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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Event #19 ($4,000 High Roller) - Ari Engel Takes From Bernard Lee

Ari Engel (left), Bernard Lee (right)

Level: 1
Blinds: 50/100

Ari Engel raises to 600 on the button, and Bernard Lee calls in the small blind.

The flop comes 8♣3♠2♠. Lee checks. Engel bets 750, and Lee calls.

The turn is the J♠. Lee checks again, Engel bets 2,200, and Lee calls.

The river is the 4. Lee checks one last time, Engel bets 6,150, and Lee snap-calls.

Engel turns over A♠5 for a rivered straight. Lee scoffs and quickly tosses his cards into the muck. 

Ari Engel - 59,900
Bernard Lee - 40,300