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Friday, February 6, 2015

Rinas With A Massive Double To Move Up Leaderboard Before Dinner

Event 9
Level 18 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entrants: 195
Players Remaining: 34
Chip Average: 115,000
Leonard Rinas (Bristol, CT)
While the pace of play has slowed since we played through the "turbo" portion of the early levels, it's still moving along at a steady clip, with tables breaking and players being sent to the rail, mainly because the average stacked players are just not "deep" enough to allow for anything else.

A perfect example of that pace was in two back-to-back hands in which a player with a well above average stack moved all-in pre-flop holding big Ace hands, only to be looked up by pocket Aces both times, the first by Leonard Rinas (Bristol, CT).

Rinas' opponent would move all-in overtop of his open with [Ac][Kh] and Rinas' [Ah][As] would hold and he'd collect a massive double up to move himself not only over the chip average, but also up and close to the top of the leaderboard, just showing how powerful these short stacks and swings can be as one hand has vaulted him into a position of control.

Had the blinds not escalated so quickly and the average stack have been so "short" both situations, the second which involved the same players [Ac][Js] running into the Aces of Chris Leong, most likely would not have happened as even the bigger stacked players don't necessarily have the wiggle room to be call/folding many pre-flop bets.

It's an interesting dynamic, one that should create for a "fit or fold" mentality when we get down to the final two or so tables, but a dynamic that Rinas, who has close to a dozen live rated scores from previous major Foxwoods tournaments, will certainly not be complaining about, especially if he's able to continue to always show up with the best of it.

Players are now just a few minutes from the end of Level 18 and the start of their one hour dinner break.