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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Aces vs. Queens Ends in Chopped Pot - Event #2 $300 NLH Big Stack

After a preflop betting war, Chris Blake is all in holding [ah][ac], and has been called by Kevin Bagley holding [qs][qd].

The [qc][js][9d] flop is just what Bagley needs to put him into the lead with a set of queens.

The [8s] comes on the turn giving Blake chop outs. He will need an ace to hit his set, or a ten for a straight to chop.

When the [10h] comes on the river, Blake is visibly relieved to chop the pot as both players are now playing the straight on the board.  Bagley on the other hand sighs out loud, and is less than pleased to chop after having flopped so far ahead of his opponent. 

Kevin Bagley - 46,000
Chris Blake - 31,000