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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Nelson Flops It, Gets Paid Off In Two Spots

Event 5
Level 15 (2,000/4,000/500)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 27
Chip Average: 120,000
Nelson Martines
It's not very often that you'll flop a flush and get paid off in two spots, but that's exactly what just occurred on our "feature" table to Nelson Martines, who is now looking like one of the bigger stacks in the room, playing just under 180,000.

The action was picked up with Martines limping in late position and Mark Perry completing his small blind. The big blind would check and three players would see a flop of [8h][5h][6h].

We're unsure of how the betting went exactly on the flop, but all we know is that all three players got it in, with Perry holding two pair, the unknown player in the big blind holding a nine high flush and Martines holding the best of it with [Kh][Jh].

The unknown player in the big blind was drawing to one out for a straight flush and Perry had four outs to make a full house, as he held [8s][5s].

Neither of the unlikely draws would come as the board would run out [10d] [As], giving Martines a massive triple up, as he was the shortest all-in player.

Perry and the unknown player would be crippled and both eliminated a few hands later, with Martines continuing to chip up as he took a sizable pot off another big stack at the table when he turned two pair and got two streets of value, ending with a 30,000 chip bet on the river.

The swings of tournament poker can be brutal sometimes, but for every player that experiences a massive downswing, there is one that reaps the benefits and that's exactly what Martines has done over the last level, increasing his stack by close to 150,000 and is now looking like one of the leaders of Event 5 as we are just a few spots from the money.

Martines and the rest of the "feature" table can be watched through the Foxwoods live stream on