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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Main Event, Flight A - Ralph Macri Crosses Over the 100,000 Chip Mark

Level: 8
Blinds: 250/500
Ante: 75
Current Entries: 86
Current Players Remaining: 56
Average Chips: 46,071
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Ralph Macri has steadily increased his chip stack over the course of the day, and is now sitting with one of the largest stacks in Flight A.

Just a few minutes ago, Macri called an opponent's shove holding QQ against his opponent's AK♣.

The 9♠4♠3♠2♠3 board gave Macri's opponent a chance for a chop on the turn, but ultimately Macri's queens held, and the player was sent to the rail.

After winning this pot, Macri has now crossed over the 100,000 chip mark.