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Friday, February 6, 2015

Palma and Leong Both #focused And Leading Into Dinner

Event 9
Level 18 (2,500/5,000/500)
Total Entrants: 195
Players Remaining: 34
Chip Average: 115,000
Nick Palma (New Rochelle, NY)
While there are plenty of players hovering near the chip average, as the majority of the remaining Event 9 field is somewhere either side of the 100,000 chip mark, there are only a handful of players with double that number, including the previously mentioned Leonard Rinas as well as Nick Palma and Chris Leong.

Leong was the second beneficiary to the "turbo" blowup that our unknown player had in our last post and that has left him with close to 230,000 going into the dinner break, putting him in a good position to notch his third total and second straight cash of this Card Player Poker Tour series. 

Palma is also over the 200,000 mark and while we haven't seen him play any "big" hands so far, he quietly, in the figurative not literal sense, chipped up well through the early turbo levels and has continued to increase his stack ever since. 

Palma is also looking to make his third cash of the series, something he could have done yesterday as he returned for Day 2 of Event 7 with an above average stack, only to be sent to the rail a few spots before the money. 

In a field that started out full of "notable" players looking to use this event as a warm up for tomorrow's CPPT Main Event, Leong and Palma are really the only recognizable faces remaining in this field and oddly enough are the ones leading as Event 9 heads on an hour long dinner break.

Play will resume at 7 PM with the field just over a dozen eliminations away from the money.