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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Eriquezzo Peaking At The End Again, This Time At The Top Of The Leaderboard

Event 7 (Flight B)
Level 15 (1,200/2,400/400)
Total Entries: 198
Players Remaining: 37
Chip Average: 107,000
Ryan Eriquezzo (New Haven, CT) 
In the last two day event of this Card Player Poker Tour series, Ryan Eriquezzo played the majority of the first day with a sub-average stack and waited until the last few hands of Day 1 to chip up over the chip average.

He'd enter Day 2 of that event in the middle of the pack but still manage to make the Final Table and if it wasn't for an unlucky beat, he just might have claimed the Event 1 title.

But, we digress and back to today, where after failing to bag chips in Flight A he's again peaking at the end of the day, but this time he hasn't been hovering near the chip average throughout the day, he's been soaring above it and is now looking like a potential candidate to bag the biggest stack from this Flight B field after taking a sizable pot off of Jason Calnan.

The action was picked up pre-flop with Calnan opening to 5,100 and after the table folded to Eriquezzo, he'd three-bet to 13,600.

Calnan would just call and then check the [4c][6s][5c] flop, leading Eriquezzo to continue for 14,200.

Calnan would again call and again check the [5d] turn, with Eriquezzo again continuing for 27,000.

After close to a minute in the tank, Calnan would eventually fold and mumble something about the strength of his or Eriquezzo's hand, to which Ryan replied, "I guess we could have just gotten it in on the flop? Or pre-flop, but that would have been a really big flip."

Eriquezzo certainly likes the outcome of the hand regardless of how it "could" have went as he's now looking like the chip leader of Flight B, currently playing close to 175,000 with just under a half hour left to play before bagging and tagging chips for Day 2.