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Friday, May 12, 2017

Main Event, Day 2 - Johanssy Joseph Sends One Home

Johanssy Joseph (4 seat), Ernie Hou (9 seat)

Level: 15
Blinds:  1,200/2,400
Ante: 400
Entries: 169
Current Players Remaining: 35
Average Chips:  144,857
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Ernie Hou raises to 5,100 in early position. It folds to Johanssy Joseph in the cutoff who calls the 5,100. The button and small blind both fold, and the big blind shoves all in for 11,400. Hou calls, as does Joseph.

Hou and Joseph check it down as the board runs out 10♠5♣2♠7J.

Hou turns over A8, Joseph shows 44♠ for a pair of fours, and the big blind says, "Can I hit just once?" as he tables A♠K♠, and then walks away from the tournament area.

Johanssy Joseph - 215,000