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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Main Event - Stephen Song Leads Final Seven Players at End of Day 2

At the end of ten hours of play, just seven of the original 65 Day-2 runners remain.

Over the course of the day, many notable players hit the rail. Gerry Aillo, Michael Azzaro, David Stefanski, Ralph Macri, Sam Taylor, Chris Tryba, Michael Clemente, Luke Vrabel, Julie Bae, Brad St. Vincent, Ted Driscoll, Steven Tabb, and Justin Adams all finished shy of the money.

The money bubble burst just after the dinner break when Matthew Wantman was eliminated by LJ Sande. Wantman's A♣K could not improve against Sande's J♠J♣, and he was sent home, leaving the remaining field in the money, and guaranteed at least $3,934.

After the money bubble burst, the following players were eliminated:

18th - Soukha Kachittavong - $3,934
17th - Joe Heinzmann - $3,934
16th - James Lex - $3,934
15th - David Grandieri - $4,180
14th - Johanssy Joseph - $4,180
13th - Zachary Donovan - $4,180
12th - Guy Smith - $4,672
11th - LJ Smith - $4,672
10th - Jason Pardy - $4,672
9th - Philip Chin - $6,640
8th - Spiros Panacopoulos - $8,361

The following seven players have bagged up for the night and will return tomorrow (Sat. May 13th) at noon to play down to a winner:

Seat 4 - Giuseppe Ruvolo - 950,000
Seat 5 - Frankie Flowers - 576,000
Seat 6 - Ernie Hou - 332,000
Seat 7 - Brian LeBlanc - 840,000
Seat 8 - Dan Chalifour - 879,000
Seat 9 - Stephen Song - 1,237,000
Seat 10 - Adam Pepper - 266,000

Stephen Song held a monster chip lead for most of the day. He was the first player to cross over the million chip mark, and only relinquished that lead after making it to the final table.  But after cracking Ernie Hou's pocket aces when he hit trip queens on the river, and after winning a sizable pot off of Frankie Flowers when he flopped trip twos, he once again, is the lone player over the million chip mark to end Day 2.  The start of Day 2 chip leader Guiseppe Ruvolo is coming in second with 950,000, and rounding out the top three is Dan Chalifour, with 879,000.  
Day 3 play will start at Level 23, with 8,000/16,000 blinds, and a 2,000 ante, and the average chip stack will be 724,285.