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Sunday, August 26, 2018

$3,250 NLH High Roller: Donovan and Stefanski Join the Field

Event 12: $3,250 NLH High Roller
Level 3: 100/200/200
Total Entries: 27

Dave Stefanski

Zach Donovan
We are approaching the first break of the night here in the $3,250 NLH High Roller Event. The field continues to grow and there are now 27 entries and counting. Zach Donovan and Dave Stefanski have just taken their seats.

Stefanski was eliminated from the Main Event just moments ago and immediately jumped into the High Roller. He wasted no time putting his starting stack to work and dragged in the first pot he played.

Event 12 tournament registration and re-entry will remain open until the start of Day 2 tomorrow at 2 P.M. The prize pool will only get bigger so don't miss your chance to get in on the NLH High Roller action.