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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Rosen Just Keeps Having "It", Down To Two Tables

Event 5
Level 17 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 17
Chip Average: 190,000
Bill Rosen (Northampton, MA)
We don't know what it is about Bill Rosen (Northampton, MA) but over the last two hands on either side of break, players have just bombed massive all-in bets on the flop, with Rosen have "it" on both occasions.

The first was before the break when Rosen made a pre-flop raise from middle position and got called by an opponent in the blinds. The two players would see a flop of [Ad][Ac][5s] and Rosen's opponent would almost instantly move all-in.

Rosen would shrug and then announce "call" tabling [As][10s], leaving his opponent cursing himself after he tabled [10c][10d], claim he just "didn't think he could have it" while making his way to the payout podium.

In one of the very first hands back from break, Rosen was again flopping the nuts, this time on a board of [3c][9h][6d] with an opponent moving all-in for another big bet, Rosen again snap calling with the best of it, as he held [9c][9d].

His opponent would again act like they were shocked at Rosen's strength, tabling [Ac][6c] saying, "Guess I need two Aces to win the pot."

The Aces wouldn't come and Rosen's set would be good enough to win the pot and after two more or less "punts" from two decently stacked opponents, Rosen is now playing close to 350,000 with just two tables remaining in Event 5.

The players have redrawn for the final two table seating assignments and a few notable players have made their way to the "feature" table including James Freebody (Seat 1), Steven Murphy (Seat 4), William Fredrick (Seat 6), Rosen (Seat 7) and Spencer Champlin (Seat 9).

They can be watched live at