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Friday, February 6, 2015

Now That's How You Crack Aces...

Event 9
Level 19 (3,000/6,000/1,000)
Total Entrants: 195
Players Remaining: 29
Chip Average: 135,000
Tom Cady (Middlefield, CT)
There are plenty of ways to crack pocket Aces and in nearly every situation the player with the huge pocket pair is left to wonder where it all went wrong and rightfully so, as they're usually massive favorites to win the pot pre-flop.

But, to crack Aces is one thing, to crack Aces with quads is just down right cruel and that's exactly what Tom Cady (Middlefield, CT) just did to move himself up and over the chip average.

The action was picked up with Cady moving all-in on a board of [9h][9s][5h] with a bigger stacked opponent calling and tabling [Ad][As].

Cady would turn over suited connectors that some people call "cracking cards" and they were doing just that as his [8c][9c] had flopped trips and looked like a big favorite to complete the cracking and the double up for Cady.

The turn bricked out but the [9d] spiked on the river, giving Cady quads and adding insult to injury to the already distraught big stacked player who was still reeling after being out flopped.

After the hand, we'd eyeball Cady's stack at just under 150,000 and after cracking Aces, he looks poised to make another Foxwoods major tournament score at his "home casino" as all of Cady's rated tournament results are from the North East poker room.

We are now just two eliminations away from our final three tables here in Event 9.