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Friday, February 6, 2015

Fredrick Wants To Actually "Make" The Final Table This Time

Event 9
Level 11 (500/1,000/100)
Total Entrants: 195
Players Remaining: 126
William Fredrick
We've seen a few players cash in multiple events this series, most recently Chris Leong who cashed in the opening event of the Card Player Poker Tour and then Final Tabled yesterday's Event 7.

Daniel Lobel managed scores in Event 1 and 4 and Nick Palma has multiple cashes in this series as well, but after that, you'd be hard pressed to add another player to that list.

William Fredrick is looking to do just that in Event 9, after "making" the Final Table just a few day ago in Event 5.

We say "make" the Final Table because while Fredrick technically went out 10th in that event, he didn't ever actually make it to the Final Table as there was a double knockout, one at each table, with 11 players remaining and while he was credited with a Final Table finish, he never actually took his seat at the live streamed table.

He's now back in the Event 9 field and playing an above average stack as the players return from their second break in the day, looking to not only join the above mentioned players on the 'multiple' cashes list but also perhaps finally "make" a CPPT Final Table for another big score.

The above mentioned Palma and Leong are both in the Event 9 field going for their third cashes of the series, with Robert Campion, last night's second place finisher going for back-to-back CPPT scores.