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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Main Event, Flight A - Sam Taylor Four-Bet Shoves and Sends One Home

Level: 10
Blinds:  400/800
Ante: 100
Current Entries: 87
Current Players Remaining: 46
Average Chips: 46,071
Feature Table Live Stream Link:

A player on the button opens to 2,000, and Jeffrey Yanchek raises to 6,700 in the small blind. Sam Taylor pauses in the big blind, before shoving all in for around 35,000. With actin back on the button, he shoves for slightly less, and Yanchek goes into the tank.

Yanchek places his hands on his forehead, leans over the table, and after a minute passes by, hesitantly releases his cards into the muck.

Taylor shows A♠Q, and the button shows 7♣6♣. Yanchek is visibly frustrated, saying, "Ah man."

The board runs out 1054♠A♣J♣ awarding Taylor the pot and eliminating his opponent from play.

"Ace king?" Taylor asks Yanchek.

"Yeah, I just thought with his re-shoving...," Yankchek says as his voice trails off.

Sam Taylor - 80,000