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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Main Event, Flight A - Michael Clemente Gets Kings Cracked, Eliminated

Level: 4
Blinds: 100/200
Current Players Remaining: 62
Starting Stack: 30,000
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There are four players to see the J♠6♠3♣ flop. The small blind checks, Philip Chin bets 400 in the big blind, Michael Clemente calls in middle position, and Dmitri Pidvysotski calls in the cutoff. The small blind opts to fold.

The turn is the 9. Chin bets 1,150, and Clemente shoves all in. Pidvysotski folds, and Chin asks for a count. Upon hearing the 3,000 total, Chin calls.

Clemente: K♣K  (overpair to the board)
Chin: 63  (two pair)

Unfortunately for Clemente the 7 river does not improve his hand, and he is eliminated from play.

"How bad do I run?" Clemente asks as he stands up and prepares to exit the tournament area.

"Where was the raise preflop?" a player at the table asks.

"I didn't want to raise, I only had 4k to start the hand," Clemente responded.

Philip Chin - 35,000
Michael Clemete - Eliminated in option to re-enter