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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Lavoie Makes Quick Work Of Bubble

Event 5
Level 16 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entries: 216
Players Remaining: 23
Chip Average: 140,000
Michael Lavoie made quick work of the bubble after a full house over full house situation sent Chris Leong to the rail and made Lavoie the overwhelming chip leader of Event 5. 
There was no hand for hand on the $25,000 GTD Event 5 money bubble, because immediately after we lost our 26th player, we were losing Chris Leong in 25th place.

The action was picked up on a river of [7h][6c][10d][6s][3h] and Leong would check to Michael Lavoie who would be out 18,000.

Leong would then check-raise to 48,000, to which Lavoie responded with a quick announcement of "all-in".

That announcement would put Leong at risk of elimination as Lavoie had him slightly covered and Leong would openly say, "I mean, I have a full house." before taking a count of his remaining stack.

The majority, maybe even the entirety of the tournament field would probably have snap called but Leong sensed something that wasn't right, thinking for close to a minute before ultimately calling, only to see Lavoie table [7d][7c].

It wasn't the "actual" nuts, but it was good enough to beat Leong, who tabled [3c][3s] for an inferior full house.

Leong would shake his head as it was another brutal river card that would send him out of a Card Player Poker Tour event, as no other card other than a three on the river would have made him commit any more chips to the pot.

Leong would shrug off being the "bubble boy" saying, "I'm playing to win, I guess I can get away from that but if I'm right I'm winning."

He's probably right about that, as he would have had close to 300,000 chips and would have been in complete control heading into the money, instead he's heading to the rail and it's Lavoie sitting with close to that number.

Lavoie, who now controls a massive chip lead on the rest of the Event 5 field, is a regular Foxwoods tournament player with over $200,000 in earnings to his name, including some massive Championship cashes to his name, including a 3rd and 4th place finishes in Foxwoods Poker Classic events in the past few years.