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Thursday, February 5, 2015

CPPT Event 7: 9th Place - Bob Courtney ($2,898)

Event 7 (Day 2)
Level 27 (20,000/40,000/5,000)
Total Entries: 414
Players Remaining: 8
Chip Average: 1,000,000
Bob Courtney (Millbury, MA)
After flying "under the radar" for the majority of the day, Peter Tripp has made up for time lost on the blog over the last hour, returning from the dinner break with the chip lead and now notching our first two eliminations at the Event 7 Final Table.

The next player sent to the rail was Bob Courtney (Millbury, MA) who would end up being out kicked by Tripp when it was all said and done.

The action was picked up with Courtney opening to 110,000 from under the gun and Tripp would call in middle position.

The rest of the table would fold and the two players would see a [5c][Js][Kd] flop, with Courtney leading out for 150,000.

Tripp would announce raise, cutting out 350,000, with Courtney answering by a raise of his own, moving all-in for just over 500,000 total.

Tripp would snap call and table [Kh][Qh], dominating Courtney's [Ks][9s].

Courtney would say, "All I need is a nice!" almost sarcastically as the board bricked out with the [8c] on the turn and the [3d] on the river.

This 9th place finish would be Courtney's 50th live rated cash of his career and move him close to the $210,000 mark in terms of career live earnings.

Peter Tripp has more or less steamrolled this field since returning from dinner and now sits with close to 3,500,000 chips.