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Sunday, February 1, 2015

There Will Be A New Champion As Hubbard Gets There Against Leong

Event 1 (Day 2)
Level 22 (8,000/16,000/2,000)
Total Entries: 332
Players Remaining: 12
Chip Average: 530,000
Coming into the day, not many people would have thought Chris Leong would have made it to the final two tables with a chance to defend his Card Player Poker Tour Event 1 championship from last year, as he was sitting with well under the chip average to start Day 2.

But, Leong chipped up well to survive the money bubble and then continued to chip up at the "feature" table putting himself in serious contention to at least make the Final Table again.

He'd see those chances go up dramatically as he would get it all-in and have Stephanie Hubbard dominated, with a chance to move up and close to the 500,000 mark.

The action was picked up with Jeff Bleu raising from late position to 20,000.

Leong was in the small blind and would move all-in for just over 200,000 and Hubbard, in the big blind would then re-shove, having Leong covered.

Her isolation play worked as Bleu would fold, but the isolation wouldn't help her as Leong held [Kh][Ks] to Hubbard's [7c][7h].

Hubbard was at risk of losing a significant portion of her stack, but she'd be saved on the river after the board ran out [4c][6c][8d][2s][7d], to give her a winning set.

She'd immediately apologize, but while she might be a little sympathetic, she certainly won't be complaining as she is now playing close to 600,000 and while we don't know who is going to win this event yet as there is still a lot of poker left to play, we do know that there will not be a repeat champion here in Event 1 as Chris Leong has been eliminated and will have to wait until later in the series to get another CPPT title to add to his poker trophy case.

We are now playing with two tables of six and will redraw for our Final Table after two more eliminations.