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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Mike Clemente Eliminted By Joe Cherico in Event #2 ($300 NLH Big Stack)

Mike Clemente has shoved all in from the big blind, and Joe Cherico is contemplating the call from the hijack.  After a minute of thinking, Cherico throws in the 22,000 to call. 

Clemente: [as][kd]
Cherico: [ks][qh]

When the flop comes [10s][qs][4s], Cherico takes the lead with his pair of queens, but Clemente has the nut flush draw holding the ace of spades. 

Unfortunately for Clemente the [6d] turn, and [10c] river do not improve his hand, and he is sent to the rail.

Before walking away Clemente shakes Cherico's hand. 

"I'm sorry," Cherico says to Clemente.

"Don't be sorry, that's poker," Clemente responds genuinely.