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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Renaudette Still Leading The Pack Into Day 2, Couple More Over 200K

Event 7 (Flight B)
Level 15 (1,200/2,400/400)
Total Entries: 198
Players Remaining: 34
Chip Average: 115,000
Stephen Posa will enter into tomorrow's Day 2 with one of the top stacks in the room after bagging up just over 210,000 in Flight B. 
Flight B is officially in the books after some late Level 15 excitement saw a few players bag up and over the 200,000 chip mark, including the previously mentioned Robert Campion and Stephen Posa, who bagged 258,000 and 213,00 respectfully.

In total, 34 players bagged up chips, putting the total number of players surviving to tomorrow's Day 2 session at 72, with both numbers falling pretty close to the estimates we made at the start of Flight B.

Credit to us, but, also credit to a Flight B for putting together a stacked leaderboard heading into tomorrow's restart as Andrew Lauder (199,500), Chris Leong (196,000), Ryan Eriquezzo (178,000), Matthew Wantman and Jason Calnan (156,500) all bagged up and over the chip average and will be players to watch through Day 2.

Eric Siegel also managed to bag an above average stack, after being unhappy with his 108,000 that he bagged in Flight A, he managed to spin up a 35,000 chip stack to 135,000 within the last few hands of the night to see a return on his second flight attempt.

But, while all those players bagged up big stacks, the big stack entering the Foxwoods Poker Room tomorrow at 12 PM will still be Chris Renaudette, who bagged just under 300,000 chips in Flight A and will look to put that advantage to use tomorrow and make his first Card Player Poker Tour score in the process.

Players making it through the two starting flights will return tomorrow, with a complete list of the players that bagged up chips from both flights being posted to the Foxwoods Poker blog tomorrow before play begins.

We will also post seating assignments approximately an hour before play starts with the live updates picking up the action once the cards are in the air at 12 PM.