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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Bubble Burst in Event #2 ($300 NLH BIG STACK) in Series of Two Hands

Robyn Fisk had just doubled up that last hand after being all in blind in the small blind. Her and the player on the button ended up chopping the pot to keep her alive. 

For the official bubble to burst, two players would need to be eliminated. 

In two different hands at two different tables, those two players were lost. 

Hand #1: 

Jonathan Troisi raises to 40,000 from under the gun.  The player in the cutoff calls, and Robyn Fisk shoves all in on the button for less than 10,000.  The player in the small blind raises to 100,000.  With action back on on Troisi, he reraises to 350,000.  The cutoff folds, and the player in the small blind goes into the tank.  After a few minutes of thinking, Troisi calls the clock on the player.  After 30 seconds pass, the player folds [qh][qs] face up. 

Troisi says to the player, "Nice fold," as he turns over his cards to show [ac][as].  Fisk would need some help holding [10d][10h]. 

The flop comes [ad][10d][4d], giving Troisi a set, but also giving Fisk the flush draw.  She calls aloud for a diamond.  But it's the [9c] that comes on the turn, and the [js] on the river. 

Fisk is eliminated from play, and Troisi is sitting just over 800,000, seemingly the chip leader of the tournament. 

Hand #2:

The player in the cutoff shoves all in for 130,000.  Sean Carlson asks for a count on the button.  Upon hearing the total, he shoves all in over the top.  All remaining players fold, and the following hands are tabled:

Carlson: [7h][7c]
Middle Position:  [as][kh]

The flop comes [8d][6c][4c], leaving Carlson in the lead.  But the [ac] on the turn gives the lead to his opponent.  Carlson needs to improve or his opponent will double up. 

The [3c] on the river would give Carlson a flush, and send his opponent to the rail. 

All remaining players are now in the money and guaranteed at least $588.