500. Good luck to everybody!

Event 12: 1st Place - Nick Palma ($46,403)

1st Place - Nick Palma
It was no easy battle but at the end of the day Nick Palma takes home the $46,403 along with a new Seiko watch and a Foxwoods Globe. Nick came into the final table 2nd in chips and told the table multiple times it was going to be his tournament to lose. Being a man of his word he stuck to his guns and eventually trucked through the remaining 9 players to take home the win.

Event 12: Second Place - Domenic Apostolico ($30,301)

2nd Place - Domenic Apostolico
Domenic Apostolico came into the final table 3rd in chips and proceeded to coast all the way to second place and he did it with a smile on his face the entire time. Domenic will take home $30,301 for his finish here in event 12 and we hope to see him back this week for a few more events!