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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Event #16 ($2,500 NLH) Day 2 - Johanssy Joseph Eliminated By Nick Pupillo

Johanssy Joseph

Level: 18
Blinds: 3,000/6,000
Ante: 1,000
Entries: 203
Current Players Remaining: 23
Average Stack: 264,782
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The board reads Q♣J♣4♠, and Johanssy Joseph checks in the big blind. Nick Pupillo bets 18,000 on the button, and Joseph moves all in.  Pupillo quickly calls and Joseph says, "Uh oh," as he turns over J4♣ for two pair.  Pupillo shows QJ for top two pair.

The 8♠ turn and 6♣ river do not change the hand, and Joseph is eliminated just shortly before the money bubble.

Nick Pupillo - 495,000
Johanssy Joseph - Eliminated in 24th, with 21 paid