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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Event #19 ($4,000 High Roller) - Ari Engel Inching Toward the 100,000 Chip Mark

Level: 4
Blinds: 200/400
Ante: 50
Current Number of Entries: 15
Current Players Remaining: 13
Avg. Chip Stack: 57,692

Curt Kohlberg was the first player in the highroller to double their stack and cross over the 100,000 chip mark after he eliminated Michael Farris from play. Ari Engel is inching closer to crossing over himself.

It folds around to Larry Greenberg in the small blind who limps in. Engel raises to 1,400 in the big blind, and Greenberg re-raises to 2,400. Engel calls.

The flop comes Q10♠10. Greenberg checks, and Engel checks behind.

The turn is the 9♣ and both players check again.

The river is the 2.  Greenberg checks, Engel bets 2,350, Greenberg pauses for nearly 30 seconds and then calls.

Engel turns over 6♣6, and Greenberg mucks without showing.

Ari Engel - 90,000
Larry Greenberg - 40,000