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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Main Event, Flight A - Play Concludes, 30 Players Advance, David Grandieri Leads

At the conclusion of 12 levels of play, and 87 total entries, 30 players are advancing to Day 2 from Flight A of the $1,650 Main Event. 

David Grandieri ended the evening as the Flight A chip leader, with 243,500. Grandieri was the only player to cross over the 200k chip mark. He held a strong lead on the field for a large part of the day, and then really pushed ahead of the pack in the last level when he flopped a flush to send one of his opponents home.  He brushed the 300k chip mark at the end of the last level, but then doubled another player up and lost 60,000 in one of the very last hands of the night. His 243,500 chip stack is still far ahead of the second and third place stacks belonging to Konstantinos Mitsopoulos (171,200), and later registrant Johanssy Joseph (165,000). Joseph bought in just after the second break and consistently ran up his stack through the last six levels of play. 

The 30 players listed below all earned a night off, and are able to rest up before the start of Day 2 tomorrow (Friday May 12th) at noon Eastern time.  Any player that did not make it through in the first flight has a second chance in Flight B, currently running on the other side of the tournament room. Flight B registration is open until approx. 11:30pm.

Name: Chip Count:
Grandieri, David 243,500
Mitsopoulos, Konstantinos 171,200
Joseph, Johanssy 165,000
Song, Stephen 152,000
Taylor, Sam 143,000
St. Vincent, Brad 131,600
Snead, Paul 126,100
Paulino, Victor 123,000
Lex, James 112,600
Pepper, Adam 102,200
Chin, Philip 99,400
Lee, Damon 88,600
Pardy, Jason 80,900
Wantman, Matthew 74,800
Liu, Jia 73,100
LeBlanc, Brian 73,000
Hou, Ernie 72,600
Spain, Randy 71,400
Macri, Ralph 67,200
Duong, Jack 59,500
Legendre, Rodney 57,500
Kachittavong, Soukha 55,200
Ricciuti, Bob 43,000
Clemente, Michael 35,100
Wyllie, Jason 35,000
Stefanski, David 34,600
Vrabel, Luke 33,000
Clarke, Caleb 32,000
Forca, Michael 31,000
Surapanenni, Satish 23,600