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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Courtney Chips Up, Close To The Chip Lead

Event 7 (Day 2)
Level 24 (10,000/20,000/3,000)
Total Entries: 414
Players Remaining: 16
Chip Average: 520,000
Bob Courtney is the owner of five Foxwoods Poker championships and looks like he might be headed towards another, as he is close to the chip lead with two tables remaining in Event 7.
Bob Courtney has quietly hovered above the chip average for the majority of this Day 2 session and after eliminating Eric Siegel, he looks like he might be one of the bigger stacks remaining in Event 7, peaking at the right time to challenge some of the chip leaders.

The action was picked up with Soukha Kachittavong opening the action to 55,000 and Siegel moving all-in from the button for just over 120,000 more.

Courtney was then next to act in the small blind and would just call, leaving Soukha in a tough spot, which he elected to bypass all together.

Siegel would then say to Courtney, "I kind of hope you have Kings so I can spike an Ace on you." to which Courtney replied, "I don't have Kings." tabling [Ac][Qc].

Oddly enough, Siegel, holding [Ad][10h] would probably rather have had Courtney have Kings, as he was completely dominated.

Siegel would have been dominated either way and wouldn't find any help as the board ran out clean with Courtney's high cards playing and winning him the pot.

While Courtney's been more or less under the radar so far, he certainly has been on the Foxwoods Poker radar in the past, as this is his 50th rated cash of his career, moving himself up and over the $200,000 mark in terms of career lives earnings.

Courtney already has five Foxwoods Poker titles to his name and might just have one of the best tournament resumes of the remaining Event 7 field and we wouldn't be surprised if he makes another Final Table and potentially adds to his trophy case here in the Card Player Poker Tour as he's sitting with just over 700,000 chips with 16 players remaining.