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Sunday, August 26, 2018

$3,250 NLH High Roller: Zobian Eliminates Podheiser

Event 12: $3,250 NLH High Roller
Level 4: 150/300/300
Total Entries: 38

Daniel Podheiser
Aram Zobian raised to 800 from late position and Daniel Monosson re-raised to 2,100 from the cutoff. Three players called and they went five handed to the K♠️3♠️3♣️ flop. It checked to Carmelo Schepis in the cutoff and he bet 4,000.

Frankie Flowers called from the button and Daniel Podheiser called from the small blind. With the action back on Zobian he moved all in for 33,000. It folded back to Podheiser who called for his tournament life turning over K♦️Q♦️ for top pair but Zobian showed A♦️3♦️ for trip threes.

The turn 2♦️ and river 8♠️ sealed the deal for Zobian to earn him the knockout.

Aram Zobian- 80,000