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Friday, February 6, 2015

CPPT Event 8: 1st Place - Howard Levinson ($9,592)

Howard Levinson - Card Player Poker Tour Event 8 Champion
After close to an hour and a half of three handed play and another hour of heads up play, the final two players in the Card Player Poker Tour Seniors Event decided that enough was enough and agreed to a even chop of the remaining prize pool.

After eliminating Anthony Magistrale in 3rd place Howard Levinson (Norton, MA) held a sizable chip advantage over Mark Bowin, but after a back and forth level, Bowin finally got his double up to get back to about an even chip stack when his [Ac][Js] bested the [Kc][9h] of Levinson after the two got it all-in pre-flop.

It was at that point that both players realized that there wasn't much separating them and after close to 17 hours of play, they decided to split the money and "flip" for the trophy.

Each player was to be dealt two cards face up and whoever won the hand would be crowned the champion and take home the trophy.

While it wasn't "played" out, we imagine the money would have gotten all-in at some point during this hand anyway as it actually turned out to be an exciting run out, with Bowin getting dealt [9c][2c] and Levinson getting dealt [Kh][10s].

It was a gin flop for Bowin as the board fell [10c][9s][9h] and he looked like a shoe-in for the trophy after flopping trips.

But, the turn [Qh] added a bit of a sweat as Levinson now had a gunshot straight draw, which he'd hit to claim his first major poker title when the [Jd] completed the board.

It was an action packed end to an action packed Seniors Event that saw close to 200 players build up a sizable $50,000 prize pool with Levinson and Bowin taking home a sizable portion of that as they both chopped 1st and 2nd place money, winning $9,592 a piece.

A complete list of those cashing at the Final Table, along with their payouts, are listed below:
  1. Howard Levinson - $9,592
  2. Mark Bowin - $9,592
  3. Anthony Magistrale - $4,790
  4. John Truskowski - $3,871
  5. Ryan Babcock - $2,903
  6. Kevin Bieber - $2,322
  7. Lawrence Martone - $1,887
  8. John Choquette - $1,548
  9. Vito Masi - $1,219
  10. Frank Schinco - $846