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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lobel And Lavoie Leading, Each Over 400K

Event 5
Level 18 (4,000/8,000/1,000)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 15
Chip Average: 230,000
Daniel Lobel (Katonah, NY)
After the final two table redraw, many of the bigger stacks in the room were moved to Table 2, our non-"featured" table and in a matter of a few hands, two of those big stacks clashed in a massive pot that now sees Daniel Lobel sitting with over 400,000 chips.

The action was picked up with James Dyson raising from under the gun to 21,000.

Lobel, next to act, would then three-bet to 45,000 and the action would fold to Nelson Martines, who would go into the tank on the button.

He'd eventually fold, as would the blinds and Dyson would complete his bet to see a flop.

Dyson would then open rip on a flop of [Jc][6s][4c] and after a quick re-check of his cards, Lobel would call and table [As][Ac].

Dyson would flick his [7c][7d] across the felt and would need help to avoid being crippled as he had Lobel covered by close to 50,000 chips.

He'd get some help with the [8s] turn as he added a gut shot straight draw, but it wouldn't matter as the [10d] came on the river, locking up the massive pot for Lobel, who has already made his second Card Player Poker Tour score of the series and now looks poised for a Final Table run after "going card dead in the money" during Event 1.

Lobel certainly isn't experiencing that problem, but he is seated at the same table as the only player that has him covered with 15 players remaining, as Michael Lavoie is also at Table 2 and sitting with close to 450,000.

We will update the followers on the players who have already cashed in Event 5 in our next post, as well as check in on the Event 6 Omaha tournament that is nearing the money bubble and Final Table.