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Sunday, August 26, 2018

$3,250 High Roller: Zobian Takes from Podheiser

Event 12: $3,250 NLH High Roller
Level 1: 100/100/100
Total Entries: 25

Aram Zobian
Aram Zobian and Dan Podheiser were heads up on the A♥️J♥️5♣️5♠️ board. Podheiser checked and Zobian tossed out a bet of 4,200 into a main pot of just over 10,000. Podheiser called and the river was the 7♥️. 

Podheiser checked and Zobian threw out a bet of 11,300. Podheiser thought it over for a few moments before folding and Zobian took the pot without showdown.

Aram Zobian- 36,000
Dan Podheiser- 41,000
Dan Podheiser