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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lauer Among Leaders Into Break

Event 5
Level 17 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 23
Chip Average: 140,000
Andrew Lauer (Granby, CT)
We've hit our first break since Event 5 entered the money and while the majority of the players at the top of the leaderboard will be familiar names to blog followers, Andrew Lauer will be a new addition to the top of the leaderboard after a strong last two levels has seen him improve his stack close to the 300,000 mark.

The biggest hand of the last hour, minus the one involving Chris Leong and Michael Lavoie involved Lauer and an uknown player getting in close to 180,000 chips pre-flop with Lauer holding [Kd][Kh] against his opponent's [Qd][Qc].

The board would run out clean for Lauer's cowboys and he'd be scoring a massive pot heading into break, joining the likes of Lavoie (440,000), Sherwin Agard (250,000), James Freebody (240,000), Daniel Lobel (240,000), Nelson Martines (190,000) and Nick Palma (180,000) as the top stacks in Event 5.

Lobel and Palma are the only players who can make the claim that they've made two cashes in the Card Player Poker Tour series so far, as both made the money in the opening $100,000 GTD Event 1 and are both sitting well above the chip average with just over two tables remaining.

When the players get down to the final 18 players, they will be a redraw, so we should see some new faces at our live streaming "feature" table very shortly, which can be watched live at