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Friday, May 12, 2017

Main Event, Day 2 - Spiros Panacopoulos Eliminated in 8th Place ($8,361) By Frankie Flowers

Spiros Panacopoulos - 8th Place - $8,361

Level: 22
Blinds:  6,000/12,000
Ante: 2,000
Entries: 169
Current Players Remaining: 7
Average Chips:  724,285
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Prizepool Information:

Spiros Panacopoulos shoves all in for around 12 big blind in late position, and gets called by Frank Flowers in the big blind.

Panacopoulos: K♠Q
Flowers: 9♠7♠

The flop comes 7♣5♣2♣, giving Flowers a pair of sevens to take the lead.

Unfortunately for Panacopoulos, the 6♠ turn and 5♠ river do not improve his hand, and he is eliminated from play in 8th place, shortly before the end of the night.

Frankie Flowers -750,000 (62 bb)
Spiros Panacopoulos - Eliminated in 8th place, for $8,361