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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Greg "Cowboy" Josephson Doubles in Event #3 - $250 Omaha Hi-Lo 8+

With blinds at 250/500, and a board reading [ad][8d][8h], a player in the small blind bets 500, the player under the gun calls, and Greg Josephson raises to 1,000 in the cutoff.  Both players call.

It again checks around to Josephson when the [5s] comes on the turn, who shoves all in for 525 total.  The small blind calls and the following hands are tabled: 

Small Blind: [kd][5d][4d][jh]
Josephson: [8c][5c][4h][2c]

"I am drawing dead," the player in the small blind announces as the [4c] comes on the the river.

Josephson is awarded more than a full double.