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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Main Event, Flight A - David Grandieri Increases Chip Lead "In Real Life"

Level: 12
Blinds:  600/1,200
Ante: 200
Current Entries: 87
Current Players Remaining:36
Average Chips: 72,500
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

There are four players to see the AQ5flop. Michael Clemente checks in the small blind, a player in middle position shoves all in for 24,200, Philip Chin calls the 24,200 in middle position, and David Grandieri moves forward a stack totaling around 100,000, essentially putting all other players all in.  Clemente pauses for over a full minute, then releases his cards, and Chin also mucks.

"Is this even real life?" Grandieri says aloud.

"Did you have the king of hearts?" a player asks Clemente about his tank.

"No, I honestly forgot I had cards, was just thinking about the last hand," Clemente responded seriously, causing a few players at the table to giggle.  

"Do you have ace queen?" the player that is all in, asks Grandieri.

"No, I have a flush," Grandieri responds as he turns over 107.  The player then turns over A♣ J for a pair of aces.

The 6♣ turn leaves the player drawing dead, and the 4♠ river is inconsequential.

After the hand concludes, and the player has walked away, a few players at the table continue to discuss and giggle about the various odd moments that occurred during the hand.

David Grandieri - 225,000